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  1. The Bank of Thailand regulation are somewhat complex but they are very clear when it comes to foreign currency transfers and bank accounts and all companies capable of making funds transfers are governed by them, including Western Union. Funds that have been earned here can be remitted overseas, funds that have been brought into the country from overseas can also be remitted, proof is required in both cases. Thai nationals can remit funds overseas given the purpose of the transfers meets closely defined criteria. The rules are here, click on the centre tab for the overview: https://www.bot.or.th/English/FinancialMarkets/ForeignExchangeRegulations/FXRegulation/Pages/default.aspx You might want to try a larger branch of Bangkok Bank, they used to carry cashiers cheques drawn on their branches in London and New York which could be purchased in USD or GBP and then mailed/couriered to the home country for deposit to a local account. The exchange rate used is the TT rate so it's the best you can get plus the cheque is cheap to buy, maximum of USD 20k per cheque as I recall - it's a long shot and I wont be surprised to learn they've stopped issuing them since again, it's an aid to money laundering.. EDIT: what sort of scale are we talking about here, under 5 mill, 5 to 10 mill, over 10 mill?
  2. I don't think so, here, take a look: http://www.mfa.gov.sc/static.php?content_id=2 "Seychelles is a visa-free country meaning that there are no visa requirements for any person wishing to travel to this country".
  3. Prostitution is illegal in Thailand, dress it up any which way you want and it still remains illegal.
  4. BOT boss warns of possible stormy seas ahead

    On that point, western and Far Eastern markets corrected by 10% or more this month, the Thai SET fell by 2.4%. https://www.investing.com/indices/major-indices
  5. Prostitution isn't illegal but people keep repeating this myth. Last time i read the law it was specifically running a brothel and street solicitation. This is why the bib have such a big thing about not having short time rooms on the premises Rubbish, prostitution has been illegal in Thailand since 1960. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Prostitution_in_Thailand
  6. BOT boss warns of possible stormy seas ahead

    In Chiang Mai I see many of the same things you see. People have long been constructing rows of shop houses that don't sell, anyone who has land near a main road thinks it's a money maker and indeed sometimes it can be. My SiL and her husband own land near a main road and they were approached by a Bangkok investor to joint venture in the build of a small row of shophouses and it worked out well, lots don't. The investor was just an everyday Bangkok guy looking for an investment project, not seriously wealthy by any means, much more of a speculator. New housing estates: I'm guessing, off the top of my head, maybe one in twenty is a failure around here, just based on what I've seen, the vast majority are doing well. Shopping centres/malls: the country as a whole went through a period where loads were built, far too many in fact. CM has seen three new major malls built in the past few years as well as a bunch of lesser shopping centres, none of them is ever crowded and it's always been that way, sometimes some of them are almost deserted yet they still continue to exist. From a consumer perspective that's a pleasant shopping experience, long may it continue. .
  7. New roof advice

    More seriously: We've got a couple of heaters we've bought over the years, the best one is a Sun heater we bought up at the border in Mai Sai. But what we dearly would love to find but can't is a bathroom strip heater, they used to be very popular in the UK years ago and it would be ideal for our purpose. It's essentially a single bar electric fire that gets fastened to the wall up high, they work very well. If anyone sees one or indeed any sensible type of bathroom heater, please shout.
  8. New roof advice

    Isn't you big toe small.
  9. You don't need "other income" to file a tax return and reclaim the tax deducted on savings. I've been retired for years and have been reclaiming tax on savings in Thailand for that time, it's my only income in Thailand.
  10. BOT boss warns of possible stormy seas ahead

    I've been hearing such stories for the past ten years yet the Thai economy and the Baht has gone from strength to strength during that time, those stories are usually conspiracy theories put out by penniless whingers who hope the exchange rate will fall overnight or renowned financial publications having a slow news day! If the number were suspicious the IMF would have commented, they haven't; the World Bank would have said something also, they haven't; Wall Street/markets would have shorted Thai stock, they haven't; an offshore exchange rate would have emerged, it hasn't; the rating agencies would have downgraded Thailand's credit rating, they haven't; the foreign currency reserves would have been plundered by now, they haven't! It looks like you may have to redefine your idea of, "real figures", but go ahead and link to some of those articles you mention anyway, humour is always good, first thing in the morning! EDIT TO ADD: Here's a page of Thailand economic news reports https://tradingeconomics.com/thailand/news
  11. BOT boss warns of possible stormy seas ahead

    BOT is suggesting the USD will increase interest rates which will cause equities to fall and USD to strengthen, currency up, equities down - if that were to happen USD would strengthen and the exchange rate would improve for expats. BUT, the US deficit is huge and a strong dollar hurts exports so don't hold your breath. And whilst the Thai economy is far smaller than the US it is structurally in far better shape, the US economy with its debt overload is, exaggerated, like an oil tanker at sea that requires three days notice to change direction! Bottom line - something really wonderful has to happen to the US dent and its economy and/or something really bad has to happen to Thailands exports and tourist industry before THB weakens against the majors, a nuclear war or a new US president might do the trick!
  12. Whether something is acceptable or not depends on the point in time, just because something is acceptable or possible does not mean it's legal. Prostitution is also illegal yet it is tolerated and blind eyes are turned towards its existence, MOST of the time, but not always, it depends which way the wind is blowing, who is doing the looking and the phase of the moon. - sorry you didn't like the answer, don't shoot the messenger........why not confirm with a lawyer that it's correct and true, sounds like you'll probably need one anyway to help get the funds moved! Here's a thought: a Thai company requires five directors, three must be Thai in order to give them a majority, why not ask one of your fellow Thai directors to wire the money overseas for you, they can do it and that's legal......of course, you'd have to give them the money first in order to do that, do you know them well or even at all!!!
  13. It's "iffy" because it's illegal (1) for a foreigner to control a Thai company, (2) it's also illegal where the sole purpose of the company is to own a single property. Sure some people still own property this way but the Land Office has been cracking down on these company structures for many years, I can understand the bank managers point of view I'm afraid because it could be viewed as money laundering.
  14. Sripat - - Dr. Bunnakit

    Urology surgery, including prostate, into robotic surgery by all accounts.
  15. Sripat - - Dr. Bunnakit

    Dr Bunnakit has hours at CM RAM and is also a Professor at CMU so two places for you to try. I'm trying to update the pinned list of doctors currently so if you do find him, please let us know and I'll get his contact details updated on the list. Thanks Also, poster name elektrified knows Dr Bunnakit, if you have no success, send him a PM and ask. https://www.thaivisa.com/forum/profile/49932-elektrified/