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  1. I'm not sure if you post on here to purposely make a dick of yourself or if it's accidental. Firstly it's brake "cylinder" not cilinder. Secondly brake "lines", brake "pipes" and break "hoses" are merely terms to describe how hydraulic fluid is transferred from the master cylinder to the individual slave cylinders. ALL brake lines, pipes and hoses are metallic. As far as talking to your dog goes, that sounds like a good idea, it's probably knows a lot more about mechanical systems than you, you may learn something.
  2. Brake lines aren't and never have been rubber, Years ago they were often copper, nowadays various alloys but most commonly stainless steel
  3. A friend of mine in Pattaya just renewed with BUPA, his annual premium went from 85,000THB to 108,000THB.
  4. So why do you still take an interest? P.S. Enjoy the rain, snow and gales
  5. Paul Collins

    Decision on minimum daily wage postponed

    I don't understand the "day Rate" concept in Thailand, would that rate apply equally to an 8 hour day and a 16 hour day? I worked offshore for many years and i was paid a day rate but this was divided by 12 so that any hours over 12 per day could be paid
  6. Thais can't drive in perfect weather conditions, what the hell would they be like in the snow?
  7. Paul Collins

    Yingluck Watchers See Conspiracy In London Photos

    It's obvious it's the UK, look at the chewing gum on the pavement
  8. So what's the difference between a bad murder and a good murder?
  9. You kidding? every day, read the papers, watch the news
  10. Paul Collins

    Pattaya expat worries: unofficial survey

    Strange, my Thai wife goes to the UK with me every year for 2 weeks, has done for the past 10 years and medical insurance has never been mentioned once. Are you trying to get your gf a visa through a visa agency? if so it could be a little money maker by the agency which isn't required
  11. I don't know how they make a living. Who wants to buy a suit in 33 degree heat?
  12. I have driven through the tunnel several times and there are international "no stopping" signs everywhere as well as the message "no stopping" in English and Thai. Whether it was a quiet period or not is irrelevant. If they can ignore these signs then they can ignore all signs, They are simply brain dead idiots
  13. So honking at an idiot driver is classed as an invite to thugs to beat you and your family up? This is another reason Thailand will always be a third world country
  14. "Those idiots" voted to take back control of their country, to stop their country and services being overrun by by countless economic migrants who have no intention of ever contributing anything to the economy and to leave a corrupt EU which, after virtually bankrupting all of it's member states (apart from those who contribute nothing) is going to fail and fall apart in spectacular fashion in the not too distant future. So to say that voting for Brexit has inflicted hardship on millions due to a temporary drop in the value of the £ is utter stupidity. A price had to be paid to correct the idiocy of taking the UK into the old EC in the first place. I am one of the idiots who voted for Brexit and will never regret it