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  1. "I cant see how you can blame Thailand" - I don't and I didn't.
  2. Please don't make me waste my time on this, it's a far too easy to confirm, as everyone knows: "Bloody police think they can do whatever they want, and are not accountable to anyone". "The government will educate them on hygienic requirements. What show them how to make food attractive to rats, same as in the government cafeteria." "Submarines necessary for national security. Sad fact is these plonkers actually believe that". "They thought Mr Pamoke was a for a foreigner and drunk !! So that would have made it ok, kick the s..t out of foreigners but not Thais. " "To serve and protect just dosnt fit when it comes to the police here. Everywhere there are policemen involved in all kinds of criminal activities".
  3. Actually yes you did: "Parental supervision is nonexistent here".
  4. Indeed yes, "their are slack parents everywhere", which was exactly my point - Thai parents are not unique in this respect, except in the minds of some posters!
  5. The house is a matrimonial asset that is shared and will be divided at the time of divorce, it is then that the usufruct will almost certainly be cancelled - the land office merely carries out the instructions of the court.
  6. The usufruct CAN be cancelled but it is not automatically cancelled. You would be wise to sell the property before the divorce, if that is possible. Presumably your wife granted you the usufruct whilst you were married?
  7. There's always something wrong with the parent, the local, the policeman, the governement, the school, the company..... as long as it's Thai there's always going to be a problem with it, according to you, every single time!
  8. So make hay the day after, or don't, up to you.
  9. These are crazy times on the Forex, nothing is sustainable or to be trusted - USD is being weakened purposely; GBP strengthened on the back of the election but the fundamentals haven't changed, if anything they'e worsened; THB has weakened because that's what it does at end April. Make hay while the sun shines, it may rain tomorrow.
  10. delete
  11. If anyone is interested there's a shop in Chiang Mai, Hang Dong to be precise that stocks and sells Greenworks (US) battery powered garden tools such as leaf blowers, strimmers etc. - great quality tools.
  12. Exactly, I doubt there's very much at all that can't be had if you look and ask around.
  13. Maybe somebody on TVF knows an engineer who could potentially assist with this? So far it sounds like plans, conformity to compliance regs. and engineers signature before license application - what else is needed?
  14. Two pronged forks are widely available but frankly pretty useless. It's easy to see why locals prefer to use the adze/hoe for that purpose, the ground is usually far too hard for most of the year to use a fork.
  15. Do you not think that a western police chief would do exactly the same thing if somebody inadvertently moved a decimal place?