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  1. RonniePickering22

    British grub

    No Idea on Soi 22 has British style food and of good quality.
  2. RonniePickering22

    British grub

    Where's best? That is a tough one.....depends what you call British food but Robin Hood is very average indeed. Lamb stew at Harvest on Soi 31 would be a good example of British food for me.
  3. RonniePickering22

    The official Arsenal thread 2019

    Gimme a draw.
  4. RonniePickering22

    Unoffical Spurs Thread

    Or 6-0 chonabot....we need to bounce back quickly and give some of the kids a run out. Step forward Skippy...maybe a rest for Kane as well.....
  5. RonniePickering22

    This Official Thread business

    I can understand the issue but would suggest moving the last couple of pages at least on to the new topics in order to provide some consistency at least.
  6. RonniePickering22

    This Official Thread business

    How about someone provides a proper reason for canning threads running for over a decade please?