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  1. I think you should seek help from talking about yourself too much.?
  2. Curmudgeon1

    The cost of corruption: Bt100 billion

    Corruption in thailand is systemic. To appreciate any solution you must understand the concept of systemic. The approach to deal with it cannot be impulsive. It would freeze the bureaucracy, policing, against the military (also corrupt). The results would be disastrous and send Thailand back decades, but not until after a civil war (red v yellow). Prayut has kept the peace by gently trying to set up the frame work to deal with a problem that will take many generations to fix, if possible at all. Imo. Every country has some corruption, but law and order at the street level has to be the beginning of the turn around. The government must control the masses from hurting themselves. How do you enforce a change in a system without the system collapsing? IMO. Prayut, in a short term military government continued and expanded the practice of transferring the offender, while he(his government) tried to implement legislation with a new constitution to deal with corruption legally. The next step is how to impose it on such a mass scale peacefully. That will take decades and likely a lot of trial and error.
  3. You mean every Aussie wants to be Canadian?....
  4. Curmudgeon1

    Phuket lifeguard deal probed for corruption

    Not the brightest comment. Do you have any idea how systemic corruption is? And if so, do you have a clue as to how and how long it would take to make a significant difference. If you think 4 yrs then you are out of touch. If you said 40 then you'd be getting warm. Imo
  5. Curmudgeon1

    Mustang to arrive in October

    Can buy a house in Canada for that
  6. Different jackets perform different functions
  7. I agree. He's jealous and likely hasn't the means to purchase property.
  8. "This is not good for the Thai economy."....Yah think? I believe the real estate market would crash, bank losses would jeopardize their existence, and the dominoes would fall.
  9. I agree. It would be really big. So big in fact it would ruin the real estate market for years. You can assume that the majority of thai corporation property sales are nominee. If they were forced to sell, the market would be flooded driving prices down for all real estate. It would take years for the market to recover. I'm not suggesting a few percentage points.... more like 1/2 plus.... that would further jeopardize finance qualifying for existing mortgages as the building losses collateral value..... WHAT A NIGHTMARE.... Thailand would be set back a decade or more.imo
  10. Curmudgeon1

    Reeking Jomtien Beach Road sprayed down

    Not my jomtein
  11. People that jump to a go fund me page will always figure others will pay for their rationalizing it's someone else's problem. It's the world of entitlement. Can't afford to travel with the risks then don't.
  12. Imo. People pay a premium for an HD. Not because they're worth it, but because of branding. Corporate ownership are squeezing every nickle at the cost of US jobs etc. when they're already getting premium$$. Always a one way street. The overseas factories were already in the mix,I believe. I hope their sales suffer... big time
  13. Imo. It's hard to create a constitution then elect a leadership to enforce same, when the majority people of this developing nation are too easily manipulated by the many who promise to fill the begging hands more,.... regardless of the consequences. At the same time this constitution is to satisfy the equivalent of a developed nation whose population realize too much"free" comes with a cost. Democracy has proven difficult in Thailand. IMO , they're not ready for it. The ones pushing are the ones who want back in the trough.
  14. I think you're paranoid. There's no correlation of accepting people who bring monies in the country to those who take jobs away and possible may be involved in illegal activity etc. They're separating "the wheat from the chaff" imo