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  1. Completely different experience that I've had. Not sure why you would agree to a price and destination, you put the destination in the app and the price is shown before you order. I once cancelled a ride within the allowed time but my credit card was charged, got in touch with Uber and they reimbursed the cost and stated the driver no longer works for them as the driver had charged other customers in the past without any journey involved. Last week I got Uber from Bangkok to Beach road, Pattaya, they sent directions to the driver to Jomtien, took another 30 minutes to get to my destination, again, got in touch with Uber and they agreed that they had made the mistake and assured me that the driver would be compensated. Not sure why you would pay for a trip that wasn't completed, I certainly wouldn't. You should get in touch with Uber about your experiences and I'm sure you'll be impressed with their findings.
  2. To the OP. I've had the same, keep telling me that their promotion ends soon even though I don't need to renew for a few weeks. Would you be kind enough to let me know who you actually went with.
  3. Many thanks for the time and effort you have given for this informative answer. No wonder TV is on the decline because of ars-hole- like you
  4. Anyone know what the charges are to park a car at the airport?
  5. You've intentionally diverted from the OP that shows westerners spraying water last Friday. My understanding is that Songkran, or should I say the water festival, starts tomorrow, although it will probably start this afternoon in the City. I don't think anyone has complained about the festival, they may like it or not, that's an individual choice, it's certainly not my favorite festival. I will be going into the city on Wednesday and Thursday with my daughter for her to enjoy as she has numerous times before. My question is - is it right for westerners to be spraying water over people 5 days before people expect to get wet? You stated that it's only water, so 5 days or 50 days earlier is acceptable? See reply #125 and let me know your thoughts.
  6. Get in touch with the group in the pictures and send them to a bar at night bazaar this afternoon, spray the customers who are sitting outside and see what Basil's reaction is!! After all, it's only water.
  7. PM me, I have plenty and will exchange them.