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  1. Chinese

    Here is some more Ponzi food for thoughts...enjoy... http://www.scmp.com/news/article/2108442/my-prediction-coming-collapse-chinas-ponzi-scheme-economy http://www.zerohedge.com/search/apachesolr_search/
  2. Chinese

    Below is one article, from a credible source, among hundreds that have been recently published. https://www.forbes.com/sites/douglasbulloch/2017/08/29/is-chinas-economy-just-a-giant-ponzi-scheme/#2ee82ddb3930 Having said that, this is an open debate, and in any debate the one who starts calling names and overheating is the one who generally loses the debate... Being the second largest economy in the world is not necessarily a sign of strength...by the way, the US economy, the actual number one is not better off, and the Japanese economy, the third largest, has been in the shithole for decades. So, size doesn't matter...the Swiss economy, while much smaller, is certainly stronger than the three above. Also, keep in mind that the GDP per capita is much more representative than the national GDP, and there China, far from being second, still has a lot of progress to make. Finally, an economy is more than numbers. One has to analyze what it is made of. China is the world's giant factory...its exports are brands named Apple, Nike and so on...as for the local brands producing original Chinese products, where are they? Strange indeed for the world's biggest exporter...any Western housewife can name Japanese brands, even Swedish brands, but just try and ask them to name Chinese brands...
  3. Chinese

    This is exactly what I wrote in my last paragraph! As you say, they spend their their money in Chinatown, buying gold and other stuff in shops belonging to Chinese (all the gold shops in the country belong to them). So the money they spend "stays in the family". Contrary to what you imagine, I have been there, when I was living in Bangkok and managing a company with 2 factories in...China!
  4. Chinese

    Better hold your horses...remember the Russians a few years ago? They were everywhere, buying everything...and the Thais were building like crazy because the (Russian) sky was the limit. Then it all came crashing down in a few weeks, when the rubble lost half of its value, and the Russians stopped coming and buying...and paying what they had previously bought with credit. The Chinese economy is a massive Ponzi scheme, built on mountains of debt, used to build empty cities, buildings, high speed trains and so on. How long such a scheme can last, no one knows, but it sure can't last forever. On top of that, Chinese are easily frightened. A virus, or the simple rumour of a virus, for example, is enough to keep them at bay for months. And don't even mention a conflict in Korea...
  5. Chinese

    You may wonder where and how they get these figures...to the second decimal, no less! Many tourists arrive with cash, the amount of which they don't disclose, and spend anonymously. In Pattaya, while the Chinese groups obediently visit Walking Street back and forth, following the little flag, without spending one baht in the process (they can't leave the group, no black sheep among them), other foreigners eat at the restaurants, drink at the bars, shop at the mini marts and so on. The Chinese follow a carefully orchestrated plan, and all the money they spend, via their tour operators, goes into Chinese pockets in Thailand.
  6. You are right! They have their "Buddhism" all wrong...not really surprising from people who basically don't know anything about Buddhism, starting with the name of the one (Buddha) that they are constantly praying in order to win the lottery! They have adapted Buddhism in a way that fits them, that is, more or less by keeping the nice pictures and statues, and getting rid of everything else, because, you know, living like a true Buddhist is not much fun...too many don't, too many rules, too many constraints...
  7. The cycle of rebirth is not specific to Theravada, it is part of all schools of Buddhism. Having said that, rebirth in Buddhism has little to do with Groundhog Day...one doesn't die and wake up the next day in a bed as if nothing had happened. How one will be reborn depends on how one will die, not to mention how one has spent one's life. Dying in car accident, while driving drunk, and killing and wounding a few others in the process, won't do one any good. As a matter of fact, there will be hell to pay (way to speak) and the concerned individual will be reincarnated in a "lower" form of life, say, a worm...and will have to go through the whole cycle of birth and rebirth again.
  8. I am afraid I will be long gone for the grand opening in 2079...
  9. The heat is on...winter is off...

    Taxes? Linked to global warming? Which ones? Where?
  10. Thanks...500 baht instead of 800 baht...that's a huge difference!
  11. Why would anyone go to the trouble of reading a thread one is not interested in, and take the time to write a post just to confirm one's disinterest? Wouldn't it be easier to skip the thread entirely and move on to the next one?
  12. Western women marry you to get a juicy divorce And make you pay for their early retirement For as long as you can stand on your feet! Thai women marry you to get your juicy retirement pension But only as long as you are six feet under! Western women make you think about becoming gay Crossing the line and getting hit by a truck...driver! Thai women put you in a gay mood Going to the bathroom and getting hit by a cold...shower! Looking at a Thai woman will get you...a smile! Looking at a Western woman will get you...into trouble! Flirting with a Thai woman will cost you 20...bucks! Flirting with a Western woman will cost you 20...months in the bucket! To sum it up: Western women are out to cut your...balls! Thai women are out to cut you...a deal! Disclaimer: the lines above are laced with a healthy dose of humor and do not reflect my personal situation.
  13. With a second La Nina in just a few months, we are in for a repeat of the last twelve months! The cool and dry season (November-March) is going to be hot and humid, as it is already. Instead of blowing from the North, the wind will blow from the East, bringing a lot of unpleasant weather. And by May next year, the reservoirs will be already full, and talks of flooding will be back in the news. Slowly, but surely, we are getting a good picture of what the future will look like in Thailand, thanks to climate change: year round rain season!
  14. At some stage maybe...over the centuries...
  15. That is because Western Europe still has a large population of elderlies, that is, Christian elderlies. But when it comes to the young generations, the picture is very different...with good reason, considering that African and Middle Eastern immigrants have had 5, 6, or more, children for decades, while the locals were only having 1 or 2. Finally, young muslims being much more politically active than old christians, their presence is felt way beyond what their numbers would suggest. One can't deny that mosques are built at a furious pace while churches are closed, or even destroyed, no matter what the stats say.