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  1. I believe you are correct. I will ask a builder. I think it was just my wife's concern and I wanted to allay some of those. Thanks.
  2. Ah, yeah. I know what you mean now. We're in a moo bahn/development so the walls at the backs and sides of all the houses were done by the developer and are all the same. If we build our support posts just up against the wall, we should be okay. My big question is still whether or not having the slatted walls with air-flow (what I want) allows for us to build within that 50 cm limit, or if it falls under the limit for walls that contain windows, thereby requiring a setback of 2 meters.
  3. Thanks for the reply VC. Not sure what you mean by security and ease of stepping over the gap? Unfortunately, there's just not much space. (See my rough diagram.) So if possible, I'd like to build within the legal limits of 50 cm from the property line. I don't plan on building up from the existing wall (as shown in the sample photo). Construction would be steel posts set in concrete just inside the wall. Against the house would be anchors into the exterior of the house to support the roof. I'd also have rain gutters (as I have on the front of my house) to prevent rain runoff onto the neighbor's property. My concern is whether or not the "vented" wall (with mosquito screen behind) qualifies for the solid wall with no windows. This would allow for building up to the 50 cm of the property line (in this case at the rear of our house). If there are windows, then by law it must be 2 meters from the property line. I'll note that two other neighbors have done these additions already. The folks next to us built supports on top of the boundary wall (all of which are chest high/~1.5 m) with a wall of louvered sheet metal, supporting a roof that attaches to the main house under the existing eaves. This is/was illegal since it is right on the property line and not 50 cm. back. The other neighbor built a cinder block extension surrounding the kitchen bump out (see my rough diagram in the OP) that is painted like the rest of the exterior. They have glass blocks near the top for light (but no opening). So I guess I'd like to do like the first neighbor did, but instead of building out onto the boundary wall, build just 50 cm inside of it. However, I'm wondering if the air gaps of the slats I propose constitutes a breach of the building code.
  4. Hi folks. Haven't seen this question directly answered in topic search results I've found so far. My wife and I want to build an extension off the back of our house, but want to be legal to avoid future conflicts. My understanding of building codes for such is as follows: Walls/building extensions with NO windows, must be at least 50 cm from the property line. Walls/building extensions WITH windows, must be at least 2 m from the property line. My question is, what category does a "slatted" or louvered wall fall under. For airflow and simplicity, we would like to have this exterior wall made with steel posts mounted in concrete, set at the appropriate distance. The outer surface would be clad with SheraWood (or similar product) laid out in ship lathe style (with small gaps of maybe 1-3 cm) or laid out in angled, louvered slats. Inside would be mosquito screen/netting stretched across the support posts. This would be for an outside kitchen on one side, and a laundry area on the other. My wife claims that the Thai building law says you can't have a wall with "airflow" closer than 2 m from the property line, and I think she's confused with window openings. If I ask her to translate specifically, as I tell her that "airflow" is such a generic term and typically includes an airflow rate (i.e. cubic meters/hour, etc.) she "defers". The problem is, is that the existing house walls are already about 2 m from the back wall/property line, except for a bump out with the small, interior kitchen (which is about 1.5 m from the back wall). If we build this extension off the back of the house and use the screened in lattice type design, will this be conflated with having a wall with windows? Existing wall: =================================================================================================================================== ^ ~ 1.5 meter ^ ------------------------------------- ^ ~ 2 meter | Existing Indoor Kitchen | ~ 2 meter ------------------------------------------------------------------ ------------------------------------------------------------------- The attached photo is a rough example (non-louvered) of what I'm talking about.
  5. Nah, I think Herr Schmitt should have read your forum sig before coming over here.