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  1. The deficit has grown under the Liberals. National Broadband has degraded under Abbott/Turnbull, and is now a laughing stock in Asian countries. Offshore detention costs about $9 billion a year. It would be cheaper to give each arrival half a million dollars to piss off. Negative gearing, CGT discounts and family trusts have completely deformed the Australian tax system. The budget deficit would be resolved overnight just by eliminating negative gearing. If you want to believe Coalition BS, go ahead. I can't wait to vote the incompetent pricks out. And another thing - the Liberals are definitely NOT an OA pensioner's friend.
  2. There's belief, and there's fact. The exchange rate during the Rudd/Gillard/Swan years was actually much better than it is now, and started tanking when Abbott got in. http://www.xe.com/currencycharts/?from=AUD&to=THB&view=10Y
  3. After the references to cute young boys in Laos, I am wondering whether this is a gay thread or a pedophilia thread.
  4. The AUD does seem to be weakening. That's due to Reserve Bank policy, it wants a weak dollar so exports are cheaper and imports become dearer. We are just collateral damage. Historically, the lowest it has ever been was 21 baht to the dollar during the GFC. There's been times it was above 30. As long as it's not too far from 25, I'm not worrying about it.
  5. Being Ignored - Do you say anything?

    Ah, now I get it. The Thais can't pick the difference between your singing and theirs.
  6. Chinese

    My experience with Chinese is when you are dealing with them one-on-one, they are polite and considerate. It's when they are a group they become transformed into a monster. An acquaintance of mine in Chiang Mai ran a nail shop. She ended up refusing to allow Chinese customers into her shop, because they crowded out non-Chinese customers and wasted her time trying to drive the price down. I've seen them at a buffet in a local hotel, and they'll always pile more food on their plate than they can possibly eat. Possibly a carryover from the famine years in China.
  7. Being Ignored - Do you say anything?

    I thought you said in a previous post, another thread, you only sang to those who were well inebriated.
  8. If you can explain to me how someone discusses the death experience intelligently and seriously without actually experiencing death and coming back to tell us about it, I'm all ears. The closest I've come to death is regular checkups employing anaesthesia. There's nothing there when I'm under, so I suspect there will be nothing there when I die. Perhaps the Buddhist concept of nirvana - a state of nothingness - is the closest to the truth. And perhaps mankind is in denial with its various religions. The stark thought of becoming nothing when you die is too much for many people, so the promises of eternal life are more attractive.
  9. any unique resorts north of Chiang mai

    Flower Hills Resort, Doi Mae Salong north of Chiang Rai. 779 หมู่ 9 ซอย ๕ Tambon Mae Rai, Amphoe Mae Fa Luang, Chang Wat Chiang Rai 57110 Phone: 053 765 496 No accommodation; however, the Chiang Mai Erotic Gardens and Teahouse in Mae Rim is definitely unique. Soi 8, Huay Sai, Mae Rim. Closed Mondays. Phone 0833184855. 300 baht pp entry. Wat Sang Kaew Phothiyan in Mae Suai just off the 118 is way more spectacular than the White Temple.
  10. Teaching English to a Thai child

    Unfortunately, the kid is in a rather isolated Thai village and mixing with English-speaking kids isn't going to happen. My thanks to all the posters with constructive suggestions.
  11. There is no best place. The neighbors, friends, police and courts will all line up against a falang. That's the reality. The best option is to simply walk away. Please understand I am not Thai-bashing. It's just the way it is.
  12. Well, sorry about that. I thought from previous posts of yours you took pride in it.
  13. No, I'm not Thai poster of any year. Not sure I would want to be. I've done good and bad things in my life. Look back fondly on the good things, move on from the bad things. Part of the human condition.
  14. Perhaps it's time to go easy on yourself? After all, someone with an indoor pool must have got some things right.
  15. A VERY interesting proposition. And who is to say it can't happen? I think Arthur C. Clarke was postulating that possibility in several of his novels.