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  1. Thanks for your recommendation. Hoss
  2. What is Impossible? I think it´s not impossible to find land 1,5 Ngn (600 sqm) up, with chanode, max 40 Kilometer far from CR, for about 200.000 - 300.000 THB. "Water"....i really like water inside my glass of beer, or inside my Bathub but not inside my bedroom or living room. So, i think it would be absolute legitimate to deny flood land what is border to a big River or a big Lake. And.....I think it will be up to me to close this subject or not. Regards Hoss
  3. If you want to filled your land, you also have to pay for it....i know about that too.
  4. Allright, "Affordable" instead of "Payable".
  5. If anybody out there who can help to find "payable" land around chiang rai , just give me a pm. Details: - max. 40 Kilometer far from chiang rai city - 1,5 Ngn (600 sqm ) up. - Chanode deed(titel) - not close to river/lake... - border to any road/soi - not far from electricity and town - Price range 200.000 - 300.000 THB - no need to filled, can be rice field. Thanx cheers Hoss
  6. Eh.....I never said that 400.000 THB for a two Rai Chanode land is expensive. Of course if i have Chance to buy 1 Rai for 200.000 THB i will do that. But of course land need to be border to any soi/road/way also.
  7. Guys please, seem like it gone to be "Off-Topic" now. In fact i open this topic only to find some expats in chiang rai who can help to find payable land. "Payable" just simply mean for a price in my budget. So, if there is anybody out there who can help, just do it.
  8. Yes, right. Seems like since 2 or 3 years, price (also) for land is going to be super high. Nobody knows because of what. For me, i am not willing to jump on this kind of wave. I want to pay a realistic and fair price.
  9. Price, size, location.....what else more i can write as i already did in Posting Nr. 6?
  10. I already explain what in my mind "payable" mean. See Posting Nr. 6
  11. If anybody else in here who can help about payable land, also can pm me. Thank you. cheers Hoss
  12. Thank you, but like you said....destination will be around cr and not Isaan. :-)
  13. Thank for your advice. I know, that´s also a good way to do. :-) But, i think can´t be bad to have some "Connections" to peoples who stay in CR, who also can help. :-)
  14. If anybody else in here who can help about payable land, also can pm me. Thank you. cheers Hoss
  15. Thank you. Please check your message i already send you a pm. cheers