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  1. Joinaman

    The Question No One Can Answer

    issaan bar on Walking Street ? Cab film if you ask , lots of Thais dancing and its 2 for 1 beers before 9pm
  2. Joinaman

    Thais start waking up on reducing plastic bags

    I discussed this with my other half we have a shop selling basic food and drinks the drinks various ice flavoured. She gives them one large cup one lid one straw one one plastic carry bag for the foods this can be a polystyrene box, or 2 different plastic bags, plus spoons or skewers it when I try and say no spoon, no lids, now carry bags, she looks at me crazy, cos she say, they not buy if you do that we go through thousands of plastic items each month , and nort sure how we can stop it, cos it seems most Thais expect th these things and will go elsewhere if not provided teaching them to reduce plastic is like trying to teach them to put rubbish in the bin she complains get at me cos I shout at the kids when the walk past my bin and drop the rubbish on my lawn, but they just look at me as a crazy many time I get funny looks when I say no bag in Tesco or 7-11 but maybe if we keep doing it they just might learn
  3. Joinaman

    French Fries. Standard cut or thick cut?

    A chip SANDWICH ??? you mean a chip BUTTY Not had one now for about 3 years, mouth watering just thinking of one
  4. Joinaman

    The Kiwi - what's going on?

    is the Kiwi still doing the ploughmans lunch in the new place? always call in for one when i'm visiting Bangkok Miss things like pickles, cheese , branston up here in sunny isaan
  5. Joinaman

    class 1 insurance

    just got quote from Direct Asia Type 1 Best Price Guaranteed for safe drivers Fix at any garage of your choice nationwide with "My Workshop" Deductible of ฿5,000 (choice to reduce to ฿3,000 or ฿0 on the next page) Sum insured is ฿350,000 0% instalments over 10 months Pay simply by credit card online or at 7-Eleven nationwide See full coverage details Compulsory Death & Dismemberment or Permanent disability –up to ฿5,000,000 Bodily Injury or Affecting health –up to ฿80,000 Type 1 Third party property damage-up to ฿5,000,000 Excess third party bodily injury-up to ฿10,000,000 Own Damage (Self Accident, Collision, Fire and Theft & Natural Disaster) –up to ฿350,000 24 Hour accident towing-up to 20% of repair costs Windscreen/window breakage -up to ฿350,000 Medical expenses-up to ฿100,000 Personal accident (Permanent Disability for Driver)–up to ฿100,000 Personal accident (Permanent Disability for Passenger)–up to ฿100,000 Bail bond-up to ฿50,000 But both quotes only pay up to 350,000 and medical to 100,00 Is this adequate ? I would have though a like for like replacement cost for the car and a higher medical for a bad accident and care Is it possible to adjust to higher values >
  6. Joinaman

    class 1 insurance

  7. Joinaman

    class 1 insurance

    that was quick thanks, will look now
  8. Joinaman

    class 1 insurance

    ฿ 9,943/year hi there never had to get insurance before so not sure what is good and what is not have found this quote online and was wondering if this seems ok ? If not, what figures am i best looking for and any ideas from who to get quotes from The car is a Nissan Almera 1.2 , 2016 Thanks 1 /Garage Class 200,000 Own Damage 200,000 Fire and Theft 5,000 Deductible 1,000,000 Death or Dismemberment / Person 10,000,000 Death or Dismemberment / Time 2,500,000 Public Liability 100,000 Personal Accident 100,000 Medical Expenses 300,000 Bail Bond
  9. Joinaman

    can i use a us currency passport in karon Bay ?

    Thanks for the replies guys i know about the Halifax fax card, have had one for a few years and it's what I use here and abroad instead of my Kasikorn debit card but siunds like they would be better off emptying the card in the uk and just bringing the cash, which is normally a better rate at the exchange booths than cards sounds a bit like Pattaya , full of scams, rip offs and expensive been to Kho Samui , taxis a minimum of 200baht hired a bike for the same price as one short taxi ride
  10. hi there as they title says. have friends coming over for a few weeks in Karon Bay Never been to Thailand before I recommended using a card like the Halifax Clarity card which is almost free to use overseas but they have said they have a US currency passport from earlier holidays in the us and want to know if they can use this while they are here Never seen one so would ask anyone from this area if this is possible, if not what do they recommend ? Also, any ideas on what to see or do down there ? I,m gunna fly down from Issaan for as few days to catch up with them, so would appreciate any advice on places to see or go Plus any advice on any scams, like no meter rip off taxis, best airport transfers, good bars, etc Whats the weather like the last 2 weeks in November ? besides hot and sticky, lol thanks guys
  11. Joinaman

    casement fasteners for wooden windows ?

    yes, was thinking about those instead of standard butt hinges, but would still need a handle and bolts top and bottom, plus would need to rebate out the bottom of the sash to fit was trying to make it easy and just fit simple butts, and face fixed stay and fastener used to use these by the boxfull in the 70s and 80s before plastic became common Mostly cheap white Kenrick fasteners Surprised that they don;t use these type , there are loads of timber sashes here in the country and simple to fit and use Can get fasteners from Aliexpress, but takes a couple of weeks, and not sure if they include the keeps for them but no stays Thanks anyway
  12. Hi there Anybody know if i can buy casement fasteners and possibly window stays for some wooden windows i am fitting for the in laws Something like in the picture but can be any finish and any style would also like some window stays too, if possible cheap and cheerful will do Tried Global, Mega Home Home Pro and they look at me daft when i ask and show picture, then offer me pull handles, bolts and hooks
  13. Joinaman

    Nissan dealer - blue book problems

    Took how long ? Nearly 6 weeks of being polite Nobody to deal with it ? , ok Come back next week, thank you, ok You need more papers ? Ok I come back with more Still no book, ? Next week maybe ? Ok I come back This is with my thai lady doing most of the talking After 6 visits and nearly 7 weeks I go in and think , <deleted> you, you've had long enough to sort it out and tell them so Amazing enough, one week later I have the book How much longer would I have been if I kept saying ok, thank you, no worries, I come back later, as most of you seem to suggest ? Freebies, Didn't ask for them, But will not say no to them. The manager knew they had cocked up and the standard of service was poor, so he gave the freebies as a way of apologising Brown nosed Sorry maybe should not hav said that, but the feeling is the same Always smile, say thank you, no worries, even when you know they are wrong ? Can only do that much before having to tell them they are wrong, sometimes in a polite manner, but sometimes not Sent from my iPad using Thaivisa Connect
  14. Joinaman

    Nissan dealer - blue book problems

    Well, you said it i wouldn't have called the other posters idiots
  15. Joinaman

    Nissan dealer - blue book problems

    Sorry to bring the bad news to the brown nose Farangs on here got the blue book, got the apology, and got plenty of freebies for messing me about