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  1. Brunolem

    SURVEY: EU -- Will it survive?

    Did you have a chance to vote for Juncker and his EU commission merrymen? I certainly didn't...
  2. Brunolem

    SURVEY: EU -- Will it survive?

    The EU is a very young organization with very old members... Hapless countries, such as Turkey, are knocking at its door, while happy countries, such as Switzerland, gladly remain outside... The dollar and euro are not strong at all...just look how they fare against the baht! They are the most used currencies, for historical reasons, which is not the same as being strong...
  3. Brunolem

    SURVEY: EU -- Will it survive?

    Europe is a fact, especially in their wallets, for the bureaucrats and their politburo in Brussels. As for the border from the Western members (not so much from the Eastern ones), they are indeed a thing from the past...for illegal immigrants!
  4. Brunolem

    SURVEY: EU -- Will it survive?

    Kick Germany out through the door (WWII) and it will come back in through the window (EU and euro). Germany has finally conquered Europe, without shedding blood...
  5. Brunolem

    SURVEY: EU -- Will it survive?

    Kick violence out through the door and it will come back in through the window. Instead of having a war between European countries, you will have civil wars within these countries...soon enough...
  6. But what was the advantage of splitting the transfer instead of sending the funds all at once?
  7. I just left Thailand 10 days ago with my Thai son to go to Paris. Absolutely no questions asked at Suvarnabhumi. To be on the safe side, I carried with me a short handwritten letter from his mother saying that she was allowing him to travel abroad with me, but I didn't use it.
  8. The transfer will be from Europe, in euros. I didn't know that the US had such limitations, or is it just Wells Fargo?
  9. Did you split the transfer by choice or was it a limit set by the country of origin?
  10. I suppose that it was a check issued in America? So you say that cashing a check was faster and cheaper than a regular transfer?
  11. I am not sure what you mean...are you saying that Transferwise will not accept to transfer more than 5,000 dollars per transaction?
  12. Thanks. I have done a few transfers in the past, with the largest for about 4 million baht, and ever had any question to answer. I was just wondering if the rules were the same, never mind the amount, or if they might change with larger amounts...
  13. Brunolem

    Shun plastic, public urged

    He means it as in Forrest Gump...
  14. Since banks, worldwide, are becoming more and more inquisitive, I would appreciate it if some of you could share their experience when it comes to bring a significant amount of money, say more than 10 million baht, to Thailand. Assuming that the money would be wired, could there be questions upon arrival of the funds, or paperwork to prove their origin, or anything else? And what about a check...would the Thai banks cash a check in euros, with good conditions (exchange rate, bank charges)...and what kind of check would be more appropriate (regular, cashier's check or else)? Thanks for your input.