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  1. Not quite. Thai law only divides the assets 50:50 that are acquired AFTER the marriage. Defacto relationships are not recognised. In Western society, both marriages and defacto relationships of more than one year result in a division 50:50 of all assets, irrespective of when they were acquired.
  2. I want/need to stop smoking.

    Men have cervixes? I must have missed that in anatomy class.
  3. Now if we could only have a decent education system for Thai drivers. Sorry, off topic.
  4. What would you expect? A girl/woman in the rice fields of most of the Thai villages is lucky to earn 2000 baht a month. Of course a falang with assets and a monthly income of 60,000 to 100,000 baht is going to look like their dreams come true. There are many stories of failure. Fewer stories of success, probably because many people don't feel the need to advertise it. IMHO the principal distinction between success and failure in falang/Thai relationships is the setting of boundaries. Those men who thought only with their dicks and plowed all their money into a marriage were the losers. The guys who committed only what they could afford to lose, and laid down the limits of their expenditures, are the winners. It's a tiny minority of falang /Thai relationships where the assets are evenly distributed, or in favour of the Thai. The money thing will always be there.
  5. I want/need to stop smoking.

    You might want to try isolation. I gave up smoking in 1983. I took one pack on a hunting trip to the backblocks of New South Wales. When I ran out of smokes, I had a choice - give up, or drive 100 km to the nearest shop. Too bloody ridiculous. You will be constantly thirsty, that is your body purging itself of all the toxins. If you can stick it out for a month, the craving will disappear. Food will taste much better. After 6 - 12 months, your lung function will restore itself. Mine went from 3.5 litres to 6 litres. Reducing the number of cigarettes you smoke daily doesn't work. It has to be done cold turkey. Focus on the benefits to your health and wallet. Exercise as much as possible. Avoid stress, that tempts you to light up. Bear in mind if you are a smoker, you are 20 times more likely to die of lung cancer than a non-smoker. If you can give up, in 5 - 10 years your risk level for lung cancer will reduce back to that of a non-smoker. Good luck.
  6. getting inusured for any vehicle

    It sounds like the OP wants to know what vehicle insurance in Thailand covers him for medical treatment in the event of an accident. The answer is no, he needs hospital/medical insurance.
  7. You can rent a large house in Chiang Mai for as little as 8000 baht a month. Just would have to be careful of soi dogs, however, a cat would be no problem. They are everywhere once you get a bit outside the city.
  8. Well, that's what I'm doing and enjoying. There are various options in terms of care if/when I get to the wheelchair stage here, and they are a lot less expensive than anything in Australia, which has become a cesspit of greed as far as the elderly are concerned. I do know of Canadians that travel to Florida and Texas to play golf in the Canadian winter; however, that's a very expensive exercise.
  9. Don't you mean for you to retire in Canada? I'm not Canadian. I really liked it when I visited it - in summer. Some of the world's best scenery. However, a country where you can't play golf for 6 months of the year because all the courses are covered in snow is not for me.
  10. Let's see if I can understand this. You design a poll. Then you criticize me as paranoid because I refuse to give out information on my personal finances. Then you say you are not going to reveal how you voted, which is tantamount to the same thing. Assuming you even voted. That hole seems to be getting bigger, and it looks like my prediction of a torrent of trolls is being fulfilled early. Ah well, it is entertaining - like watching a train wreck.
  11. If you go back to my first post, you'll see I said I would not participate in the poll. I may stay on the thread for entertainment purposes, to see how big a hole you can dig for yourself.
  12. Well, you are wrong. Any competent hacker or government agency could penetrate Thai Visa identities if they really wanted to. So what's the odds on a billionaire claiming he is broke? Everybody wants to make themselves look good, it's human nature. I think it was Henry Kissinger who said even paranoids have enemies. I suggest you close off this topic before a torrent of trolls arrive. Heaven knows you've given them enough egregious stupidity for them to have a field day. Either that, or you'll need a thick skin.
  13. severe pain in both shoulders

    Surgery is a last resort. First the cause has to be established. As another poster has said, an MRI is the gold standard for establishing cause. Without it, your shoulder pain is a treatment dartboard.
  14. What were you thinking, OP? A public forum is not somewhere I for one am going to disclose my personal finances. Apart from anything else, why give information for scammers and thugs to home in on? I have enough to live on comfortably. That's all you are going to get by way of information. Regrettably, I have to view this as a major brain fart by you.
  15. Christmas Dinner

    Exactly, having roasts and plum pudding in a hot climate is ridiculous. My favourite Christmas lunch or dinner in the Australian summer was fresh-cooked cold crayfish from King Island, salad, and a Margaret River classic dry white. Rum and raisin icecream for dessert if I had room.