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  1. What's the difference between ignorance and apathy? I don't know and I don't care....so there
  2. Rubbish. The Poisson Distribution proves nothing . You need to use the Pareto Curve
  3. I admire your self control however a stronger word than slurry would have been more appropriate
  4. I take your good point about your daughter and her friends only having one issue in the referendum. If I could add to that on a non referendum issue . Some time ago Corbyn announced a £10 billion plan to scrap university tuition fees. This stance taken of course to get young people out to vote for him. Since then he has been back peddling furiously and says it is not Labour Party policy and the idea needs to be consulted more widely. Code for he can't fund it. He's done a Clegg!!!
  5. Don Nigel Garvie..........take note!!
  6. This is so undemocratic! Why do you give Plato more credence than Harry Dick down the Pub? Anyway he wrote Republic, BookVI in his later years when he was suffering from Penile Dementia.
  7. You've met your match mate when you try to confuse me with Swahili Utapenda kunywa nini............so there
  8. Democracy does not depend on or serve the needs of the "well educated", its purpose and success depends on and serves the needs of "individualism". To get back on topic ......One of our problems imo is we have become supplicants in our negotiations with Barnier. To regain the initiative we should tell the European Commission we are determined to leave all the EU's institutions behind us but are never the less willing to carry on trading with them on the basis of current terms if that is what they wish. As a result, the determination of options as to our joint future would be theirs. If the options are not to our liking we put on our coat walk away from the table and immediately start negotiating our future with the rest of the world. This approach lets us at least share the driving seat.
  9. You talk about education and drink Timothy Taylors......that's a laugh
  10. Yes there is risk involved on both sides. But in light of Junckers vision of the quasi-totalitarian undemocratic State I get the impression most Remainers would rather be certain they're miserable than risk being happy.
  11. I respect your opinion and I would say; in 1975 my vote for Europe felt like a vote for the future. 40 years on in light of the EU's track record its future has far less appeal.
  12. I think leavers feel we will be better off and more happy in conscience because we will be sovereign (democratic and self governed) Similarly Remainers feel we will be better off and as you say only time will tell. What you haven't told us is why you prefer to live in a totalitarian undemocratic state. What do you think the makeup of the EU will be 10 years from now?
  13. and you prefer to live in Mr Junckers vision of a super-state where you will have very little say in outcomes. Did you vote for a European Army? Did you vote to force march all European states into monetary union? Did you vote for a European Finance Minister? Did you vote for an all powerful President of the EU? Did you vote for a Europe where majority voting determines Tax and Foreign Policy? In short are you happy to live in a federation where democracy has been cast aside? The EU is a quasi-totalitarian, undemocratic state. Their Banks are financially precarious and the so called recovery is as a result of quantitative easing. The European Union concept is flawed ; its overriding reality is more political than economic. I am sure Mr Juncker will be happy to see us leave.......he sees us as the awkward squad. For our part we have looked at Mr Juncker's prescription for Europe and decided we don't want to be a part of it. You obviously like his plans, do you like them enough to go and live in Europe.......Good luck.
  14. In May 2017 European Unemployment Rates were: Greece 22.5%, Spain 17.7%, Italy 11.3%, Cyprus 11%, Croatia 10.7%, France 9.6%, Portugal 9.4%..................... UK 4.5%, Germany 3.9%. There are 25 countries in the EU with higher unemployment rates than the UK. Richest market!! Arguable!! Successful market for its people??? Hardly, considering the unemployment rates. The UK at 4.5% is a good performance made despite the EU. Imagine what we can do when the shackles come off.