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  1. Thank you very much. I could find the link : https://www.thaivisa.com/forum/topic/1001661-transfer-stamps-to-new-passport/
  2. Hello, I have a visa Non-O which I have extended at the Immigration Office in Chiang Mai. I will get a new passport. I know that I will have to transfer the visa and extension (at least the extension) into the new passport at the Immigration Office. I would like to know : 1. if it is necessary to enter in the queue early morning for that, or can I go there at any time and get the transfer into the visa/extension shortly ? 2. What documents, copies of documents does it needs to bring ? 3. How much does the Immigration Office charge for transferring of visa/extension into a new passport ? Thank you.
  3. Passeport Photo - Where to get in Chiang Mai ?

    Yesterday, in the last shop I went to, I asked for 3 changes, but the quality was still not good. Thank you for this address. This morning, I went to this shop. Thank you for this address. There, I could get good enough pics (good background, well sized, well cropped, well cut). I will go there one time more, as I think that the pics are a little too overexposed (too much light). Then it will be perfect. The price : 100 bahts Location on the map : https://goo.gl/maps/NfqyZAXgWME2
  4. Passeport Photo - Where to get in Chiang Mai ?

    (thank you again to all people. It is nice to get several answers so fast.)
  5. Passeport Photo - Where to get in Chiang Mai ?

    Thank you. I will go and see them. Today, I went in 4 different shops (said above), the result is quite pitiful, although I show them, and insisted on each requirement (they can't properly take a pic with a grey light background, neither master the lights (either shadow, either they make the eyes shining on the pic). I can't be sure that it would be accepted by the French Embassy.
  6. Passeport Photo - Where to get in Chiang Mai ?

    Thank you for all these answers. Indeed, there are requirements which I could read on the website of French Embassy.
  7. Passeport Photo - Where to get in Chiang Mai ?

    Thank you, I will have a look there.
  8. Hello, I need photo to renew my passport (French). Where can I get professional pics which are suitable for the passport ? In Chiang Mai. Do you have any good address ? Thank you.
  9. She is typically a modern western girl. No rule, no respect. Only following what she likes. Sure of herself. Arrogant. The female sweentness and gentleness are a legend, and the way to fool people.
  10. Park Where Children Play - Chiang Mai

    Indeed, you are right. So I will precise what I am looking for : A park where my soon-7 years old son can ride his bike, meet other children, play with the ball, ... I will see if I can update the tittle of the topic. Thank you.
  11. Park Where Children Play - Chiang Mai

    Thank you. I will have a look.
  12. Hello, Is there any park in Chiang Mai where children (5-10 years old) (and parents) come and play (football, bike, etc.) ? Thank you
  13. How will you boost your Testosterone level ?