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  1. It's interesting to me how much unemployment would be created if temples were not being built in Thailand, and monks could no longer be monks.
  2. The housing market in the USA went tits up because of utterly absurd extension of finance to people who were totally unable to repay the housing loans. The effect snowballed as more and more people simply walked away their properties. Lots of supply, next to no demand. While housing in most other countries took a pause, banks in other countries limited their risk exposure and did not have the mass abandonment which occurred in America. Although the Australian market in capital cities is looking quite overheated.
  3. May the waterholes of your enemies crack and dry? or ( Australian ) I hope all your chooks turn into emus and kick your dunny down.
  4. I very much doubt she is from Isaan. Skin is too fair.
  5. If you are planning 20 years ahead, property is the way to go. Every young person should make acquiring property their main financial goal. It will always increase in value in the long term. On the other hand, when you are in your seventies like me, you don't want money tied up in an illiquid asset. Much better to rent and generate an income offset via readily disposable assets such as term deposits, share dividends and peer-to-peer lending.. The OP's calculations don't appear to take into account the effect of taxation. You don't pay taxes on repayments of loans to a bank. You do pay taxes on the income generated by ETF's.
  6. It depends on the level of skill required for the job. A painter would probably only be worth 500 baht a day. On the other hand, someone installing an aircon could charge 2000 baht for a couple of hours work. 3000 baht for two guys for 3 hours does sound steep. On the other hand, they would probably charge you that much in Australia just for putting the ladder up.
  7. Look in a mirror.
  8. Just turn up at any bank with 50,000 baht in cash to deposit. You will be invited to open an account more often than not.
  9. No such creature as an owner-troll. But still a lot of nonsense on this thread from "owners".
  10. Pad Siew Gai. Plus a small amount of chili. There's a shop near the Clock Tower in Chiang Rai that sells the best Sai Ua. ( Northern Thai sausage ) Thais come from Bangkok to shop there. Perfect counterpoint to a beer. My Thai GF makes a great sweet and sour with Chicken. No idea what she calls it. Aroi mak.
  11. You may be right.Looks like I scored one who loves it.
  12. There is an alternative scenario to impeachment. Trump could be removed if he is considered unable to fulfil the office of President. While he hasn't stepped over into mental incompetence, he is closer than any President so far.
  13. No, I'm a retiree who enjoys sex. Is that a problem for you?
  14. It shouldn't be apparent at all with proper hygiene. Shower daily, twice if necessary, use deodorant, fresh clothes every day. Not rocket science. I'm reminded of the jibe about Brits, who historically don't have a good reputation in that regard. Having travelled on the London Tube, I can understand that. Q. How do you get an Englishman out of the bath? A. Throw in a bar of soap.
  15. The OP asks a very good question. I can only speak from personal experience. In your fifties and sixties, screwing everything available here ( and there is a lot ) can be exciting. In your seventies, it gets to be boring. I've had a Thai GF for 7 years now. We will never get married for a number of reasons. She will be well looked after when I'm gone. She is 24 years younger than me. She has one daughter, two grandchildren and an extended family. All of that family will come to my aid if I have problems. The bargain most of us strike is financial support in return for companionship and care. While it's fashionable to think of Thai women as shallow, there are a lot of hard-working ones out there. It does help if one can speak passable Thai. As far as fun and games in bed goes, she knows how to push all my buttons. It might not be as frequent for both of us, but still very enjoyable. She is quite uncanny in picking when I am in the mood, and responding accordingly. No headaches with this one. A gorgeous 20 yo might be exciting, but it's inevitable she will stray because older guys won't be able to keep up. Better to pick one that's slowing down a bit herself, but still knows what it's all about. Thai women do have an advantage. Many of them look as if they are thirty when they are in their late forties. Good luck with the selection process, OP.