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  1. I Will be doing similar ( New Passport ) Now On FINAL Entry Multi Non "O " In OLD Passport(Visa ) Expires in August, But Going to Savanakhet to obtain New Multi Non " O "But Thought it was essential to have stamps transferred,So it will be O.K Not too go to Imm Office (Nong Khai ) & Just take both passports to Mukdahan with me....????
  2. Great Bit of Sarcasm, But Just let them TRY It !!!!!
  3. You Certainly Were A Lucky guy !!
  4. Youv'e NOT Seen one in 8 Months......You must be Very SHORT Sighted then.....NO Somalis Either ??
  5. The U.K Is FULL Of Nigerians......Be Very Careful....
  6. Perhaps Because THAT is too Easy.......
  7. Yes, That was a LOT Easier !!
  8. I'm Happy to Clear that up for YOU & Any other DOUBTERS,I've got MY Appointment in July....Already Booked....
  9. It's In The " Trendy " Building in Soi 13 Sukumvit,THIS Is the ONLY Place where you can apply to RENEW Your'e BRITISH Passport & You DO Need to have An Appointment....Can't Write it any CLEARER Than that......
  10. Maybe He's Looking for a Mia-Noi ????
  11. It's The Heat, It Makes you " Horny "..........555 !!
  12. I get a thai girl a minute asking me if i want sex walking to the market.......................Which Market is that, Please !!!!
  13. WoW !! Fined a WHOLE 500 Baht EACH Though !!!
  14. I Know for a FACT That British Credit Card Companies write OFF The Debt after 2 Years,That's IF It's Not in the Thousands of pounds which I Very much doubt that this one is.....