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  1. Alcholics tend to know their problems. protect yourself and your child, it will be a sobering moment......
  2. change is important, stop all that stuck in the ways dusty european bit lets get back to being the world leader, as things should be. show em all how to live properly while taking resources and teaching them some nonsensical stuff like religeon, meditation or how to make a proper curry.
  3. this is interesting, does this mean the marriage visa means one may work anywhere without WP?
  4. lets be realistic land of the lies it is only facebook that is bringing to light the blatent corruption by monks through out the country, the rapes, paedophilia , thuggery and thievery of these people. one need only go to the local shopping mall to see one in orange with new mobile pohone looking at goods in shops and pourcvhasing stuff. often with a servant trailing behind holding stuff
  5. for those asking for real data companies such as adecco produce a free publication yearly for salaries in land of good driving. These companies also benchmark so that comapnies can avoid loss of employess to overpaying competitors. I t means that when somajai wants to jump from SCG to ACB to make use of their analytical skills the rate is similar and little advantage to be gained ( yes i know one is s bank and the other is scg)
  6. obviously don't want to come afoul of anti def laws....... true chula is the highest ranked in thailand if it were my children Singapore has some very good institutions
  7. Hi Lola, You need to contact the international school/HR part of the BKK uni. One of the complicated things for expats is multiple jobs, since for ebvery position the work permit states one full time job only, no expat may work part time here. the closest you can get is consultant, though for uinversity lecturer usually we are classed as specialist. As one poster states ignorance of the law is not a defence ....... i understand how two positions can arise and you are not alone, when you have out that much time into education you really don't need the 40 hoiur week either way there are others in yoiur position, but many on this forum will not understand the nuances. you will find the academic - academic non thai community is quite small , so you will find some that understand your case soon enough, just not sure tv is the way forward Manchega
  8. I have to agree with Jag here, Shinawatra was just corrupt and not too worried about covering up. Probably correct that just the tip of the iceburg. but shinawatras done good for the people. the military pretend to do good for people wouild speculate that many a former man in green is now very well off. difference is military are activly trying to hide it and covering up, against public demonstrations etc.
  9. every 3-5 years i buy a new laptop. this is to avoid any potentially complicated maintainance issues. I find everything works well for around 3-5 years. where would you advise I sell my old laptop. based in BKK but open to suggestions. who will give reasonable prices? any thing in pantip or fortune town? It will have an unused HDD drive since I swapped out for SDD. obviously not interested in time consuming classifieds.
  10. that low value is still 6 k more than starting engineer at egat. does that value include the yearly bonus? I know sometimes bonus can be equivalent to years income
  11. week before danny had his experience close friend of mine had standard swampy experience, no meter despite ticket from queue, don't thai to me, we need to start that up again
  12. i guess this means it will be one of those undemocratic votes , ones that don't invovle citizens voting... I still have in my mind that photo of mussolini and mitress
  13. of course you are quite correct, though have first hand experience and beleive me, would take an underperforming French or German student in my office any time over the natives
  14. I do think that you need to kill more of these, as I have mentioned a wire across some footpaths would help, particularly those little allies that run along drainage ditches, we would get a lot less of these people terrorising the general population with their bad driving, wrt killing now, a little here and there will help us all, make the roads safer for everyone
  15. is the hogtied one of the victims or the hitman? surely this is just fate, had those people been wearing amulets things would have been fine? if the hitman is allowed to donate gifts to a monk, perhaps a watermelon in the bowl in the morning then all sins are forgiven