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  1. You really must try harder Peter.
  2. I thought the Arsenal centre half deserved MOTM. Cracking second half display by him...sorry can't remember the geezers name.
  3. Perhaps better to view it as encouraging.
  4. Its on BT Sport 1 in the UK if that's any help. Thought Kompany should have got a yellow too.
  5. Zlatan out...sixth place and knocked out in the semis is my prediction.
  6. That 4th goal. Wow...just wow.
  7. We look forward to watching your fans traipse around Europe on Thursday nights next seaon Peter. Tara son.
  8. Buy me a ticket then. I will fly down in the morning. Anything to save you from another roasting.
  9. Don't pay any attention to this young wag.
  10. Are you going mrboj? If not maybe you should sponsor a couple of local Moss Side kids to go to Wembley. Tough times in East Manchester!
  11. I think its a reference to your gooner man love. Do you drink Budweiser?
  12. He's clearly not watched us play this year.
  13. A cracking lrospect. Shame they have few like him.
  14. Yes decent chance of a European final. Good luck.
  15. Hilarious really.