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  1. Sure as hell beats my 6 cylinders......
  2. Niiiice. What year and motor, Trans?
  3. Big C's Food Park is quite good for low-cost food. The food at Central Festival's Food Park is quite ordinary. Although there are more of the upmarket restaurants there. There is a good Spanish restaurant coming out of Chiang Rai just before the turnoff to Thoeng/Home Pro, fairly expensive by Thai standards. It's difficult to know what the OP would like in terms of sight-seeing, if he didn't like the White Temple and Singha Park. There's the Black House north of the city, Doi Mae Salong, Doi Ang Khan, Doi Chan, Phu Chi Fa and Chiang Saen. A hint - go to the sights on weekdays, not weekends as there are thousands of Thais then.
  4. Er - what about this? Mind you, I am biased.
  5. I still remember an Australian Grand Prix - can't remember the year - when all the Formula 1 cars did a warm-up lap and settled back on the starting grid. Within about 20 seconds of each other, the two Fords that had been entered burst into flames. I think every Ford marketing and sales manager in Australia might have felt like slashing their wrists that day.
  6. I got a polite PM from the OP, nothing strange about it. Perhaps it's you that is strange.
  7. Point taken. As I keep 80% of my assets ( all liquid ) in Australia, if push comes to shove I can transfer enough to cover the costs you are stating. Although a gentleman in my condo who has multiple myeloma has had multiple spells in Rajavej, and he is nowhere near exhausting the 2 million baht cover he has. So perhaps you may be overstating the costs. I have observed some stories on TV indicating medical insurance companies have been known to renege on policy claims. You may be right; however, I'm comfortable with the strategies I have in place.
  8. Life is like a shit sandwich. The more bread you have, the less shit you have to eat.
  9. It's a gamble, as many things in life are. Rajavej charges 4000 baht a day for a private room. I have 500,000 baht put aside for medical emergencies, which means I'm covered for 4 months. I doubt anyone could stay in a hospital for four months without either dying there, or getting the hell out. My fallback is to get on a flight to Australia, assuming I can. I've kept on paying for private health cover there, so as soon as I get off the plane in Australia my hospital costs are zero. IMHO the cost of cover for the over-seventies here is unrealistic. I'm willing to bet the actuaries and bean counters of the health funds offering cover have banded together to set premiums at the highest level in order to maximize profit on the demographic. Greedy bastards. Paying premiums of 250,000 baht a year is dead money. Once you spend it, it is gone. At least with self-insurance, you lose nothing until the medical event arrives. Which may be never.
  10. Don't waste your money on crap like the photo shown.
  11. Given the paranoia exhibited by US Immigration and the current American president, it baffles me why any non-American would want to go there in the first place.
  12. I would only use my Australian debit cards here for emergencies. I have a Kasikorn debit card, also for emergencies. Card skimming is apparently quite common here. I use a bank savings book and make cash withdrawals. That's effectively scam-proof. And it costs nothing.
  13. It depends on whether the OP is a city, suburban or country person. I like Nong Hoi as an area which has most facilities. The accommodation in a condo with a swimming pool won't break the bank, average 10,000 per month. San Puloei and San Kamphaeng are the suburbs, again not expensive to rent, but a bit of a hike into town. If the OP wants to get away from it all, places such as Samoeng or Mon Cham may suit. Nimmanheiman is OK if you like the trendy end of CM.
  14. There is a pharmacy in Chiang Mai a few shops up from Thapae Gate on Ratchadamnoen Road. The woman pharmacist there speaks good English, and has a huge range of medications. As other posters have pointed out, hospital pharmacies charge a premium. If the OP really wants to reduce his cost of medication for high blood pressure, daily cardiovascular exercise and total abstention from alcohol and tobacco will go a long way to achieving that aim.