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  1. Kadilo

    Very disappointing visit to Pattaya.

    Are you upset that someone likes Pattaya more than CM?
  2. Kadilo

    The "beautiful Thai girl" myth?

    I would say it’s more odd to want to post a photo of yourself or your partner on an annonymous forum. Most of the people who do are just looking for admiration and likes and most don’t believe them anyhow so it’s pointless.
  3. Must be hell. Give her the minimum wage and ask her if you still wants it.
  4. What by saying I don’t think she does real work? if you look back I said if she was my gran I would be proud of her......or is it just selective pro royal blinkers in action.
  5. “Does more hours” doing what ? Travelling? Hosting? Whatever it is it’s not work. i doubt she even feeds the corgis. Looks she 92 and a lovely old lady. If it was my Gran I would be extremely proud of her but please stop kidding yourself she’s on the go 24/7 and a workaholic.
  6. We clearly define “work” differently. She travels a lot I’ll give you that.
  7. Im English, got no time for Trump but didn’t see anything he did or didn’t do as disrespectful. The Royal family keep banging on about how modern they are and how they want to change the way they are perceived (which is all bs) so get on with it. Take people as you find them.
  8. Kadilo

    British cave diving hero finds love with Thai nurse

    Hopefully further than yours.
  9. Kadilo

    British cave diving hero finds love with Thai nurse

    Switch jobs like
  10. Kadilo

    THE England thread

    I wouldnt disagree with a lot of your observations. Sterling has been frustratingly poor. Jones and Young proved that don’t have it at international level. I think Henderson has done ok and would pick him over Dier any day of the week although would suggest neither is what we need going forwards. Pickford has clearly shown why he was chosen as number one, Maguire and also Stones I would say have come of age and will be around for many years to come. I would also add Walker to that’s list. Yes he makes the odd mistake but his pace has saved us too on many occasions. The game against Belgium, particularly the first half, was extremely frustrating. Pedestrian, predictable, too many sideways backwards balls enabling Belgium to re group in contrast to them who countered with pace. Clearly they are the better side with top world class players which we simply havent got at present. I would keep Southgate and see no reason to change him. If it weren’t for him the some of the positives from this World Cup wouldn’t of even got a game although I do think he has been too loyal to the likes of Sterling and Alli. I guess others with club tinted glasses will see things different, it’s only natural.
  11. Kadilo

    THE England thread

    Played Jones and Dier and wanting to win..........mmmm
  12. Kadilo

    THE England thread

    Exactly. Same for Arnold. Really couldn’t see the point of playing the likes of Trippier who was injured previously. He has already proved himself, and arguably player of the tournament. Bringing on Alli who has not had a good one, and Jones who is looking backwards. Some strange choices from Southgate at the end for a nothing game.