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  1. She is typically a modern western girl. No rule, no respect. Only following what she likes. Sure of herself. Arrogant. The female sweentness and gentleness are a legend, and the way to fool people.
  2. Indeed, you are right. So I will precise what I am looking for : A park where my soon-7 years old son can ride his bike, meet other children, play with the ball, ... I will see if I can update the tittle of the topic. Thank you.
  3. Thank you. I will have a look.
  4. Hello, Is there any park in Chiang Mai where children (5-10 years old) (and parents) come and play (football, bike, etc.) ? Thank you
  5. How will you boost your Testosterone level ?
  6. That is for a 60 days extension. 1 copy dated, signed by you : - your passport (all the pages) - TM30 - departure card 1 copy dated, signed by you and the kid's mother : - kid's certificate birth 1 copy dated, signed by the kid's mother : - kid's mother's ID card - "the blue book of the house" (I don't know the proper name) I bring all the original document. The officer didn't checked them. The kid and the mother were not required to be present at the Immigration office. I was just asked where they were. I was also asked what is my work in my country. The pic I gave has a blue background. I don't know if it is a requirement.
  7. Chiang Mai Promenada Visa Non-Immigrant O (thai child) extension 01 March 2017 arrived at 05.15am left at 11.30am It needs 4*6cm photo. They can be done in a copy shop near the Immigration Office (200 bahts). Cherfull officers. Nice chats with friendly foreigners.
  8. Hello, What time does it need to arrive and enter in the queue at Promenade for extension of visa Non-O (having a thai child) and be sure to get a ticket ? Thank you.
  9. Hello, 1- What time does it need to arrive and enter in the queue at Promenada Immigration for the extension visa Non-O (for having kid) ? What time do people start to enter in the queue ? 2- Where is the queue ? Is it under the car park garage or at the other entry ? Thank you.
  10. Thank you Paul
  11. FolkGuitar, Luther, Iainiain101, Thank you for your answers.
  12. I went on several market, but couldn't find. That's why I am asking.
  13. Hello, Where can we buy pomegranate in Chiang Mai ? Thank you.