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  1. Should I consider the quality of MRI?

    Can PM ,Sheryl has warned me of putting prices up for Indian hospitals
  2. Should I consider the quality of MRI?

    Can google again ,single bye-pass came to 50,000 baht 98% success rate, pity the 2% . Think Chennai again 23 world class heart hospitals exist there
  3. Should I consider the quality of MRI?

    Yes,its the curries I avoid, 5 days in hospital there recently,4 trollied meals a day delivered to room,christ it made me vomit ,but treatment wise excellent 3T MRI scanner Chennai...try same Calcutta..cannot see anything there...flying is a cinch ,try Indigo seem to put the sexiest girls in charge, worth a viewing too
  4. Should I consider the quality of MRI?

    No idea, but once there it opens up a host of other far cheaper options too colonoscopy, executive health check up, everything and anything, get it operated on whilst there too. good luck Just google 3T scanner Chennai,then skype them/e mail them...one hell of a medical city, its vast
  5. Should I consider the quality of MRI?

    Yes , technologies have moved on a'pace. Seems 3T MRI is the latest, magnetic imaging twice the power of existing scanner and smooth bore (whatever that is) is a latest.Reports from ill informed member state one recently installed in BKK with five months waiting time Many in India, about four or five in Chennai region alone, about, two thousand baht,3 hours away. cheap flights about to appear Calcutta will be nearer and possibly cheaper to get to, but google search will reveal all
  6. Car Wash in North Pattaya

    Posidon (sounding something like) Soi Pothisarn best way to describe, turn left major rd from suk highway just before BPH,about1 km on the right..180 baht hell the best car clean this side of the Rio Grande, even leave the dog inside, best clean ever, dog too coming other way..from the third rd up over the lights Pattaya Nue,straight on turnright at t junction, car clean on your left 2 k down
  7. Will a UK Kodi box work in Thailand

    VIPbox is generally good for F1 just wait 30 seconds for the adverts to die away, good for football too, but depends on what they are streaming, no choice
  8. BUPA Thailand - Warning

    That is why regular medical check-ups are essential, earliest sign anything amiss treatment or exit from. Thailand can be planned One thing that would have me leaving,cancer, not battling that insidious monster, not in Thailand, got to go back home for that one. Thought I was covered for medivac through past employment, find out today covered for everything leading up to medivac, that's good, but the big C would have me quaking in my boots
  9. Renew health insurance or not?

    I would not trust my own damned shadow in this country, truthfully I hate it, should be on antis for depression, but I have my dogs,Brexit is a killer for Spain,and not owning anything is truly a bonus, renting is so damned cheap now 30% cheaper to rent,give me nervous breakdown to see house prices plummeting
  10. Renew health insurance or not?

    ...and the one thing that trumps all,yes it does ,medivac, no insurance ,never will have,but that alone provided by past employment is worth a kings ransom,nobody but nobody will have that included on their insurance,no matter how much they pay,that is worth more to me , especially here in Thailand than any amount of worthless medical insurance, and even if I did not have that,need to know the airlines that would be sympathetic to stretcher,maimed passenger and how much a nominated member of flight crew would be charging for accompanied member
  11. Renew health insurance or not?

    I'm not beating this drum to death(again) Couple of things to consider...illness? get to hell out of it India?...accident..same -same...or the proverbial in the woodpile, the thing that trumps all stroke/heart attack here at BTS ,or wherever. Have to do the numbers game here, .stroke? third die instantly(insurance wasted) third recover, but out of it in reality (insurance wasted there too} ...heart attack? preventative medicine comes in here... India Heart Echo, stress testing, executive health check up...anything and everything connected to wellbeing, that little lot in Thailand in the region of 50,000 baht , India? couple of thousand.. heart by-pass in India costing about the same as heart check up in Thailand.. ...and of course not forgetting a fine needle aspiration, there for that long existing cyst....yes 40,000 baht here in Thailand 179 baht there in India Air fare? flying season there soon,there and back,Calcutta for 3000 ish, now?5500 Baht not forgetting hearing aids teef, everything and everything in first world environment (hospitals ,that is) Yes Sheryl in my wallet I carry a card ..'Not to be treated at a private hospital'
  12. BUPA Thailand - Warning

    Well I just hope I do not end up in a private hospital...for their sake Thanks Sheryl ..end of .. 'bye love you too xxx
  13. BUPA Thailand - Warning

    All that assumes Sheryl you wish to stay in Thailand receiving treatment Planning is of the essence here I agree,and part of the planning is to get the hell out of Thailand ASAP to receive that treatment, choosing the airline that will do the short hop,or even the long hop at a more than reasonable price, and yes I have planned for the ultimate trip. As for cancer,cataract treatment, that part is pre planned elective surgery, it sure as hell would not be in Thailand, and finally body not released? well laughingly that is debatable...anyway Im off for a swim,gotta keep as fit as possibly can
  14. BUPA Thailand - Warning

    20 or so years out of the UK no cover, now a positive saving there, a massive one Id say, an ever increasing one too,get to 60 or even 65 now see if the same reasoning is still there
  15. BUPA Thailand - Warning

    Would cost one hell of a lot more than 6 to 7 thousand to get good cover,one hell of a lot more,and if looking at total wipe out through illness then yes,it's total ,no matter how much coverage you have, medivac no help because it's not there. 2 hours away from the finest and cheapest medical procedures the world can offer, hundreds of 000s flock there from the world over, and here we are just 2 hours away from it and stuck in an overpriced rip off of a medical joint. Stick with it