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  1. but then stuffed for getting big items in the bed ?
  2. and if hasn't, then a million baht or two will get him some i'm sure I look forward to reading about Vernon's life story
  3. but Vern is always gunna be the pedo guy, maybe even worse after this maybe he would have been better to shut up when winning
  4. i just wonder how Vernon will look after this is finished How is his reputation going to look after details of him with bar girls, street walkers, etc come out at the courts? In the land of brown envelopes, Elon can soon dig up and smear his name, even if not true Not going to make thailand look good either
  5. Joinaman

    bike insurance

    ok guys, thanks for the replies, looks like i will go for this then. Just never heard of not covering the list price in the case of right off, and not sure what the level of medical will cover, a few plasters and stitches ?
  6. Joinaman

    bike insurance

    Hi there 1st Class coverage Date 17/9/2018 Name: Patrick Make: Yamaha X-Max Year: 2018 Engine Size: 300 cc. Third party liability Own damage Driver & Passenger 1. Bodily Injury or death 500,000Baht / person 10,000,000 Baht/accident 2. Property Damage 1,000,000 / accident 2.1 Amount of Deductible 0 Baht/Each Accident ‘1 Own Damage due to 140,000 Baht 1.1 Amount of Deductible 5,000 Baht/Each Accident ‘2 Fire & Theft 140,000 Baht Personal Accident 1. Personal accident benefit for 1 driver & 1 Passenger 50,000 Baht / person 2. Accident Medical Expense for 1 driver & 1 passenger 50,000 Baht / person 3. Bail bond 300,000 Baht 1st Class Coverage / Year = 10,529 Baht/Contract Garage Not cover for all accessories The above insurance premium is inclusive of Tax and Stamp Duty. Just got a quote for Class 1 insurance for my new bike Is it any good ? The cover is only for 140,00 on a brand new 168,00 bike Plus the medical seem low in the event of a big accident Any advice would be appreciated and any recommendations of other companies to try Thanks
  7. Joinaman

    How good are Thai Motorcycle Helmets?

    Thanks jackdd its at the cheeks where it feels tight, the head is ok i prefer a snug fit but this is the first full face helmet i've tried so wasn't too sure about it, just felt a little too snug squashing my cheeks, but then read your supposed to squash a little
  8. Joinaman

    How good are Thai Motorcycle Helmets?

    hi there looking for advice on decent helmets was thinking of a Shark helmet, full face with sun visor price before discount is 13,000 baht, will sell for 10,000 not sure of the model, but is this make ok for the money, or should i look elsewhere for different make will be riding 300 bike so want to upgrade from my cheap 2,000 baht helmet Also, the helmet is extra large, but still quite tight on my head, by which i mean it a push fit and not wobble, but feels a little tight , is it like new shoes, they get better with use ? will they ease off with use ?
  9. if you know what artists or Genre you could download the Mixerbox app Mb3 has almost any record and album made just type in you song or artist and then listen i use it a lot for some rock albums and also for easy listening
  10. radio 2 uk late afternoon Absolute Radio 60s, uk during the day
  11. Joinaman

    Manchester 'full of fat people', says Russian columnist in homophobic rant

    yeah, but there 2 norths in England 1 is gods own country, -Yorkshire the second is the dark side, Lancashire
  12. Joinaman

    Insulation for Teak house

    i would say no to the MDF idea It was standard sheeting to use for many different jobs in the uk, so i thought ok here Nope Even stained, woodcared and polished, it still get covered in mould , especially on the edges If left bare finish, then it just turns a nasty shade of black mould, not good at all Crossy's ideas good, buy a few rolls of masking tape or similar, tape over inside If you could find brown tape would be even better Whatever you do is not going to look pretty either, without full over boarding Might be a bit expensive and a pain in the bum to seal all the joints outside, would need scaffold or a good ladder, especially if its not your house
  13. Joinaman

    Lolita's on the mekong

    drive into Nakhon Phanom straight down the main street to the river, turn right and about 500 meters on the right is the Lolitas its always been closed ever since i have been here but go past it often, so will call and try it out
  14. Joinaman

    siam expats food , Any prices ??

    Doh !!!!!! Sorry guys I had messaged them but not got a reply and only saw the shop on Facebook which has no prices sorry about that, should have looked more, but thanks guys
  15. Hi there Looking at the good foods for sale in Siam Food shop, but need prices so i can order online and have it delivered do they have an online price list? and also showing any promotions too? Thanks in advance