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  1. Is the UK doing a Thailand? I mean, tourism is now worth almost 200 billion Pounds per year or 10% of GDP, that means UK tourism alone is worth almost as much as the entire Thai GDP! So when the UK starts to increase visa prices, charges more for visa services and taps more heavily that great cash cow of tourism, how really do they differ from Thailand.
  2. You've got it all back to front again I'm afraid: "Thai baht has been overvalued for years, any money market watcher will tell you that". Please provide links to at least one reputable analyst who thinks THB is overvalued, it isn't, if anything it is undervalued given a five year horizon. "Weak, corrupt, military and/or simply inept government is a cause". THB doesn't care one iota which entity is in power, the governement of the day has nothing to do with its value. "Thai baht has been overvalued for years.....but tourism brings in so much foreign currency it is ignored" Foreign currency in Thailand is derived from a number of different sources, exports, overseas investments, hot money, black money and tourism, tourism accounts for less than 17%. Far from ignoring the problem of THB strength, the government, or rather BOT, is acting to try and weaken the currency but their choices are limited. The most likely one is some form of capital controls to prevent the exchange of hot currency from damaging the economy and increasing the strength of THB even further. Since a baht that is too strong damages exports, it's not in Thailand's best interests to ignore the problem, indeed I suspect they wish they didn't have so much foreign currency since their foreign currency reserves are extraordinarily high yet it's money they can't use to better the economy or balance budgets etc.
  3. Farewell Pattaya

    I recall many years on this forum espousing the virtues of life in Chiang Mai, only to be ridiculed by the Pattaya set. Too quiet and too boring they said, no bars they cried, few girls they yelled, I'd never visit there let alone live there they screamed....now, many years later Chiang Mai has grown up and has much to offer, many many of the old naysayers are now firmly in residence here, far too funny.
  4. I don't have an axe to grind on the political front but I do remember past Labour governement, they have a tendency to want to bankrupt the country and one day they'll probably succeed, especially under Corbyn. We've already read how his manifesto is underfunded to the tune of 36 billion and then there's Brexit on top, does anyone think the man has the wherewithall to cut even a remotely decent deal! And then there's market confidence and the Pound, given the state of Labours front bench and serious lack of financial acumen, expect the Pound to reach parity with USD and then remain there - Brit pensioners in Thailand, not a chance to stay here if surviving solely on Sterling fixed income. For my part I've heavily invested in Thailand and have been for years, if Labour wins I may well cash in my Baht holdings, go back and buy a small city and live on Labours benefits for my remaining days.
  5. Big sigh.....not again! OK, tell us how they do it.
  6. It's a moot point, Labour have no chance of winning the election.
  7. Medical cover options

    Contact AA Insurance in Pattaya, they are sponsors of this forum, Peter will provide you with quotes for what you need and is very very good. https://www.aainsure.net/contact_us.html
  8. Currency

    Not if the banks charges a foreign transaction fee?
  9. I was responding to the OP who didn't know what, "no recourse to public funds means"! Oh, I see you are the OP, what is this, a circular debate!!!
  10. Passport renewal every ten years, frozen pensions, inability to open an onshore bank account, inability to access the services of an onshore IFA, loss of NHS services, yet taxes and NI paid in full for 50 years and country served via time in the armed forces........I expect he might say!
  11. Repeat of 2011 Thai flood disaster ruled out

    I only have two words to say on this subject, "monkey cheeks".
  12. Speeding fines in Thailand

    The comparison of vehicles doesn't tell us anything, give us the profile of each driver, his age, training, background, IQ etc and then I'll tell you which vehicle is safer. And if you say, same driver profile for both then my answer is the Toyota driver, simply because he's driving slower which statistically is safer.
  13. Thai exports rise 8.49% in April

    Post number 5 clearly stated people earning 300 baht a day or less, ergo he refers to the working population. But yes, I can easily buy 10 million out of 68 million.
  14. Speeding fines in Thailand

    Mr Vigo thinks it's a performance vehicle and so do most of the locals who drive similar, that's part of the problem also. Here we've got bog standard pickups that kick out so much power, turbo charged and all yet the national speed limit is mostly only a third of what the vehicle is capable of, how crazy is that. So for anyone who drives a true performance car, something along the lines of a porsche or a lambo., I'm bound to wonder why. If I lived in Germany my views would be very different, even in the UK when I used to drive Supra's I could only very rarely drive it in the manner it was meant to be driven, driving similar in Thailand seems, well, odd really.