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    Still searching a good lawyer
  2. U stated ur previous messages that : i was banned under section 12.7 relating to fraud. How hell u know that this was related to fraud, i dont think u know what u r talking about?? U just accusing me that i was banned because of fraud. Let us break down ur statement or let me look up what is exactly mean the word " fraud" Fraud In law, fraud is deliberate deception to secure unfair or unlawful gain, or to deprive a victim of a legal right. Fraud itself can be a civil wrong (i.e., a fraud victim may sue the fraud perpetrator to avoid the fraud or recover monetary compensation), a criminal wrong (i.e., a fraud perpetrator may be prosecuted and imprisoned by governmental authorities) or it may cause no loss of money, property or legal right but still be an element of another civil or criminal wrong.[1] The purpose of fraud may be monetary gain or other benefits, such as obtaining a driver's license or qualifying for a mortgage by way of false statements.[2] Sent from my iPhone using Thaivisa Connect
  3. My lawyer already explained to me that there is no lifetime ban for overstayers.
  4. Yes but I am not 100% sure if I can return to thailand peacefully. It is been for a while .anyway My visa still valid before august 8th . But I am not ready yet to go back before October. Is anyone knows the Thailand bail?? Who are these people? ? Are they lawyers or law firm whatever u call them. They contacted me yesterday thru email then I Phoned them today,seems to me that they are legitimate law firm. Does anybody knows them??
  5. Even though I got 60 days visa from thai consular in canada,but i still confused . The thai consular told me repeatedly that I shouldn't worry about going back to thailand. Nothing is gonna happen to me. By the way my lawyer went to immigration last week and she printed my old file from immigration database and this is the email I got from her yesterday. Plz read it very carefully and give me ur best advice : UPDATE Regarding the letter we were sent to the immigration we have follow up with them and they confirmed in verbal and can not provide the formal letter state as below : - you as the prohibit person into Kingdom of Thailand however you can appeal after 5 years (they released the letter from 07.02.2012) so mean now if you arrive to Thailand and they stop you to get in the country you have the right to appeal. Now as you received new passport when you plan to come to Thailand? Please note they may record with your name ,last name, date of birth , nationality so if you travel and arrive to Thailand they may stop you at arrival then as I been advise before you can apply from there too but they give you for less than 7 days to appeal. Best regards, Amy
  6. First of all, to whom may isupposed to call?? There is no direct person to call. Thai immigration HQ are very much disoriented and disorganized . it is who u know, u must have insider can help u out, u cannot pick up just to call numbers. Mr anthony loh, ur comment doesn't make any sense to me. But my other lawyer told me he has a good connection at immigration, especially, he knows high ranking officers at immigration, so i better wait him. Sent from my iPhone using Thaivisa Connect
  7. Immigration officers never ever ask u directly to bribe them,is that clear ? Instead ,they use the interpreter to come forward and tell u thatu will be free if u pay this amount. I wasn't alone,so many foreigners there from different nationalities. . The interpreter came to me,and asked me 10,000baht,but I refused to pay that amount. I don't see why I am paying for? What for? All my documents was valid including my visa. I was a legal.
  8. I don't wanna keep repeating myself over and over again.I been Idc from feb6 till March. Maybe I posted wrong dates,Ii is been long time and i already forgot those days,but u don't have to confuse urself, it is. clear crystal . . It doest matter how many days I been in IDC. What matters now for me is how to remove blacklist on my name. So I will wait till my lawyer come up with something. He is good lawyer, he knows his job very well..
  9. of course is more than 9 days .there is nothing happened between feb6 or feb7th. The Immigration officers took me straight to IDC after I refused to pay so we being held at custody little over 10 hours, then took us to IDC. this is not point I am trying to make, my point is very simple : Where is immigration headquarters in bangkok? to whom am I supposed to call in order to know my file? As u know that ,u must have insider at immigration in order to get anything u want. That is why I hired a new lawyer to find out why my name got blacklist? and how to fix this. My new lawyer told me last night he knows a very high ranking immigration officers can find out for him everythings about my case. as I mentioned before my previous post that I had never comitted any crime to anywhere in the world. now I am depend on my thai lawyer. He is very active and fast. let us see and wait ,
  10. Do u have contact number Sent from my iPhone using Thaivisa Connect
  11. Hi, i called this morning the thai embassy in ottawa.i gave to them all information including my passport number, my full name over phone,the embassy checked my name then she came back to me after few minutes then told me that ur name is cleared, u don't have any criminal history whatsoever any where in Thailand, otherwise we wont tell u this.if u r applying single visa then we can issue for u 90 days in 24 hours.Plz bring ur passport and one photo with u . What if the immigration officers don't let me enter ? It happened to me before , on august 23,2014 then she replied me like this "sorry nothing i can do about it ,we don't control over them, we are separate departments ,we don't have any authority to tell them what to do. We can only issue visa as far visa concerned , nothing else we can do , it is up to them" Is there anyone can give me very good advice or comment ,u r more than welcome to comment on this. Sent from my iPhone using Thaivisa Connect
  12. Then he wrote another email: The stamp is from Thai Immigration, Suwannabhumi airport, stamped on 22nd August 2014. It mentioned that the immigration denied you to entry the Kingdom because they consider that you are look like a suspect regarding section 12 (7) of Immigration Act. Section 12 empower to the officer to consider an entering person and deny to entrance. As I have checked with immigration by your POA, there is no your name recorded. In this time, I recommended that you shall obtain visa from Thai Embassy and shall support application by employment certificate in order to prove your certain. By the way, could you give me information for you domicile and work place? Best regards, Sent from my iPhone using Thaivisa Connect
  13. sorry for late reply , no I don't have any other paper from court other than the one I posted already,. I cannot believe that my new lawyer doesn't have any office anywhere in bangkok because I called his law firm last night, 2 of his colleagues told me that he is no longer working with us,plz be careful and don't pay him. Then I asked them where his office now somewhere in bangkok? . They warned me not to pay him. Maybe he is crook lawyer,no office nothing...he is not new to me,we been known each other over 4 years..he was busy at that time, one of his colleagues handling my case in 2014,this is the email i got from canadian embassy in bangkok: Dear Sir, Following your request, the Embassy contacted Thai Immigration. Please find the attached part of information in Thai related to your status. Thai Immigration informed us that in order to remove your name from the blacklist, you would have to hire a lawyer and ask him/her to reconfirm with Thai Immigration prior to preparing and submitting the following documents to the Thai authorities on your behalf: 1. Power of attorney authorizing your lawyer to proceed on your behalf to submit an appeal to remove your name from the blacklist. 2. Copy of your passport. 3. RCMP Criminal Record Check. 4. Interpol Criminal Record Check. 5. Current information on your profession, income 6. Purpose of your visit to Thailand 7. Information of charge that caused your name to be on the blacklist for Thailand then embassy sent to me punch of lawyers, including him,that is how I got him. I done my finger printing at RCM,completed all requirements needed to be done and sen himt to via fedex. This is what he wrote: Hello, Please be informed that I and my colleague had attemped to investigate for your issue but after revolution and new government many contact that I used to deal with is not working. Firstly, we shall be sure that what charge you are forced but as the connection with officer is refuse, it is not possible to do so. But would it be possible for you to provide more information or ground or history that made this current issue? Best regards,
  14. Me neither,first time in my life. It is been for a while that is why i mixed up the dates.because i never look back what had happened to me,,