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  1. Renew health insurance or not?

    I would not trust my own damned shadow in this country, truthfully I hate it, should be on antis for depression, but I have my dogs,Brexit is a killer for Spain,and not owning anything is truly a bonus, renting is so damned cheap now 30% cheaper to rent,give me nervous breakdown to see house prices plummeting
  2. Renew health insurance or not?

    ...and the one thing that trumps all,yes it does ,medivac, no insurance ,never will have,but that alone provided by past employment is worth a kings ransom,nobody but nobody will have that included on their insurance,no matter how much they pay,that is worth more to me , especially here in Thailand than any amount of worthless medical insurance, and even if I did not have that,need to know the airlines that would be sympathetic to stretcher,maimed passenger and how much a nominated member of flight crew would be charging for accompanied member
  3. Renew health insurance or not?

    I'm not beating this drum to death(again) Couple of things to consider...illness? get to hell out of it India?...accident..same -same...or the proverbial in the woodpile, the thing that trumps all stroke/heart attack here at BTS ,or wherever. Have to do the numbers game here, .stroke? third die instantly(insurance wasted) third recover, but out of it in reality (insurance wasted there too} ...heart attack? preventative medicine comes in here... India Heart Echo, stress testing, executive health check up...anything and everything connected to wellbeing, that little lot in Thailand in the region of 50,000 baht , India? couple of thousand.. heart by-pass in India costing about the same as heart check up in Thailand.. ...and of course not forgetting a fine needle aspiration, there for that long existing cyst....yes 40,000 baht here in Thailand 179 baht there in India Air fare? flying season there soon,there and back,Calcutta for 3000 ish, now?5500 Baht not forgetting hearing aids teef, everything and everything in first world environment (hospitals ,that is) Yes Sheryl in my wallet I carry a card ..'Not to be treated at a private hospital'
  4. BUPA Thailand - Warning

    Well I just hope I do not end up in a private hospital...for their sake Thanks Sheryl ..end of .. 'bye love you too xxx
  5. BUPA Thailand - Warning

    All that assumes Sheryl you wish to stay in Thailand receiving treatment Planning is of the essence here I agree,and part of the planning is to get the hell out of Thailand ASAP to receive that treatment, choosing the airline that will do the short hop,or even the long hop at a more than reasonable price, and yes I have planned for the ultimate trip. As for cancer,cataract treatment, that part is pre planned elective surgery, it sure as hell would not be in Thailand, and finally body not released? well laughingly that is debatable...anyway Im off for a swim,gotta keep as fit as possibly can
  6. BUPA Thailand - Warning

    20 or so years out of the UK no cover, now a positive saving there, a massive one Id say, an ever increasing one too,get to 60 or even 65 now see if the same reasoning is still there
  7. BUPA Thailand - Warning

    Would cost one hell of a lot more than 6 to 7 thousand to get good cover,one hell of a lot more,and if looking at total wipe out through illness then yes,it's total ,no matter how much coverage you have, medivac no help because it's not there. 2 hours away from the finest and cheapest medical procedures the world can offer, hundreds of 000s flock there from the world over, and here we are just 2 hours away from it and stuck in an overpriced rip off of a medical joint. Stick with it
  8. BUPA Thailand - Warning

    With a 200,000 procedure, it sure would not be buying very much, .not in Thailands private hospitals,and .medical insurance would not provide the one thing that you would really need medivac. Its a complete nonsense insurance in thailand, scalped alive financially, by the hospital, and those hefty medical insurance instalments would be a headache too far 'peace of mind' medical cover would give you manic depression financially. cannot afford it?clear off back home,or go to India
  9. BUPA Thailand - Warning

    Yes heart by-pass, subject all too familiar 50 to75000 baht 98% success rate...India
  10. BUPA Thailand - Warning

    Of course these things happen,and a whole lot more,it all comes down to planning, what happens if accident, cancer,cataracts develop,where to go,what to do? ..but I sure ain't paying an outright fortune on medical insurance hedging against events that can and will be dealt with at the appropriate time
  11. ENT / Maxillofacial surgeon in BKK

    Instead of BKK ask your Q on the internet putting in Calcutta instead,2 hours /5000 baht away, be surprised if the bill comes to one tenth of the prior quote,bread and butter to those doctors this condition
  12. BUPA Thailand - Warning

    Too true, seems one set of Bs chasing another set of Bs, private hospitals wringing everything they can from insurance companies,who in turn screw the punter for all hes worth. Never had medical insurance never will, pressured into thoughts that xyz may happen,undoubly never will, accident insured if young enough, but the govt. hospitals are not that bad for stability until plan abc can be put into place
  13. Prostrate and Holep

    India actually, used to live there , have more confidence in the place, standard rate throughout, looked at another hospital afterwards, doing it for 23 000. West coast, major cities will be more, Chennai,and Bangalore probably less
  14. Khao Noi Aircraft Spotted

    All I know is you can get a pint of Guinness for 170 baht a pint a little way up the road(Tropical bar)
  15. Prostrate and Holep

    Hell, I must be a Cheap Charlie...35 000 baht, yes I had Holep too,but my prostate was huge, estimate 170 grammes ,was140 7 years before , giving grief but the bigger the more problems apparently and recovery delayed too. 5 days I spent in the hospital and the catheter was painful, asked for morphine,offered strips, but was withdrawn just after asking, total focus on the bag of piss hanging from bed dark red ,light red then orange,thank God Almost want to be ill with those prices,64 slice MRI 150 baht?. Anyway I'm over there soon enough 5500 baht return Calcutta,all my cancer scans... I asked Gavin about prices here in Thailand 40,000 baht for a FNA exercise, pinned the same procedure to 179 baht there