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  1. Not all the debt, just enough of it to solve the problem.
  2. Your Armageddon scenario would not materialise with a coordinated debt forgiveness plan, it's an easy solution.
  3. The difference between the rich man and the poor man is that the poor man follows all this risk-averse advice, just like the old TVF adage of many years now, don't invest in Thailand or THB - note, proponents of that advice are now resident in their grey, wet home countries once again, lamenting their past lives in Thailand.
  4. I think posters should be clear that what you've written is only your opinion and not necessarily fact or true, there, I've done it for you.
  5. For me: 6% in UK property 8% in Thai property 35% in THB deposits 20% in THB investments (SET) 10% in a UK SIPP 18% in global funds in the UK
  6. So your advice is to not deal with the biggest banks because they are most at risk and don't take advantage of FDIC et al because they're at risk also....really!
  7. As I recall, China accounts for only 12% of Thai exports so any hit from the devaluation of the Yuan would not be significant. Plus, Thailand is currently very cheap for Chinese tourists, any devaluation of the Yuan would have to be significant for it to meaningfully impact Chinese tourism to Thailand, I think.
  8. simoh1490

    I am almost ready to Pull the plug and leave

    This is my emergency bolt hole in case the Thailand wheel ever falls off, I'm putting a tenant in next week and heading back to Thailand at the end of the month but after six months I'll be able to reclaim use of the flat with two months notice. It's certainly cheaper than London or indeed the South, I paid 75k for the flat and the running costs are very low and are generally covered by the uplift in my pensions that result from being UK resident once again. Even though I say so myself the flat is very nice indeed, it's perfect for my needs and Lancaster is a great place and the people very friendly, it's location on the edge of the Lakes and the Dales is a big plus. Looking around at rent levels here it seems that a minimum rent here is around 450 Pounds per month which is much cheaper than London or the South, I'm getting 495 for my flat - utility costs are pretty much the same countrywide so no, I don't think there are savings to be had by living in one area vs the other.
  9. simoh1490

    I am almost ready to Pull the plug and leave

    I have a newish one bed retirement flat in Lancaster, just on the edge of The Lake District, it's very energy efficient - I'm only here for part of each year and certainly never in winter hence my bills are low. Everyone's definition of what is a decent life will vary, it's hard to comment on that.
  10. simoh1490

    I am almost ready to Pull the plug and leave

    Oh the horror of it all, it's simply not safe to go outside.
  11. A living breathing argument in favour of sterilisation and abortion.
  12. simoh1490

    I am almost ready to Pull the plug and leave

    Indeed, that's what older folks do, younger folks could do the same thing but they mostly don't know how and can't be bothered to try.
  13. simoh1490

    I am almost ready to Pull the plug and leave

    I'm not a great steak and kidney pie fan but my wife had ordered it so I had a taste and was seriously impressed, so much so that we purchased some from the deli.counter and took them home for later. I'm certain that Europeans have similar dishes that don't appeal to everyone but that is much loved by the locals. But there again Europeans can be odd at times, those from Bavaria in particular, I ask you, who else would go to the trouble of ensuring that all the logs in their wood store were exactly the same length and stacked perfectly symmetrically, it smacks of compulsive obsessive disorder to me.
  14. simoh1490

    I am almost ready to Pull the plug and leave

    I'm not sure about that. I'm n the UK currently and I've been here for the past two and a half months, it's my longest visit anywhere outside of Thailand for the past sixteen years. Looking around me I see that life for many people is good, it's especially easy for older people who get free medical care, bus passes, pensions etc and who seem to form the majority in many areas. Several times a day I witness ambulances screaming past, on their way to treat some poor unfortunate soul and on two occasions I've witnessed first hand the speed with which police respond to an incident - the cost of living for the less well off older folks is manageable, it's not a luxurious lifestyle but its good and it's well above par, four Pounds a day will feed a pensioner well. And my electricity bill for the past few months has been only fifteen quid, cheaper than Thailand for sure. The big problems of course is the weather and boredom, the former not capable of being managed in any form! But yesterday we took a free bus ride through The Lakes, up to Keswick where the scenery was stunning, there's nothing comparable in Thailand. So is Thailand still better than anywhere else? It depends! For retirees I strongly suggest that the UK is very much a viable option, you'll need to change your lifestyle perhaps and probably buy an inflatable doll but at least the basics of life will be well catered for and you won't worry so much. Oh yes, and just to add, yesterday at Booths supermarket we found probably the best steak and kidney pie I've ever tasted, absolutely wonderful, try finding this bad boy in Thailand:
  15. A good read on that subject here : https://www.economist.com/china/2017/11/16/what-a-debt-crisis-in-the-provinces-says-about-governing-china