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  1. Homophobe? Ladyboys are not even the subject matter. You've got a problem buddy. The issue here is the gang of young middle eastern punks...
  2. Curmudgeon1

    50 foreigners arrested in weekly crackdowns

    That's a whole different subject. There's a legal process for immigration. Cheaters should be returned and barred from entry. The reasons are too obvious to have to explain.
  3. I'm Canadian, but have to agree that our service protection to appease the Quebec voters, unions and co-ops is a disservice to all Canadians as well as the US. Unfortunately no government can get elected turning their backs on Quebec.... IMO
  4. Curmudgeon1

    VIDEO: Foreigners attacked by ladyboys in Phuket

    An ignorant statement at best.
  5. If you've multiple properties it increases the administration. The answer is bump up the rent sufficiently to cover the cost of the new overhead cost.
  6. Not necessarily. The new rules are ridiculously one sided for the tenant and are an obscenity to common law. Strictly political.
  7. I would say there's plenty of lawyers charging for loads of false nominee employees so these Indians can take jobs on top of their fake marriage visa.
  8. Whatever..... your comments are empty. I sense anyone short of perfect would not meet your approval. IMO he's done what is required in taking the first steps to decades of required reform needed. This country is not ready for democracy.
  9. You're obviously one of the blessed handsome one.
  10. If Thais are so bad, why don't you go home.
  11. Curmudgeon1

    Lane-changing offences nearing 100,000 after four days of camera work

    "Bangkok traffic police had issued nearly 100,000 tickets " Police issued nothing, did nothing. The clerks processing the photos sent out invoices... give credit where it's due.
  12. Isn't it less than one monthyou need a hotel license?
  13. The crime here is insurance companies charge half of what they do in the West and cover 1/20th... it's criminal.