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  1. Interesting article. Thanks for sharing.
  2. It's strange that when some Thai women marry foreigners many of their values and common sense get forgotten. She wants to take a video of another Thai lady in an attempt to humiliate her on social media. It's like saying I'm so much better than you. People can bang on about the legalities of whether he can or cannot park outside her business but the common sense approach would be if someone asks you not to maybe because she wants to keep it free for her customers, you respect that. Making a living out here is hard enough for most Thais without pompous foreigners playing the "do you know who I am " card. The American should know better than to ring his wife (why the f uc k the he needs to phone her to tell her is another discussion) so she can play the "oh I've now got an American husband and I'm so more important that you, let's teach her a lesson " and then to take her advice and film it is beyond me. He obviously has the same values as her. No surprise it's her Facebook account it's posted on.
  3. He's lucky he didn't have his camera shoved up his backside. Playing the American Vet card was just about the icing on the cake......... unless he meant he treated sick animals in America.
  4. He calls the wife and first thing she says is make a video. Then he calls the lady ting tong repeatedly. Then put in on Facebook and see how many hits it can get. Then boasting on here it's got over 800,000 hits already. I don't need to know anymore. .........arse Sent from my iPad using Thaivisa Connect
  5. What a genius. Sent from my iPhone using Thaivisa Connect
  6. Cheers. I think this article and the comments related give a far better picture of where the gay community stand in relation to this incident.
  7. They should of apologised and showed a little remorse for sure.
  8. If you read the article from the magazine and the attached comments you can see many gay people were very critical of them. i think the comments relating to supporting them from the editor were related to people showing some emotional support and compassion about their situation being unjustly locked up. That’s my take anyhow rightly or wrongly.
  9. There is a new thread so you can read them all again. Oh the joys.
  10. I think you think too much. I don’t believe it was an intentional middle finger to Thailand at the time but a silly prank that went wrong. What they are doing by continual to post on their account after the ruling could however be looked at that way.
  11. Blimey. Thread #3 for the same guys. Don’t know about publicity at home but they are getting plenty on here. Another opportunity for the angry brigade to have an armchair vent and repeat some queer innuendo. Bottom line is they got a weeks worth jail time should be enough for them never to want to come back. Completely OTT but if they are stupid enough to keep waving it in the Thais face then my sympathy for them is running out fast. * waits for someone to pick up some more “puns” Sent from my iPhone using Thaivisa Connect
  12. I’ll assume that was meant for me as i used the word mindset so let me spell it out for the final time you as you are obviously a bit slow. A mindset is a state of mind that someone has. My mindset when I see underage girls being abused by adult men who know they are underage (many have already confessed) is one of disgust and irrespective of the child’s background I feel compassion and sympathy towards the abused. Some take the opposite mindset, let’s call them the excusers. They put out a one liner to the effect of “while it is wrong “ then go onto find any number of excuses to mitigate against the abusers even though some of these are senior officials now on the run. They will include trashing the child, her background, her family, anything to divert attention away from the perverts. When the excuses run out they often start to deflect the attention onto a different subject. I often question why someone would spend so much time excusing/ deflecting from the disgusting behaviour of these people and so little time showing any sort of compassion for the blameless child. People can make their own minds up. They/ you have a different mindset to me. Hope that’s made it a bit clearer.
  13. I’m happy with my position and clearly you are happy with those who look to make excuses for child abuse. We are of a different mindset. It takes all sorts.