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  1. manchega

    German Man Stabbed In Neck Near BTS Mo Chit

    if you include beleif in fantasy/make beleive/majic which extends to real life then it is probably much higher, I am just thinking about all those shrines, the bows and closing of eyes when driving past one, investing in shrines not traffic safety etc.
  2. Any one had this issue, the new monitor is bigger and requires bigger VESA spent the weekend looking, to save time on ordering which looks to be october arrival at soonest. anyone know where to buy one
  3. manchega

    German Man Stabbed In Neck Near BTS Mo Chit

    interesting you beleive this is cause and stabbing random non thai people is the effect?
  4. manchega

    Video: Crushed! The perils of undertaking

    a number of drivers are so slow to move its understandable that drivers try to get ahead of slow witted people. when the country starts to penalise overly slow drivers - which will also weed ouit the slow witted and the too old to still be driving usually mercedes driver- then many problems will be solved however, being that driving is a political issue with a dictator hoping to be elected as a real prime minister, the driving issue will not be solved
  5. manchega

    German Man Stabbed In Neck Near BTS Mo Chit

    funny I try no to, but I have the same generalised theory about motor cylce taxis and all taxi drivers.
  6. manchega

    Cops Stumped By Bangkok Underpass Drowning

    arrest of a monitor lizard for setting up the trap
  7. manchega

    Order threatens Bangkok’s charm

    no point thailand attempting to copy singapore, singapore has laws which are followed or penalised for Thailand... well it does'nt
  8. Funny are they supposed to first check if a crime has been commited seems the only chargtes are those being made against alleged victim
  9. manchega

    Video: Crushed! The perils of undertaking

    this is why road laws don't work here, MCOT have no common sense no its not the truck drivers fault, its the <deleted> up trying to squeeze past, worse when done at speed
  10. I spoke to a fair few Chinese friends, all very dissapointed that on one hand the world is helping with some kids stuck in a hole on the other hands thai government shitting on Chinese people, basically because they are racist
  11. you know there is a certain watch wearing politician who is behind this perhaps behind the cover ups on koh tao as well . . . . . . . . .
  12. Thailand hub of scum from top to bottom it seems It is very hard sometimes to live here, look at the people around you and realise that not everyone is corrupt I know people in all sorts of professions I try
  13. yes love that will be your opinion your opinion till they come for you once you have dealt with death threats for asking neigbours to turn down music or parking in someones spot then we will see what tune you are singing they are just as racist here as your us friends, just they hate any foreigner, not just black or mexican ones
  14. I am so so happy they found out there was nothihng suspicious about this death. oh my buddha boobies so at least we now know its another of those bloody foreigners either suiciding or accidenting themselves to death nice one thailand
  15. If only someone suggested to junta blokey pretending to be civilian leader blokey that they pause the police for a day when they looked at traffic issues. just put lights on auto, would reduce so much traffic I always hear the argument of what jobs wouild they have, but rarly see any bad driving penalised.