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  1. Was it Hotel California being played ??
  2. Nong Khai Man

    What do Isaan women really like?

    They Love SLEEPING !!!
  3. Nah, A Roll of Duct Tape & a can of T-Cut will fix that !!
  4. Wish I'd have been the NEXT Passenger in that Cab.....
  5. You can get a NEW Passport in the U.K On the SAME Day ( About 6 Hours ) if you go directly to the Liverpool Passport Office.....Make an appointment FIRST....
  6. Nong Khai Man

    Non O Visa Savannakhet dependence

    And 5,000 Baht for the Multi Non-Imm "O " Visa....
  7. I Was Told that also at Nong Khai I.O. So haven't done it for a few years Now....
  8. Nong Khai Man

    Is TM30 essential?

    Nong Khai, Mate....
  9. Nong Khai Man

    Is TM30 essential?

    I Was Told Similar last time I Returned from the U.K Also.....
  10. Nong Khai Man

    Is TM30 essential?

    Same Position as Myself,I'll Worry about it in March 2020 When I have to Re-New my Thai DL.....
  11. They are the SAME At the Friendship Bridge crossing at Vientianne....( Very Strict )
  12. Tam, What a load of Sh*t ,I Leave Thailand go to Laos on My Non-Imm " O " Visa,Leave & Return the SAME Day....Done it for YEARS Mate....
  13. It Might NOT Be eating too Much, It Could be her Thyroid has stopped working Properly.......Think About it !!
  14. Nong Khai Man

    Thai Airways to end its Samui flights this September

    Problem is it's a Long Swim IF Yer don't like boats !!