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  1. It would sure save a lot of time. But then what to do with those who replace the current rascals?
  2. Yep, tourist are flocking to Pattaya for all the opportunities to observe the wonderful nature and cultural aspects of the area. All is well.
  3. Police enforcing the law on the super rich....kinda like the fox guarding the chicken coup!
  4. Oh, I bet you'll still be handing over cash if you look like you have a little more than they feel you should. After all that is a serious crime that needs attention from those charged with upholding the law! No other crime required to receive your fair share of abuse.
  5. Well...they wanted to be known for something besides prostitution. Sounds like they found the silver bullet.
  6. Seems like there may be bigger problems regarding the core issue than just the spelling. The word on the Worlds Sex Capital is out and it isn't changing!
  7. Chama1

    Govt Approves 8.8 Billion Baht Combat Jet Deal

    Korean craftsmanship...I wouldn't want to be in that cockpit!
  8. So rather than investigating and dramatically (possibly) starting to improve the image of the police they very publicly demonstrate that if you don't play along you will be punished. Another black mark on a very dark surface.
  9. Chama1

    NBTC bullish on digital govt progress

    Oh Big Brother, what big teeth you have! Government can't monitor what they can't see...better get everyone on line as soon as possible!
  10. Chama1

    Army holds special lecture on nationalism

    Maybe actions will speak louder than indoctrination. Show the care for the country and its people and a stronger more favorable response will be forthcoming. Show a stronger concern for power and wealth through corrupt and shady actions and people will respond by rejecting the military and those who oversee the country. Thai's may be somewhat apathetic and more concerned with their own daily lives than the bigger national picture...but they are not stupid.
  11. Glad to see this. How Thailand runs their country is only Thailand's business and the U.S. will never fully understand all of the factors that shape Thailand"s political environment. If an improved relationship will benefit both parties it surely should be cultivated. In this case it appears that both parties have something to offer each in several types of partnerships.
  12. No problem...just increase taxes!
  13. Must have picked the location so there was plenty of sand in which to bury their heads!
  14. Does it seem like taxes are being placed on everything? Even breathing may be taxed next. Must be warming up to but another sub?