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  1. there are more dangerous things than the red lights, but that is one, if the traffic laws jsut focussed on infractions by motorcyclists less accidents would occur. The positive about those high fatalities is that motorcyclists are highest poercentage, each one making the roads a little safer
  2. yeah I understand the frustration. I frequently wish I had a mini gun attachment front back and sides to shoot all the bugers who annoy me, I mean all those driving infractions, the very worst being dawdling at 60 on fast lane of tollway, surely they just should not be there? also parking on tollway, stopping on corners to get into 7 eleven, stopping on streets with no stopping at any tie allowed, parking on zebra crossing and on corners of a turning, being a <deleted>, cutting people up when you are on a motorbike, being a motorcycle taxi, that is a seious one.
  3. manchega

    Artist Spends Three Days Buried Under Busy Road, with No Food

    If this was done in the uk people would be pissing on the spot and all sorts, like when that yank decided to hang in a perspex box near london bridge on a fast for 5 days to show how majic he was. They cancelled it cos people were hitting golf balls at the box, teasing him with mc donalds. what a load of pretentious crap
  4. Don't matter it will be found guilty cos it is not thai
  5. yes nice one dan, you need to ask questions such as given the choice of educating your child in thai system or anywhere else in the world what would you choose?
  6. the only important question here is was the honda driver found guilty of killing the driver, and does the honda driver have to pay the family for killing the truck driver its important to know what the law states
  7. the indian government is attacking money, not so sure this guy is a wrong doer so much as a rich target
  8. who can blame him, with the government bringing in digital money only.... if it were up to me would welcome with open arms, them Indians been good when they come to UK, make good business etc.
  9. zero tolerance except for the squid boats and other fishers that care less about quotas, damage to environment and depletion of stocks, guess that goes for el juntista also
  10. nah was thinking more like rohingue refugees someties just found dead, raped tortured in immigration camps, but guess the video is boring enough to kill too
  11. the police tend to be some of thw worst drivers, I have had to undertake police many times on toll ways and even country roads such as the bkk to hua hin type, they sit in the third lane, doing a crawl , not even attempting to reach speed limit. life is too short to wait, best would be to put them down like dogs, but not in thailand I guess , maybe in thailand the phrase would be put them down like immigrants from surrounding countries that are not as high in status compared to thai people.
  12. manchega

    Old Brit Accused Of Driving Drunk, Killing Rayong Girl

    I wou8ld really like to have an insurance that covers me for when dickwads drive into me if they are on a bike, bicylce or just jump off a bridge to attack my car. absolutly ridiculous for crappy drivers to not be held accountable. On this basis I would like the brit invovled to claim he was too drunk to know he was drunk and about to fall asleep. statistically I would prefer a lot more drivers to be involved in fatality driving incidents, bikers, cyclists, cars, trucks it would all help my journeys so much
  13. For info. please challenge every traffic offense you have, had a camera get me at 1 kmh over, I suggested the equipment is faulty, currently in a stand off, typically should be given + or - 5 or 10 % also if you get any fine without a photo of lane change etc. again challenge, I also claimed person in front was on mobile phone so I went around them
  14. manchega

    Old Brit Accused Of Driving Drunk, Killing Rayong Girl

    I believe my point has been made old boy, at least the drunk is asleep
  15. manchega

    Tourists exposed to harmful latex in Thailand

    are you sure because above you mention 0.1 permissable in water /6/2018 at 3:11 PM, Kieran00001 said: Sulfuric acid is one way, not the way, I suggest you read this before shooting your mouth of further. http://rubberjournalasia.com/thailand-urges-farmers-to-stop-use-of-sulphuric-acid-in-latex/ As for the anions, they are produced in the product by adding monazite, which contains an average of 7% thorium. Just 25g of monazite has a mSv/y of 62. Compare that to the 0.1 mSv/y permissible in drinking water, which is the same as a single chest x-ray, and you should be able to form a more reasoned impression of who the half wit is.