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  1. Gad Suan Gow shopping plaza, just off the moat, they see lots of tourists and are usually helpful.
  2. simoh1490

    Double glazing

    Thai Asahi Glass (TAG) is the only reliable source of double glazed units in Thailand, try asking any of the local companies about inert gasses used to fill the units or even remotely vague technical questions and their eyes glaze over.
  3. simoh1490

    UK pensions

    I retired in 2005 with a large amount of cash and two pensions due in future years, including the state pension, I never thought for one minute that I would ever need or want the state pension. But three years later the financial crisis came along and interest rates went to almost zero and they stayed there for the next ten years, thank god I had those pensions in my future (2013) because if I hadn't I could easily be in dire straights. I was very lucky I had a lot of cash to see me through although I'm almost certainly an exception in this respect. Many of my peers will have had a rough ride, many of them will have seen their retirement plans dashed, many of them will have gone cap in hand to mother England, all of which is more than very sad. The best laid plans of mice and men.
  4. What an unfortunate title, NOB chief.
  5. There's no issue with taking money out of Thailand, as long as you report it when you bring it in. So why not change the money in smaller amounts with the money changers, take it to Thailand and report it at Customs and then when you're ready, take it out again using the Customs receipt issued at entry. BTW KIP/USD has gone from 7700 to 8400 over five years, was the investment really worth it?
  6. Nobody has answered your post so let me respond to the parts of your post where I have views/insight: You probably need to define what you mean by invest/create business because the answers to your questions will change based on that definition. Good lawyers are not easy to find, even the Embassy lists of recommended lawyers are not always great - perhaps ask around amongst other foreign business owners. Contracts to secure possessions: as a foreigner, you can only own 49% of any business here, unless you are an American, another alternative if you can afford it is the BOI scheme but that requires large capital. You can own a condo. 100% and a usufruct is reliable for securing property ownership. Almost everyone here seems to pay somebody to do business at some point or another, the variable is probably the type of business you get into. I read recently about a foreigner who had operated a successful export business here for many years but a large part of his profit relied on getting reimbursed by The Revenue for tax paid on components. It seems that one day the Revenue didn't like the idea of paying out so much money to this guy and told him that if he continued to claim, he would be subject to a detailed tax audit. That's the sort of thing you're up against, potentially. My best advice is that you spend six or twelve months here as a visitor before committing to do anything businesswise, in that time you can talk to lots of other business owners and get first-hand insight, then you can make an informed decision.
  7. simoh1490

    Elephant found died in Chachoengsao

    A dead elephant, tsk tsk.
  8. I was thinking he might have called it a dognut.
  9. simoh1490

    Elephant found died in Chachoengsao

    Fell asleep while walking.
  10. The only sensible place to exchange Kip in Laos, trying to exchange elsewhere will wipe out any profit - as suggested, see the money changers, small amounts at each.
  11. simoh1490

    Hospital bills.

    I didn't understand your point about Sheryl etc in your first para., I'm pretty sure that Sheryl will agree there are indeed lots of highly skilled medical staff here although finding them is not always easy - Sheryl and the pinned list of medical professionals in the Chiang Mai forum constantly point out those people to posters looking for a specific medical talent. I've "self insured" for the past 16 years here and for me it's worked out well, I'm lucky that I have the funds to do be able to do that. Others however who don't have the funds or who come here on holiday thinking they don't need it are running a big risk, as the OP found out, sometimes the gamble doesn't pay off.
  12. But nobody beats the Customs people, they're the real pro's.
  13. simoh1490

    Hospital bills.

    There's a lot of highly skilled and very capable medical staff here, people who want to heal and help others - I wouldn't confuse that fact with the system being what it is, private health care is after all a business.
  14. simoh1490

    Immigration woes —- Again?

    Some posters and readers just don't do satire I note.