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  1. shadowofacloud

    Which train (of 3) to take from Bangkok to HAT YAI?

    Agree, the 15:10 train is perfect. It's a beautiful journey, which allows you to spend a few daytime hours enjoying the views and get a good night sleep as well.
  2. I don't think that at this moment the EU will have to do anything. They seem to have already discounted the potential impacts of a hard brexit and their growing impatience with nationalist states such as Poland or Hungary seems to indicate that they are losing patience with all the marginal banana republic types. Personally, I will be quite happy to see UK finally kicked out from the EU and falling into a decades long recession. Well deserved. Sorry for the common people though.
  3. shadowofacloud

    Thaifriendly thread

    Amazing. Sort of a Little Bang(kok) Theory. Keep up the good job. I would love to see some formulas.
  4. shadowofacloud

    My Thai wife always ask me when will my salary come

    Try telling her you are unemployed now and see what happens.
  5. shadowofacloud


    Same machine - with VPN and AV. Achtually, I am using three different devices, depending of my location - and Ubuntu desktop, a W10 desktop or an anadroid tablet. I will use VPN on all of them and an AV the W10 machine. But I do not have a dedicated machine for torrents. If you are super paranoid you could buy a virtual desktop (which can be purchased using BTC etc. thus fairly anonymously) and run your torrent client there, then connect to the desktop via RDP (or (s)FTP or whatever) over a VPN and download the files to your actual machine. But that't a crazy overkill for BT only.
  6. shadowofacloud

    Coffee emergency help a bro out

    There are tons available on Lazada. Alternatively, you may try the Ekkamai Big C - there is an Index Living Mall on the second floor, which is quite well stocked.
  7. shadowofacloud

    Storm of feathers as Bangkok pigeons feel the heat

    This reminds me of the Great Leap Forward: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Four_Pests_Campaign Ah, happy memories. ?
  8. shadowofacloud

    3 Question

    3. I did my test last year and the questions were the same (there might have been some very minor differences, possibly one or two questions on the exam that weren't in the online test).
  9. shadowofacloud


    Good point. I guess I was too focused on what I was looking for to notice that it links to rutracker. ?
  10. shadowofacloud


    Also another site - something I have discovered recently: http://tparser.org/ . Lots of lossless jazz, including some fairly rare items.
  11. shadowofacloud


    The bay, eztv, rarbg. uTorrent None whatsoever.
  12. shadowofacloud

    Aeroflot airlines?

    I did fly with them a few times, no issues whatsoever. True, SVO is not the friendliest airport out there. Also check out Ukraine Airlines, some really good deals with the same caveat regarding the airport. KBP is really bad - but they do have a half-decent lounge.
  13. shadowofacloud

    Dead Rat in Hotpot......

    And this is related to Bangkok how exactly? Additionally, is a rat in a hotpot in "Weifang city, in east China’s Shandong province" enough to make a sweeping generalization of all hotpots in TH? Srsly, some people...
  14. shadowofacloud

    Video: No holds barred in Battle of the Seafood Buffet!

    Screaming? You ought to get a hearing test ASAP.
  15. shadowofacloud

    Video: No holds barred in Battle of the Seafood Buffet!

    Now, THAT changes everything! ? And I definitely prefer rose tinted glasses to nazi uniforms.?