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  1. May ready for tough talks over Brexit

    You need to give that statement a little more context. The largest European export market for Mercedes cars is the UK. I would have thought that loss would give them food for thought not that it will happen for nose and face reasons. I'm guessing but I would put BMW in a similar position. As for a trade war the Japanese and Germans serve different ends of the market so unlikely. My G&T carriage awaits. Good night all.
  2. May ready for tough talks over Brexit

    Please don't misquote I said in part it's about money I am however on a higher plain than you I'm on the Stairway to Heaven,,,,,,,,,,,Nancy Wilson version.
  3. May ready for tough talks over Brexit

    Since we voted out, the Japanese have increased their investment in our car industry. Honda put in another £250 million into its production plant to produce the new Honda Civic. After threats about the dire consequences of leaving how many have left.? More fear mongering I feel. Your third paragraph leaves me bewildered. Why would we have any less protection from dumping when we leave the UK . Your example of slave labour would be equally undesirable in or out of the EU. So how would the EU prevent this? Their success rate so far? I assume you don't buy Apple. What computers do you have? Give me a little time and I'm sure I can find some slave or shonky attachment. Capitalism is exploitative and don't we all enjoy the benefits. There are other models, perhaps you could recommend one which would satisfy all your needs. The Danes are happier because they practice "hygge" which is all about candles, hot chocolate and being cosy. I can't answer for the rest of the nation but I couldn't be happier. I prefer electric light, gin and tonic and a 12 tog Duvet. I do my best within reason to make my family, friends and employees happy . Please don't ask me to be responsible for the rest of the nation. An early G&T today I feel.
  4. May ready for tough talks over Brexit

    Whose perspective? Government has nothing to do with it, its all about cost. Airbus wings are being made in China at the moment but under the wing (sorry) of Broughton. I'll better dollars to doughnuts Mercedes manufacture overseas under German control.A further question needs to be answered. Broughton is state of the art automation. If Airbus want a change who is going to acquire 20 years of composite wing technology overnight. IMO more fear mongering.
  5. May ready for tough talks over Brexit

    I think he understands but just refuses to accept it.
  6. May ready for tough talks over Brexit

    Many other companies produce their goods outside their national boundary. There are Mercedes production plants in Finland ,Brazil, Mexico, India, South Korea etc. They have lost the plot as well have they? If I were a share holder in Mercedes I would expect them to maximise the profit margin on each car to maximise returns to me. It's the German Government's job to be responsible for employment not Mercedes' It's called capitalism. Foreign outsourcing has nothing to do with Brexit or Nationalism. If you want all British production to remain in house vote for Corbyn at the next election.
  7. May ready for tough talks over Brexit

    The rise of euroscepticism is an inevitable consequence of the EU's failure to secure consent for its designs. http://www.telegraph.co.uk/news/2017/11/21/collapse-angela-merkels-coalition-shows-dream-united-europe/
  8. May ready for tough talks over Brexit

    Keep up lad. Erivation was disambiguated two years ago and replaced by pendiculation.
  9. May ready for tough talks over Brexit

    I don't understand!
  10. May ready for tough talks over Brexit

    And your conception was presumably immaculate.
  11. May ready for tough talks over Brexit

    No I think it be December.
  12. May ready for tough talks over Brexit

    A great deal of it is. I have 2 businesses which revolve around money. Without it I would go bankrupt, employees would not be able to pay rent/mortgages or put food on the table for children. Better to prat on about ethereal things and let the kids go hungry eh . You have been very critical of the financial disadvantages of leaving the EU and then take breath and ask if its all about money. You continue to stand on 2 platforms and stand on the one suitable for the moment. What are you advocating? I have as much respect for the reputation and honour of the USA as any other country in the world.
  13. May ready for tough talks over Brexit

    What rubbish! The UK is very tall when it stands on its wallet.
  14. May ready for tough talks over Brexit

    We voted out of the EU over a year ago and we still don't know all the arguments. Better still why don't we have a referendum every Thursday. It would please the Remainers.
  15. May ready for tough talks over Brexit

    Its simple they cannot reach an agreement therefore they have to vote again. Otherwise no governing body. What should they do. Draw lots or have a football shoot out?