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  1. Hoss

    Chiang Mai Property Companies...

    Thank @all. Well, my friend his wife she is not original from Northern. They don´t know anybody over there. That´s a Problem. "Perfect Homes", from what i see from the Homepage they don´t have much Land in Stock. And that Land in Stock it´s start from 1,8 MIO THB. That´s really heavy. If i ask Google about Property Companies in CM, it Display such Companies like "Chiang Mai Properties", "Doi Saket Properties" (they have twice Branches...one have a Homepage...and one have Properties on Bahtsold.com?), "Mae Rim Properties", "Ping Properties". I know none of them. That´s why i asked in here about experience. Regards Hoss
  2. My friend and his Thai wife are looking for some land around Chiang Mai area. They want to use a Property Company. If i "Google" around, i can find a couple of Property Companies in Chiang Mai....all of them are serious? Regards Hoss
  3. Thank you. Do you mean this Shop? https://goo.gl/maps/1ZesyHn93YQ2 Seem like this road they also have alot of Furniture Shops around.
  4. Hey, thank you. I can´t find it....maybe you can give me the google maps data? About shipping Container.... I don´t like metal, because it´s really hot inside.
  5. The Reason is, a traditional concrete house need much time for the building process. I just only have 2-3 weeks. That´s the Reason.
  6. Hi There, is there any Company where i can buy a small and cheap Prefabricated House around CM? Something like this, but not made from a expensive Teak wood: http://thailannahome.com/prices.html Cheers Hoss
  7. Hi there, i am on the way for look some land for my Thai wife. From what i see, land in Santi Suk (Doi Lo) is still not that expensive. But ok, it´s more than 38 Kilometers far from CM City. Is there anybody who stay there, and can report? Thanx Cheers Hoss
  8. Hoss

    Land in Chiang Rai Province

    Thanks for your recommendation. Hoss
  9. Hoss

    Land in Chiang Rai Province

    What is Impossible? I think it´s not impossible to find land 1,5 Ngn (600 sqm) up, with chanode, max 40 Kilometer far from CR, for about 200.000 - 300.000 THB. "Water"....i really like water inside my glass of beer, or inside my Bathub but not inside my bedroom or living room. So, i think it would be absolute legitimate to deny flood land what is border to a big River or a big Lake. And.....I think it will be up to me to close this subject or not. Regards Hoss
  10. Hoss

    Land in Chiang Rai Province

    If you want to filled your land, you also have to pay for it....i know about that too.
  11. Hoss

    Land in Chiang Rai Province

    Allright, "Affordable" instead of "Payable".
  12. Hoss

    Land in Chiang Rai Province

    If anybody out there who can help to find "payable" land around chiang rai , just give me a pm. Details: - max. 40 Kilometer far from chiang rai city - 1,5 Ngn (600 sqm ) up. - Chanode deed(titel) - not close to river/lake... - border to any road/soi - not far from electricity and town - Price range 200.000 - 300.000 THB - no need to filled, can be rice field. Thanx cheers Hoss
  13. Hoss

    Land in Chiang Rai Province

    Eh.....I never said that 400.000 THB for a two Rai Chanode land is expensive. Of course if i have Chance to buy 1 Rai for 200.000 THB i will do that. But of course land need to be border to any soi/road/way also.
  14. Hoss

    Land in Chiang Rai Province

    Guys please, seem like it gone to be "Off-Topic" now. In fact i open this topic only to find some expats in chiang rai who can help to find payable land. "Payable" just simply mean for a price in my budget. So, if there is anybody out there who can help, just do it.
  15. Hoss

    Land in Chiang Rai Province

    Yes, right. Seems like since 2 or 3 years, price (also) for land is going to be super high. Nobody knows because of what. For me, i am not willing to jump on this kind of wave. I want to pay a realistic and fair price.