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  1. Well deserved sending off that and right in front of the ref. I'm told Diego Costa was disgusted with his performance.
  2. Is he quick then?
  3. Maybe one day Sir Elton will rekindle his love of football.
  4. Looking forward to seeing this lad. Along with Jesus and KDB you just need another ten disciples now!
  5. We freely admit to winding you lot up. Candy from babies.
  6. Eastern....Southend?
  7. You don't need defenders. Just buy all the best attacking players in the world. The fans love high scoring games. Don't do it the Mourinho way!
  8. Zabaleta to Pikey Park.
  9. Good signing for the pikeys.
  10. Ho a noob it would appear BigToe couldn't pick his own nose.
  11. Yes well done Peter. Hopefully you will try to sign some better players who will restore some panache to your play next season.
  12. Best in the biz at avoiding the drop. His phone will be ringing come January.
  13. At least attempt some witty banter, that was just lame. I'm seeing Mary Decker limping home in sadness here. I think she had a red shirt on that day come to think about it....