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  1. It seemed more legit than a lot of the charges I have seen from "officials" but I'm not sure where the money eventually ended up. Either way I was not going to argue and miss my flight. I suspect they knew that. I love living in Thailand but wish they would get past their attempts to fleece expats as often as they do. But Thailand is not the only place it happens.
  2. TAT needs to understand that they can't just want to increase the number of tourist. They need to do something to improve the infrastructure, starting with the Immigration Desk at the airports. Then clean up the treatment of those who visit the Kingdom, not only by the service providers but the police and other officials that tourist come into contact with during the course of their stay.
  3. I had an emergency come up that caused me to overstay by one day. I cost me 500B. That was before the blacklist came about.
  4. If this becomes a standard Thailand's effort to increase their tourist industry will be a waste.
  5. Why do they need the cameras for this now? They issued me a ticket and insisted that I pay there on the spot...never did get the ticket. Wonder if that was included in the statistics? Never was told what the violation was. I just assumed that this was proof I was now officially welcomed into the neighborhood.