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  1. Once again, I am talking about the "obotto", not the "phu yai baan", or village chief. The obotto (2 per village) represent the village at the tambon (district). In practice, they get a big budget and do almost nothing for the people they represent...a meeting here and there, nice offices and good food, plus fat year end bonuses...for them only! I don't intend to pay for the votes, but rather try to alert the voters that, in exchange for a couple hundred bahts (paid by the other candidates), they get nothing, nada, for 4 years, which makes their vote pretty cheap. Instead of buying their votes, my wife would actually use the budget to improve their living conditions which, in the long run, would be much better than a couple hundred bahts spent on the same day they get them.
  2. Oh but indeed you can. As a matter of fact, I was asked a couple of times to become phu yai baan, which obviously is not possible because of these pesky nationality restrictions. Yet, a farang can popular in a village, especially after living more than 15 years there...
  3. Thanks.
  4. The puh yai baan is the village chief. The obotto are representing the tambon (district)...these are two different elections...
  5. As far as I know, next October, elections will be held to renew the representatives (2 per village) at Tambon level (TAO). In my area, they call these elected officials "obotto"...I have no idea how to spell that... Anyway, this job is a sinecure if there ever was one, and I would like my wife to be candidate and, if elected, enjoy the perks. Yet, I will probably have to do all the heavy work since she is not motivated for...almost anything. Having said that, I would like to start gathering some basic information about the election process, such as: when and where does one has to declare one's candidacy, what are the formalities and the costs (besides vote buying) involved, and so on. If anyone has some knowledge or experience in that area, please feel free to share.
  6. Would you have a phone number for this clinic, or for the dentist directly?
  7. I am a bit late, but thanks for the tips. Regarding Ubonrak, which I know quite well, there has been a major change in...pricing policy. About a week ago, I went there on Thursday and was surprised to find the hospital empty of customers. No one waiting at the cashier or at the pharmacy, or for a consultation on the ground floor. Then I went upstairs for my appointment with the ear doctor, and when I came back to the cashier, where I didn't have to wait obviously, I understood why the hospital was so empty. The administration has pulled a Bangkok Pattaya Hospital kind of scam, whereas the miscellaneous costs now more than double the amount of the bill! As a matter of fact, while the doctor reasonnably charged 500 baht for his work, the hospital added more than 700 baht for checking my weight and my blood pressure! Needless to say that I will add my name to the many who won't return to this hospital!
  8. Does anyone know a good and affordable dentist either in Ubon or Sisaket? My request is for standard work, nothing fancy...yet I'd rather visit a dentist that checks and ask questions before pulling teeth out, rather than the opposite. I'd also rather avoid a dentist who, after a couple of minutes, is going to tell me that I need to pay 5,000 baht for a root canal...they love root canal in this country... Thanks for your tips...
  9. Thai Ron, where did you get the multiple non-O based on having a Thai kid? By multiple, I suppose that you mean valid 1 year. I thought that was not possible if not married to a Thai woman.
  10. The school level here is what it is because the powers that be want it like this, because it serves their interests. And believe it or not, Chilli42, it has nothing to do with Thai culture, or a different set of values, or whatever noble reason. For a people who supposedly easily lose face, they take it rather well to almost always come last in student contests within the ASEAN, regularly behind such powerhouses as Myanmar or Laos! It is just that they want to keep things the way they are...
  11. Ryanhull, note that there are also some restrictions regarding tourist visas...I don't know about Vientiane, but in Savannaket they now ask applicants proof of money. Also, it may be more prudent to sleep in Vientiane the night before going to the embassy, considering the crowds usually waiting there, unless you travel with a group, which might be the best choice if you come from Bangkok or Pattaya...
  12. Bbbbooboo nailed it...thinking students could ask unwelcome questions... A few years ago, the Bangkok Post posted, then quickly withdrew, the results of IQ tests performed within the high school, and university, populations. The results, whatever they may mean, were not so good...high school: 86, university: 94 That's way below the level required to think, at least in a smart way...