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  1. Probably They're The Jumpers in Pattaya....& Wherever !!!
  2. And THAT Is certainly NOT Cheap......Think very carefully about that....
  3. Non O multiple and divorce

    NO, Wife .......WOULD !!!
  4. No, I CANNOT Believe A Word of that......It's LIES I tell you,ALL Lies !!!
  5. Nothing New Here,It's happening on a REGULAR Basis......
  6. Bastards !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  7. Loose visa stickers.

    Super Glue Or UHU Glue is Better !!
  8. I Will be applying for my Multi Non-Imm " O " Based on Marriage Next Month ( August ) at Savanakhet,Then next day crossing back into to Mukdahan,But My THAI Wife will be with me,So I Can't see ANY Problems.....Never had any last time,So fingers Crossed !!
  9. My latest attempt to purchase tramadol

    Oh, what a load of BS! Tramadol is not addictive...............You Would'nt Like a Bet on that Statement Would You ??
  10. Online sellers of sex drive pills arrested

    And On Sukumvit !!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  11. Cabbie confessed to raping a Chinese tourist

    He Might be ALREADY.......
  12. Cabbie confessed to raping a Chinese tourist

    Especially IF You're a Woman on her own !!!