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  1. Shirtless Farangs

    I've always said any more than a handful is a waste.
  2. Where to meet new friends in Chiang Mai ?

    Oh come on Nancy. I suspect the number of women looking for a man, if only for the added sense of security they provide, outnumbers the women who feel they can do without a man in their lives.
  3. What are you eating? (food porn)

    No, not the food police. Just astonished someone could eat those every day without unpleasant consequences.
  4. Where to meet new friends in Chiang Mai ?

    Unfortunately, in any club or organization there will inevitably be the martinets who think everyone should conform to their agenda.
  5. What are you eating? (food porn)

    Jesus wept. When did you last have your cholesterol levels checked?
  6. Where to meet new friends in Chiang Mai ?

    With all due respect, Nancy, it's equally possible for women here to have horror stories. One in my condo was hit by a scooter on the street ( driver didn't stop ) and eventually went back to the USA to die in poverty. Another committed suicide by jumping from a condo floor. With the Thai competition here, the chances of a falang woman forming a relationship with a Falang or a Thai are pretty slim. Forming a relationship with a Thai woman here is as easy as falling off a log for a male falang. The problems come when they don't use common sense, don't set boundaries, and bring all their assets to Thailand. Falangs are a great catch - my GF had a Thai husband who drank, gambled and was abusive. After him, I'm Albert Schweitzer. She keeps imploring me to find another falang like me for her daughter. I appreciate you do a great job in providing and publicizing a meeting place for falangs. However, not all of us like that kind of organized atmosphere, and prefer to develop our own networks in the community.
  7. I would be short-selling shares in that investment bank if I could. As Michael Caton once said " Tell them they're dreaming".
  8. I'm wondering if this firm is linked to ExpatAuto in Chiang Mai. The logo looks very similar.
  9. The quote is from memory - my brain is still functioning quite well. Unlike some. Sorry to disappoint you.
  10. is my thai wife cheating on me?

    Are you like this in real life? If so, you must be the most crashing bore in Thailand. I suspect you are one of these Walter Mitty types who can act out their fantasies on Thai Visa. No-one can kick sand in your face here. My dismal record in my youth was because I swallowed the BS about duty, fidelity and responsibility. The same crap you are promoting here from your self-awarded pulpit. After boasting about how many women you have shagged when you were younger. It's called a double standard. Just to show I don't share that, any woman my age is welcome to collect as many toyboys as she wants. I can't do anything about getting old. You can do something about being stupid, although it's probably too late for you.
  11. is my thai wife cheating on me?

    You'll have to take my word for it - just like we are supposed to believe everything other posters say about themselves.
  12. is my thai wife cheating on me?

    If you want to keep attacking me on TV, you'll have to do better than this. Bald I'll concede. My GF is very cute, as even your acolyte garryjohns will admit. Yes, I said you are up yourself - so far it's a miracle you have not disappeared.
  13. is my thai wife cheating on me?

    So you are quite happy to have sex with someone who is a mass of wrinkles with boobs down to her knees? Don't you get it? There are other options in Thailand, even for someone who is not hansum. No-one raises an eyebrow when Trump has three wives of descending ages in the USA. It's the same on a smaller scale in Thailand.
  14. Your recollection is correct. However, in my 50's I started scoring pretty well, having abandoned the morality you seem to prize so highly as the reformed sex addict. I am not bitter towards other men. I am bitter about a legal system which legalises theft. My attitude to you is coloured by the fact I don't suffer fools gladly.
  15. Break of long term lease contract

    The security deposit ( it's called a bond ) in Australia is one month's rent. Which is about as relevant to this thread as your more extensive exposition. The OP is in Thailand. I've said, based on observation, the usual security deposit is 2 months here. Why are you getting your knickers in a twist?