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  1. Sky Data have just announced their polls on the current situation 45% of people said the current situation would be more chaotic under a labour government, 33% said it would be more stable. The balance had no opinion. 42% though TM would be more competent to lead the UK through Brexit while 22% thought JC would be. 30 % didn't know.
  2. And for those who choose to remain
  3. This is an explanation by a German economist why the EU's biggest problem is not Brexit but the collapse of the Euro due to Target 2. If his opinion is correct the German economy and the Euro currency is heading for disaster. It's not a question of if but when. It seems when Carney and Co. predict Armageddon for a WTO deal for the UK it gets blanket media coverage yet no one mentions the more likely Armageddon of the Target 2 deficit. I am sure Remainers can't wait to give us the reasons why he is deluded.
  4. The MP's who cheated on their expenses were exposed and made to repay. For gross violations some went to prison. How does this compare with MEP's? The European Union’s highest court has ruled that the expenses of members of the European Parliament (MEPs) can remain secret, after a bid by campaigners and journalists to bring transparency to the Brussels legislature.…………….. The European Parliament has repeatedly refused requests for detailed information on the 751 MEPs’ travel expenses, subsistence allowances, and other monetary claims relating to office costs. https://www.independent.co.uk/news/uk/politics/mep-expenses-details-eu-european-parliament-court-edited-a8553731.html
  5. It's called the half troll, half truth, all conjecture, argument, used by so many Remainers.
  6. Who should we leave them to then? My MP is not as academically qualified as I am. He is not as "school of life" qualified as I am. He never lived in a council house, he didn't have to pay for his own education, he was born into wealth and never had to worry about putting food on the table, he never created or ran a business and on the one occasion I had dinner with him chose a very cheap wine. Why would I trust him to make a good or better decision than me?
  7. I think the media is biased. On Question Time last night, almost entirely devoted to Brexit, the panel of five consisted of one Leaver and four Leavers in name only.
  8. Is that the best you can do? A letter to the Times, qualified by the word "literally" to disparage a man who was appointed a member of the Order of the Companions of Honour on the advice of Margaret Thatcher, who received the US Presidential Medal of Freedom from George W Bush and was the first person to receive the Hanns Martin Schleyer Prize. You run true to form, like so many Remainers, not showing respect to anyone of an opposite opinion, regardless of achievement.
  9. He never said he supported Pinochet, all he said was he thought Pinochet was better than Allende and you seem to want to criminalise him for that observation. His work continues to be influential and Hayek remains one of the most intriguing intellectual figures of our time. He ranks as one of the leading economists of the last century but obviously a nutter in your book.
  10. Friedrich A Hayek, Lecturer on Monetary Economics at the LSE and shared Nobel prize winner.
  11. "The problem with the more fanatical supporters of the European project is that they are what Hayek called constructivists: they believe that they have the intelligence and ability to remake the world afresh. History and traditions are irrelevant. They have a neat and tidy mindset, and the messiness of national diversity riles them. They have no time for trial and error: they are convinced that they know the truth, and wish to impose it on everybody. Their arrogance beggars belief. "
  12. I think rixalex makes a good point Please tell me the tangible benefits if we gamble on staying in the EU? Is it because the remain vote supercedes the largest democratic vote taken in British history? Is it because the EU is a beacon of Democracy? Is it because the EU is a leader in growing each member country's economy at a faster rate than those countries outside its boundaries? Is it because it is run by politicians who are the epitome of rectitude and understanding? Is it because of the EU's effectiveness in ending the growing gap between Northern and Southern Europe? Is it because of the EU's ability to effectively offer defence capability for itself and it's neighbours? How did it respond to Serbia, Kosovo and Ukraine? Is it because...……...I could go on but I am tired. Seven question marks. I would hope you could give me a reply before the EU becomes a single state and the House of Lords and House of Commons have been replaced with a 60 person regional committee to rule a once proud nation. "A good political system is one where lots of people have lots of scrutiny over lots of power. The EU seeks the opposite. Their design is for the minimum number of people to meet in secret and decide the fate of the maximum number of people. They advance a pseudo-democracy in which voting only exists to confirm choices already made by a ruling elite. At every juncture they take the path of least representation. The EU is a war against democracy."