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  1. You didn't mention them I did in support of the 97% Brits which you seem to think warrants equal attention with the 3% NI population Can I repeat Northern Ireland consists of just 2.9% of the British population . Like the rest of us they had a vote in the referendum and they should accept the outcome or leave the UK. They need to sort out their own issues rather than expect the 97.1% of the UK who don't live in NI to bend over backwards to accommodate them. If you disagree with this you have yet to present your case. A few posts ago you paraphrased TM as saying we are a union of equals then give us her quote which refers to bonds but makes no mention of equality. Away with your pettiness.
  2. What a pathetic answer we are talking about a democratic vote not your misinterpretation of what TM said.. Can you point us to a reference which says ninety seven is the same as, or equal to, three?
  3. European commission guilty of 'negligence' over diesel defeat devices, says draft report A draft European parliament inquiry into the dieselgate scandal has found the European commission guilty of maladministration for failing to act quickly enough on evidence that defeat devices were being used to game emissions tests. The commission ignored evidence of emissions test cheating from its own science body, the Joint Research Centre (JRC), partly out of a desire to “avoid placing burdens on industry”, according to the draft report seen by the Guardian. https://www.theguardian.com/environment/2016/dec/20/european-commission-guilty-negligence-diesel-defeat-devices-draft-report-dieselgate European commission warned of car emissions test cheating, five years before VW scandal The European commission was warned by its own experts that a car maker was suspected of cheating emissions tests five years before the VW emissions scandal. A documents cache seen by the Guardian show that the commission’s in-house science service told it in 2010 that tests had uncovered what researchers suspected to be a “defeat device” that could cheat emissions tests. VW has yet to face any legal consequences for its use of defeat devices in Europe, despite ongoing proceedings in the US. In Europe, legal actions are a matter for nation states. But experts say that the commission had the power and, arguably, a responsibility to alert member states to the defeat devices issue. It could also have informed its legal services department and contacted car manufacturers to ask whether their cars were causing a serious environmental problem that necessitated their recall. https://www.theguardian.com/environment/2016/jun/20/european-commission-warned-car-maker-suspected-cheating-five-years-vw-scandal Are Remainers happy to put their trust in a foreign regime that puts the profits of its car manufacturers before the health, safety and well being of their voters and their families?
  4. I'm not advocating a "British first policy" but a "British National asked first policy". Obviously if the employer can't find what he wants he has to go further afield. Australia has an immigration policy which requires the employer to prove no Australian exists who can meet his requirements prior to giving him approval to bring someone in from overseas. I don't think the government should create a jobs environment which is globally open to all and sundry without justification. That's not racism that's pragmatism. I am obviously talking about us being outside the EU. I agree about the industriousness of the Poles in both the haulage and agricultural community but never the less I feel there ingress must be controlled.
  5. I agree with you, to the extent that, for certain jobs I would want the best available globally, regardless of nationality.Neurosurgeons, Lecturers on Particle Physics etc. I am however, as Bild proposes, happy to have for (professional)skilled and semi-skilled jobs UK Nationals asked first. Factory Managers and Aeronautical Engineers, Motor Mechanics and Line Supervisors etc. The problem I feel is in the area of unskilled jobs. We have 4% unemployed in the UK many of them, able, but long term jobless. Suppose a farmer in Lincolnshire can't get enough labourers to pick cauli and sprouts. We would obviously ask them first and as have been shown they would refuse and his labour would need to be imported from Eastern Europe.. The question is what do we do about the long term jobless who refuse to do these unskilled jobs?
  6. I half agree with you Dick. I would not regard myself as Nationalistic more a Loyalist. Being loyal to my country gives me licence to praise, denigrate, agree and criticize the nation when I see fit. I say you are half right because I would prefer Nationalism over perfidiousness which is practiced by some on this forum.
  7. It's easy to do but not if you want the fall back position of the NHS and benefits. So with you in charge you would open up our borders so we can extend an invitation to the citizens of the world to come in to live and work should we? Or is it just people like your self should be extended that privilege.
  8. None whatsoever but if you find yourself unable to love and support it, surely it makes sense to find another flag and passport?
  9. Precisely. However, if you want to make the case that the 3% and/or green passport holders should have equal or more weighting than the 97% I am happy to listen.
  10. 14th Century? Geoffrey Chaucer? He was a real pissant. He was also piss*d most of the time ......no one would use words like that sober except Grouse.
  11. Northern Ireland consists of just 2.9% of the British population . Like the rest of us they had a vote in the referendumand they should accept the outcome or leave the UK. They need to sort out their own issues rather than expect the 97.1% of the UK who don't live in NI to bend over backwards to accommodate them. I will however pass on the feelings of your green passport mate to TM so she can plan accordingly.
  12. For those who can't get the Telegraph article https://uk.news.yahoo.com/leave-voters-rather-lose-northern-050000277.html
  13. "My latest research finds that for Nationalists in Northern Ireland, the practicality of customs checks is almost beside the point: any kind of border in an island that they see as one country is unthinkable. For them, avoiding a hard border eclipses any other potential goal of the Brexit negotiations. Most people on both sides think the Brexit process is taking too long But most Unionists in Northern Ireland, especially those who voted to leave the EU, believe the border issue is being deliberately exaggerated."
  14. Sorry for disjointed post I couldn't seem to get everything on one page https://www.telegraph.co.uk/politics/2018/06/19/leave-voters-would-rather-lose-northern-ireland-give-benefits/