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  1. SETV from Australia ?

    I got a setv last month from Melbourne and i had no return or onward flight..same as earlier in the year..
  2. Report Address

    Apologies. ..just saw in another post that ubon joe said its 24 hours from arrival at the property not 24 hours from arrival in the country...cheers
  3. Report Address

    I just want to jump in cos my question is relevant to this post...it says we have 24 hours to report our address in thailand if staying at a private thai address etc ..is it 24 hours from your arrival in thailand or 24 hours from arrival at my friends address..? My first week will be spent in bangkok hotels before heading to my friends house in the chiang mai area ...cheers
  4. Medical and long stay visa

    Ok cheers guys...your information is appreciated. ..i will look into that avenue...
  5. Medical and long stay visa

    Cheers tonray i appreciate your informative reply.....its very helpful When you say do a 1 year extension on a tourist visa what do you mean? I thought you could only extend a tourist visa 30 days? Sorry but Im new to this visa game....cheers
  6. Hi I am seeking some information / clarification about the non -immigrant visa O-A (long stay ) Im 52 aussie who is medically retired and i am interested in coming to thailand on a more permanent basis if possible. .. My question is..... The application form for the long stay visa says you need to have a medical done..... I have a copy of the medical certificate from the thai embassy website which seems straight forward and i dont have any of the mentioned diseases but....it does say you have to be in good physical and mental health , free from any defect....being medically retired im not exactly in great physical shape as my illnesses fluctuate....some days i present ok and some days i dont... I would like to ask the following questions 1.How serious is the medical? 2.Can i do the medical in thailand? If i can would i go to a hospital or a local gp? 3.Can i apply for this visa from thailand and if so can i apply while im on a setv or metv? 4.Is the non -immigrant visa O-A ( long stay) a 1 year visa with the possibility of an extension? I dont have a thai partner so the spouse visa is not an option ...at the moment anyway... Financially i would just make it If anyone could give me some information on this that would be great... Thank you
  7. Visa exemption extensions

    Ok cheers....thanks for all your help ubonjoe...
  8. Visa exemption extensions

    Just a question on what im taking to the immigration office... TM7 application form ( extension of temporary stay in the kingdom ) TM6 departure card Passport size photo Photocopy of passport 1900 baht Is that all? Will i need a ticket to show im leaving? I dont have one yet but can get one as i know the date im going.. Cheers
  9. Visa exemption extensions

    Ok cheers ubonjoe
  10. Visa exemption extensions

    Just so i know are these the areas you can do a visa extension. ...bangkok...pattaya. ...phuket ....chiang mai....amnat charoen? Cheers
  11. Visa exemption extensions

    Ok...thats good ....cheers ubon
  12. Hi... Im a 52 year old aussie guy on my first 60 day tourist visa which i hope to extend 30 days very soon ..i will then fly to Vietnam for 2 or 3 weeks and fly back to thailand on a 30 day visa exemption...i have been told i can then extend that for 30 more days giving me roughly 5 months in thailand on a 60 day visa with a little break in between....is this correct? I have had 4 previous visa exemption visits over a 5 year period if that matters ? ...if i can extend the visa exemption is it the same form / deal as the 60 day tourist visa extension and same price 1900 baht? Thanks for anyones advice / feedback
  13. Best satellite tv for AFL

    Ok Cheers guys i will look into those options
  14. Best satellite tv for AFL

    Hi guys Im in thailand for a few months and im wanting to watch AFL .....(aussie rules footy ) but im finding it difficult to find who provides it....my friend has tru vision but im not sure if they do it?....im told fox sports asia has it but not fox sports...everytime i go to there website it brings up standard fox sports which seems to only show soccer...if anyone can fill me in on who might have it etc that would be great...im in the chiang mai area if that helps. .....cheers