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  1. You have it without sugar? Or add some bananas?
  2. That's not quite what I meant when I mentioned white powder tutsi....the milk of amnesia in strong here.
  3. You only had two paper rounds. Don't exaggerate.
  4. It is not easy to get this work done in a specialist hospital even if you are Thai. My gf managed it after a complete bodge job by a truly awful dentist. It took considerable persuasion however the result was thankfully a beautiful smile.
  5. Is it in Hampshire then? Can't expect me to know your silly counties wilai.
  6. I smell a report of illegal approach....outrage from Liverpool fans and lots of laughter in Sussex.
  7. Pictures of the a la carte dishes would be good even if they are above its hard to see which they are. On the fountain and its fruits please specify if they have strawberries as that is the holy grail of chocolate fountains in any buffet experience dessert.
  8. Is Kenedy the new Terry then?
  9. Bit cheap of your chairman not to offer 250m quid for Neymar. Put the call in mrboj before you look like a bunch of cheapskates.
  10. You now have the second best striker in the Premiership however and that will lift your team considerably.
  11. I know nev....was just replying to the clown from outta town!
  12. None of em good enough for the Prem eh? Jog on with that youth policy gents!
  13. There ya go still trying to buy the Premiership as usual. Forty million for Dier by the way try doubling it poor cousins of Mancland!
  14. True....mind you its debatable as to whether he would improve our team nowadays.