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  1. Nah !! The Rainy Season is All But Over.....
  2. Pattaya Beach, IF There was ANY Room left....
  3. Police check on bus to Mukdahan

    Same just out of Nong Khai on the road to Udon Thani,But only in the hours of darkness.....Obviously Looking for Laos Nationals .....
  4. You Hitchhiked ?? It's a Wonder Immigration let you do that.......
  5. Whale shark spotted in Ang Thong national marine park

    Yeah, It will Deffo feed the village for a COUPLE Of Days....
  6. At Least you can go into the water......Try That in Pattaya, You might Go In ,But WILL You come OUT >>>>>
  7. Immigration house visit

    Not A Problem Mate, Had them visit a few times...
  8. Pattaya beach now dubbed "War Zone" by tourists

    It WAS The same in 1976 as well.......Seems it gone all " Tit's Up " since though....
  9. Pattaya beach now dubbed "War Zone" by tourists

    Well it WAS In the 70's when I 1st arrived...
  10. Noooooooooooo, He Never But.....The bride's family are furious because they shelled out 300,000 baht on an elaborate wedding feast. Now they have gone to police to get their money back from the groom and his family..
  11. Early winter as mercury drops on Doi Inthanon

    Well it still has'nt arrived in Issan,At 02.00am THIS Morning it was still 27c......
  12. But Pepsi Max & Coke Light are better for you're Health....
  13. Iranian wasn't drugged - Ali was just Baba!

    He Should'nt be DRINKING, Should He ??