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  1. American/Russian drug dealing couple arrested on Koh Phangan

    200,000 baht in cash was also confiscated,...............Wonder Who got That ???
  2. Silly YOU For paying EVEN 1,000 Baht....You Obviously know the fare is around 300,So Why didn't you just give him that & Walk Away ???
  3. The staff at Liverpool are fantastic. Great ambassadors for Liverpool too. They will, if you are genuinely in a bind, do the visa application within the same day or possibly a few hours. They did for me anyway. TR. But They CANNOT Do it now, Everything has to be APPROVED By The Thai Embassy in London.... Usually takes up to a Week to get their Approval....But Mine took 1 Hour when Sue contacted the embassy by e-mail & Told them She had dealt with my applications for Over 20 Years & Could vouch for me personally,They O.K'd it Immediately ..... But Back to The Liverpool Consulate..... Lovely lasses. As they say up North. lol. Yes Both Sue & Sharon Are,I've known them both personally for Over 20 Years Now.....Even Got BOTH of their Personal e-mail addresses !!
  4. Immigration Officers are not friendly or accommodating.......Well The Superintendent at Mukdahan was MORE Than friendly to me,She transferred all my stamps from my old passport to my new one which She Didn't Have to do as she'd already told me I was in the WRONG Part of Immigration Office,However She Did it all & With a Smile on her face without ever asking for ANY Tea Money... And BTW, She is a Gorgeous Looking Lady......
  5. Yep, They certainly have the MONOPOLY !!
  6. Yeah Had to Laugh when I Read that 1st Line......
  7. It's Only a 3 Hour ( At Most ) Road Trip....DIY & Save the 5,000 Baht Agents Fee...
  8. Of Course, She'll be in one of Londiniums 5* Hotels.....Or One of The Mansions Her Big Brother OWNS There...
  9. Agreed I Picked up My Mates at the same time as I Did my own,You Must have HIS Old Passport & Authourization Slip that they gave him with his application...
  10. They Can't Do Either of you're suggestions....Simple Reason YOU Have to sign the NEW Passport in their presence....
  11. Chon Buri man charged with rape of pharmacy assistant

    Off With His Willie Woodpecker & His Gonads for good measure !!!