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  1. This pilot was once known as Miss Thailand

    Nothing sexier then a female pilot. Sent from my iPhone using Thaivisa Connect
  2. I agree it would be a bad idea for license renewal. They need to focus on initial training. My fiancé took a 10 hour course with a driving school where she could also take her driving exam. After we got her drivers license later that day she couldn't even back the car out of our parking spot. I figured she was just nervous so the plan was for her to drive with me a little bit until she got more comfortable. After a few days of nearly getting us killed And watching her make a very basic driver safety errors . So she has gone back to drivers training for another 10 hours at a different driving school to get a newly license driver proper training. You always hear that most of the countries issues can be traced back to education or training. Wouldn't make sense that if Thailand is having such an issue with poor drivers and deadly crashes that first they look on how they trained and licensed drivers as well as the training and licensing of commercial drivers? To be honest I get frustrated with all the requirements are government places on us. Now I realize there is probably reasons I don't even understand why they do it. But I have to say this experience with my fiancé getting her license so quickly, despite the fact that she really doesn't even know how to drive let alone park as opened my eyes. Sent from my iPhone using Thaivisa Connect