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  1. Ubonjoe, I was going to ask a similar question about Udon Thani immigration if they require TM30?
  2. It's impossible to get married here!!!

    Thanks Larry, Call it a slip in the old age and misreading / not reading enough. I had been looking at a few other blogs and failed to see it mentioned. For translated and stamped passport, that's only referring to having a 'certified translation' (similar to the affidavit) and then the Ministry of Foriegn Affairs @ changwatana has to certify this as well I am assuming? Cheers and thanks in advance
  3. It's impossible to get married here!!!

    Rick, how long ago was this ? Went last wek and they demanded translation of passport as well (never read about this anywhere else) and that 2 government employees must be used as witnesses. Tried to 'grease the wheels' and ask if there was any way around this but it was a quick and simple no. Thinking a trip back to BKK is in order.
  4. Second SETV from Vietnam

    Update as promised on applying for SETV from Ho Chi Minh City visa run. There was no issues and no questions asked. I had 2 prior SETV tourist visas from a year prior in the passport. Provided ticket into thailand, ticket out of thailand, bank account statement, and photocopy of passport (along with real passport) and 40 USD. There was no line up and nobody else waiting at 1030am. Drop off took a few minutes, 1 minute for the young clerk to check the documents and 2 minutes to come back with paper to return the next afternoon. Returned the next afternoon at 2pm and was in and out again in under a couple of minutes again. It has probably been mentioned here before but there is nowhere nearby to exchange dong/baht into USD. On a previous visa trip one of the travel businesses exchanged dong to USD for me, but this time around no luck. None of the banks will exchange to USD either. Best to exchange money at one of the two shops opposite of the Ben Tahn market. Cheers, Stan
  5. Second SETV from Vietnam

    Thank you as always for your two cents Ubonjoe. Appreciate your response. quick edit: I will reply back to this with the results of said visa application and (hopefully) successful entry into Thailand.
  6. Long time reader, first time post. I am a (almost retired) British citizen and have not travelled/stayed in Thailand since Mid December ( approx. 3 months ). Next week I am flying from Japan to Vietnam and will stay there for 2 weeks. Finally would like to fly to Thailand where I hope to stay for approximately 3 months. To accomplish this I would apply for a SETV in Ho Chi Min ahd 30 day extension in Thailand. My last SETV was from Penang in September 2016, and Vietnam in March 2016. These are the only Thai visa's i have in my passport. My question is, does anyone have experience with receiving 2 SETV's from Ho Chi Minh City with approximately a one year gap? I may have to re-plan my trip to include somewhere else if this is a problem.