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  1. Just walk away.no deal, The EU was in surplus in trade with UKin billions, let the krauts pick up the stray 8 billion they will like that
  2. Could be right ,especially the last sentence. No secret have just returned from India after having prostate operation ,but no cancer,if cancerous it would have focussed the mind more for sure. One poster suggests (The older is 1.5Tesla with endorectal coil, while the newer technology is 3Tesla ) for scanning is not available in BKK, I know not but a quick google of scanning prostate (Chennai for example), seems to be the Holy Grail of medical matters,the city, suggest there is a later version of the T3 being ,or about to be used at a price that to say the least is a tiny fraction of Thailands exorbitant pricing structure Anyway its there, just google whatever is wanted in the city its wanted and take a look. Yes is daunting taking Thai as companion , I just leave mine at home,DIY sorta thing Can also scan results of patient care in most hospitals there also,not so Thailand may get locked up for bad reviews
  3. Now reported that all news sites will be blocked from reporting bad news emitting from Thailand,things must be getting bad ,,,its not 34 but 31,there good news Speak no evil, see no evil, hear no evil...right up Thailands ass
  4. No follow up,oh well! questions being asked about the quality of these Chinese subs too,apparently a right old bag of junk to be delivered,from an army that could not fight its way out of a wet paper bag I guess it is just like the past,but more so,and the longer trend?...well with a population with average wage of 300 baht a day,yes a consumer-led economy,just what the consumer buys is a bit debatable Ill let you zoom zoom zoom,but I agree with a stronger baht,just makes the Thai people generally poorer (and cheaper) lol
  5. Blood clotting factor maybe what the doctor quoted if excessive bleeding
  6. ' Toyota set to approve 'land mark' deal? would not be the same company that laid off thousands a couple of years ago ,would it? workers guaranteed full employment at 300 baht a day,can see you are a mega businessman posting on here. Thailand is a backward country rapidly going into reverse,take a trip two hours westward ,see just what a booming economy is doing and fighting to keep its currency down,Thailand gobbled up in a second. All its thiefdoms sorry fiefdoms heavily protected, Thailand is not going anywhere except bottom of the ocean ,like its subs LOL utterly nothing makes sense in this country excepting the never ending scams
  7. When there a grave I visit Royal Engineer aged 20 died 1943 I was a Royal Engineer 20 years old in 1963 just 20 years separated us
  8. I liked the Christmas ad that went something like this (private hospital of course) ' here is my gift to you.. (results from a full medical check-up from this hospital) good health to you from me...but an empty wallet...sorry This is Phuket hospitals,...for a non-life threatening injuries,broken bones etc the border is not far,get it strapped up , at far less cost than Thailand,..and Alor Star is not far off,have know jet skiers travelling down to Penang for broken bones after accidents in Phuket ...for free too
  9. Worth 5 million this year,3 million the next
  10. Would not particulary say you are 'rude' but you sure are thick. I pay income tax at a rate that would make you weep,yes paying it to 'enforce the laws' and to'protect you in all ways' No taxation without representation,or does that offend you too? Not much to 'desert' really;fellow Brits? yeah right lol
  11. Do not mind the Chateau whatever stuff,its the crap I cannot stand
  12. I think not,there are countries now that insist on medical insurance,but that requirement is dropped after a certain age due to non-availability
  13. Did the jungle line once,think its all shut up now
  14. Not all out around 20% left.....probably will grow again but told it was cut in such a way that any re-growth would not affect me....and yes im as horny as hell still, but his words still echoing
  15. Asked specifically the doctors there at hospital about loss of sex drive after the op, answered there would be no loss,and the sucking or blowing?,assured would still be blowing, now there is confidence,not tried it yet,told to avoid jiggy-jiggy for 3 months The sheer irony of the place beats me,was packed off from hospital with bags full of drugs/medicines (thyroxine etc) photos galore,but given only one self catheter,told plenty around as 14 prob needed,could I find any? like hell,now these are made in England Test tube baby clinic right next door to hotel stayed in in Calcutta virtually gave them to me,bowled me over as did the white marble building ,Queen Victoria memorial,fabulous, but my energy level was at zero,but managed a look-see