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  1. Over 33 per cent of children are ‘disadvantaged’

    Please it is disrespectful to discuss the needs of children on children's day weekend. I will focus on the positive and savour the beauty of the special day your two year old had with a tank. Lets all hold hands and soak all the love and happiness in. Now no more talking about this until Monday Jan 15th please
  2. Over 33 per cent of children are ‘disadvantaged’

    ok, I will look at the bright side. a single poster took a two year old to see a tank and the baby pooped his pants he was so happy. It was children's day yesterday, all is well at the sanemex household
  3. Over 33 per cent of children are ‘disadvantaged’

    I am aware what goes on Children's day. I was awakened by a helicopter landing in the school play ground very near my country house. What I didn t realise that one shouldn t voice concerns on the Children's day weekend or that if your kid is happy the 33% of children in Thailand that are disadvantaged should shut their mouths. And a two year old has a very low threshold of happiness. I've seen them kill themselves laughing over a grasshopper. But I bet your two year old is different and far more intellectual.
  4. Canadian man being held against his will in Thailand, family says

    Phoning the Canadian government was probably the dumbest thing to do after getting caught with sticky icky. They had their chance to keep it quiet and make it go away and wasted their opportunity.
  5. Over 33 per cent of children are ‘disadvantaged’

    Sorry to offend your sensibilities, you make me feel like Trump saying racist thing on MLK Day. Lets celebrate that children can climb on tanks and have their picture taken with cardboard cut outs! Who cares if they are disadvantaged, they are happy today. I'm not the Grinch that stole Christmas!!
  6. Over 33 per cent of children are ‘disadvantaged’

    "The people that live in the villages do not need the extravagances of the people of the city" Which ones? Running water. health care, internet access ? which ones don t they need?
  7. U.S. ambassador to Panama resigns, says cannot serve Trump

    Yes, he should have had his pension taken away from him for disagreeing with Trump. His family should have been rounded up and sent to re education camps. The American government should be able to back out of their obligations for political reasons. Und zen ve will have true democrazy. Now lift that right arm to 45 degrees and shout USA USA
  8. Africa calls Trump racist after 'shithole' remark

    Lib MSM? How else can it be interpreted? He says racist things.
  9. No one is forgetting Pres Clinton was a dirtbag, that Nixon was a cheat and the Kennedy screwed around. Do you think that makes what Trump does ok? Charles Manson killed more than Sirhan Sirhan. Should we just ignore the murder of Bobby Kennedy then? I can see your new Rethuglican Party slogan. Trump not as bad as Hitler
  10. Over 33 per cent of children are ‘disadvantaged’

    Absolute rubbish
  11. Seems to me the problem with most Trump haters is they can't stand to hear the truth about anything. When Trump speaks the truth about anything we will cross that bridge. Trump claims to be the least racist person one would ever meet, you claim not to be racist as well, but racial stereotyping rolls off your tongue with little effort. I'll bet you would like to replace the latino you have cutting your lawn and washing your car with an Asian.
  12. I thought there was a two term limit on being President.
  13. Deaths of foreigners increase

    perhaps she feels that calling her fat is offensive.
  14. Africa calls Trump racist after 'shithole' remark

    Czech Republic, Poland, Hungary and The United States of America, the new Axis of Evil Racism.
  15. You seem to forget the immigrants that came through the lottery are in America legally. Norwegians then were they? Cream of European society I am sure. Weren 't able to collect the non existant welfare or Medicaid ( at that time) Probably didn't have cell phone either too. I also believe the Irish weren t all that welcome when they arrived in America through Ellis Island legally, but then neither were the Jews or the Italians. Funny thing with Right Wing Americans, soon as your family is in, it's time to lock the door and look down on the outsiders,