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  1. Glad to see this. How Thailand runs their country is only Thailand's business and the U.S. will never fully understand all of the factors that shape Thailand"s political environment. If an improved relationship will benefit both parties it surely should be cultivated. In this case it appears that both parties have something to offer each in several types of partnerships.
  2. No problem...just increase taxes!
  3. Must have picked the location so there was plenty of sand in which to bury their heads!
  4. Does it seem like taxes are being placed on everything? Even breathing may be taxed next. Must be warming up to but another sub?
  5. Thailand is a beautiful place for filming but the constant money grab and old boy networks will make the probability of keeping cost in line will be low enough that film makers will avoid coming here to film. Until the root of the problem is solved bringing in foreign industry will be a challenge. Low wages are more than offset by other "expenses".
  6. Not so sure she wants to be married. Just access to the cash! A new form of prostitution. Probably getting old, losing her looks, so now she needs to leverage her ass(etts) by giving classes (for pay) on how to be a high end call girl.
  7. How else can the submarine be protected?
  8. His mistake was to steal from Thais as well as foreigners. Otherwise his actions would probably been ignored as foreigners could only apply limited pressure on a lethargic police force (unless of course the price was right).
  9. Not sure if the low visibility of the police is abad or good thing. When they become visible it is usually to abuse those they are supposed to be there to protect.
  10. Well....I guess there is no aspect of living our lives that the government shouldn't be intimately involved in. After all we are all ignorant beast that can't make an intelligent decision or control our animalistic instincts.
  11. Since Thailand is swimming in cash (huh?) might as well build a high speed train with help from people from a country with a great safety record. Shoot, maybe they can use it to move a submarine!
  12. Even the police are pretending to be police! How can you tell the real police from the fake police? You can't....just hand over your wallet.
  13. Hey, this is great news! So let's build a railroad!
  14. Great long as they don't get the wrong type of tourist. There are some I wouldn't advise letting into my home, let alone having my children spend unsupervised time with them.
  15. If she is only "stressed" she is doing pretty well. Probably better than she deserves.