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  1. Tottenham Thread

    Quality result but Llorente will be kicking himself at the end. Happy days!
  2. Liverpool F.c.

    Dear oh dear R2D2...just not the same without Gerrard is it?
  3. Tottenham Thread

    Witless nonsense is not appreciated here. Away and irritate your own club's support.
  4. Chelsea Fc Thread

    The table doesn't lie.
  5. Tottenham Thread

    Exactly who's azz am I supposed to be getting friendly with?
  6. Tottenham Thread

    I don't understand what you are insinuating there.
  7. Chelsea Fc Thread

    I will assume you've been drinking.
  8. Tottenham Thread

    This is the Tottenham Thread....you keep dropping by here by mistake. Go post on your Liverpool Thread....they all think you're a <deleted> on there though too.
  9. Tottenham Thread

    Come off it I could walk that in minutes....at least set a realistic target.
  10. Tottenham Thread

    Are you Seapok reincarnated?
  11. Tottenham Thread

    When ya can swim 3km in an hour come an speak to me....in the meantime concentrate on the Brum attack on the Championship.
  12. Tottenham Thread

    Haha I can't deny that!
  13. Tottenham Thread

    He thinks I'm a fat bastardo lol.
  14. Tottenham Thread

    Well when I make a comment about a Tottenham player on the Tottenham thread and you get the wrong end of the stick its only one of us who is looking silly. Your attempts at insulting me are puerile as well. Run along and post on the Villa forum or wherever you belong.
  15. Tottenham Thread

    Go moan about it on the Arsenal thread. You clearly didn't even watch the game.