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  1. Fortunately the Department of Energy and PTT have come to an agreement to do something and get the pipe removed, reported Thai Rath. yes I know how they do stuff too. Anyone remember spillage off of pattaya a few years ago. funny how that cleared up so quickly but exactly what did they add to disperse it all so quick? out of sight out of mind
  2. How to politely turn down sellers in Thailand?

    perhaps it does wear thin, but after one or two sellers see the body language they tend to ignore you?
  3. to any interested parties. I have been monitoring the air pollution in BKK using the open source data stations. I am trying to get any one interested in AQI such as who to look at accuracy. Many measure only pm10 and report everything as ok by AQI US system which is basically a lie, or at the least misleading. I am sending emails to get those app people to check why Thai data sources switch off for long periods of time when air pollution 2.5 pm are high? why do some report good ( 0-50 )AQI when the station next to them is at 150? This looks to me like the data is being manipulated. anyone else found this? any ideas of who to contact?
  4. Thai people trash Thailand. Rubbish everywhere and anywhere. fly tipping in any empty site. some neighbours put all trash in the empty plot next door to thier own home???? beggers belief.
  5. How to politely turn down sellers in Thailand?

    I recommend using international sign language. For me what works is to show how much money I have, I say very loudly in English I have money very small, I use one hand or two to indicate what a short distance is. This usually works for me, everyone understands if you're money is too short to go along way. Then thank everyone with a big smile and be in your way.
  6. I heard that the police are following two possible lines of enquiry, one of them is the unseasonable change in temperature, they think the death may have been caused to a sudden cold spell. The other possibility is a group Burmians who work in a factory near buy walked into the condo, evading security cameras and staff, also evading relatives. Hard to know exactly which line is the truth?
  7. The Afhgan and Pakistan ones are not treated as history so much as an abboration. shame
  8. When will the haze subside?

    it is cars as well. But if you look at those independents wot monitor the air condition it appears burning stuff is the major cause
  9. Thailand poised to stage cultural shows in UK

    Excellent, I suggest how to drive telling the truth, honestly and finally keeping face
  10. what we need is the shin awatras to come back, get the current lot hung up and skinned live on tv with red shirts in the background cheering lets get just your everyday corruption back in place but under a democracy ok , ok its corruption but at least people were not being sent away for attitude adjustment get the current junta put on trial and find out the truth about the depleted treasuries, I mean the shinawatras have enough cash any wya, the only problem people have is legally allowing thaksin back into the country
  11. When will the haze subside?

    my point about the farmers exactly. but insecticides ok some will be in a worse state after in proper combustion but, still I don't understand is it their own people they want to lie to or is it the rest of the world? reminds me of the expression don't thai to me I guess it is international
  12. Divorce before visa application

    no assets no money toss her a rock and suggest she squeeze
  13. false perception or perhaps false charges, is this scheme as heinous as the systematic emptying of thai treasuries along with increasing junta bank account holdings on shore and off
  14. 5 more minutes love. you know he is taking the piss yeah
  15. muchas money means any fine given would be negligible. If you owned I don't know 5 % of HSBC bank ( off the top of my head),+ what ever the company and other inveestment rake in how much would a fine need to be before you felt pain? this bloke won't even feel it the only punishment is that the public know for a fact what an expletive he is