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  1. You could try Allenthebuilder, I have seen his work and he is English. There are examples of his builds on Youtube. Website is below
  2. Route 214 Diner, located on route 214 just past Robinsons, The Beach or Norbert's on Soi Cola and the Corner Café are all popular farang hangouts. Owners are English, French, German and a Scandinavian in that order. The Surinfarang Forum would get you up to speed on what is happening in the region and perhaps introduce you to a like minded English speaker. I certainly enjoy Surin and suggest you go to the Tawandang night club if you haven t been already.
  3. Rob, I agree with Brunolem, having just completed my home in Sisaket, I found the prices and selection of materials in Ubon to be far better than Sisaket. welcome to the hood
  4. There are those who feel the process of breaking an elephants spirit is repugnant, I don t see much difference between that and what is done to horses. Livestock is livestock and hypocrites are hypocrites. I would suggest going to Ban Chang about 40km north of Surin, it is a town with over a hundred elephants. There is even an elephant cemetery there and you can see how the mahout lives. A small hotel in town has a pool and costs 500 baht a night. There will be three or four elephants on the hotel property. Ubon has cave paintings that are over 3000 years old and worth a trip. Painted long before Khmers built the civilization that the above poster feels such a strong connection to. There are many Khmer ruins in the Surin / Sisaket area however if you travel by train as suggested you will not see. If you can there is a nightclub in Surin, Ubon and Koen Kaen named Tawandang. Great Morlum and stage show, reasonably priced and worth a visit. You will see a real Isaan party. Isaan food is amazing and while the suggestion to learn a new language for a three week vacation is a ridiculous, sep lie (phonetic) means tastes very good and you will certainly receive a smile when you tell the cook or server.
  5. I love the irony of this post. He is intellectually superior because he has a far better knowledge of public bathroom cleaning practices worldwide and he looks down on those who are not as informed as he is. Some call it cottaging.
  6. Where would you recommend for sausages?
  7. Even sadder is the pseudo intellect that is able to make snap judgments on others but unable to come to terms with the failures and disappointments of a life spent in the closet.
  8. Chou Anou "What you're referring to (and what the reply above yours is referring to) is Thai racism against the ethnic Khmers that live in large numbers in Buriram and Surin. It's common to adopt a form of racism against immigrants to one's country that ascribes some sort of evil, magical danger to the immigrants." No, she told me women in Surin have the ability to make men fall in love with them if they cast a spell. She is from an adjoining province and has more superstitions than you can shake a stick at. As an Isaan women , ethnic Laos, I would suggest Thai racism is not a philosophy she subscribes to. Welcome to ThaiVisa, I look forward to your fascinating insights and razersharp observations. Like this
  9. If she is from Surin, you are <deleted>. My wife tells me it is common practice there.
  10. There is a fiberglass pool manufacturer in Si Sa Ket. I can stop by and get their phone number if you like, let me know
  11. Deerculler " Beautiful house. How much to build?" 1 million baht all in.
  12. i believe ubon has a VFW
  13. sfokevein " Greatwhitenorth can you show us what type of plans you had drawn up to give to the builders?... were they detailed drawings?... was there a general contractor or did you direct all the work? " we saw a drawing on of the house with the plans available for 20,000 baht. We made some changes to the floor plan adding a kitchen and enlarging the bedrooms and had it drawn up by an architect in Sisaket for 15,000. The blueprints and materials list was about 15 pages long and as detailed as one would get in Canada. My wife chose the finishes and oversaw construction. The builder was always looking for a cheaper route but she stood her ground and wouln 't allow changes. I am not sure if the builder realized a profit but completed the house for the agreed price. A good set of plans, in my opinion are the key, changes made during construction always cost an arm and a leg. Choosing the material yourself keeps the builder from substituting with a cheaper product. photo of what we liked on Kapook is attached
  14. PeterW42 " Looks great, can I ask the total cost ? (house, not the land) " 1 million baht