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  1. A Night With Flamenco Feb 17th and 18th

    Thanks Everyone who came out to the Flamenco over the weekend was a great success will keep you all posted on any new events
  2. A Night With Flamenco Feb 17th and 18th

    Hi Everyone There are still tickets available for the Sunday shows this weekend. The Saturday show has sold out Thanks
  3. Changing Kip to Thai baht problem?

    Thanks Folk will try that suggestion
  4. Changing Kip to Thai baht problem?

    Hi Does anyone know where i can change Kip to Thai baht here in Chiang Mai? I have 500,000 Kip in 100,000 notes. I tried to exchange in Udon Thani airport they said no and when i got to Chiang Mai Airport they also said no. I know its not much money but i do not plan on going back to Laos for a long time, Any help would be appreciated... Thanks
  5. Silpakorn University String Orchestra Feb 3rd & 4th

    Yeah i will start posting more events on here as they come up
  6. yes but don't they staple a paper attached to the que number that has the thai emblem on it and says have to pick up passport before 430pm like vientiane does?
  7. Hi all I know this sounds like a stupid question but why i ask is i am dropping off my passport at the embassy before i check into my hotel so i won't have a passport to check in to the hotel. i contacted the hotel and they said they would be fine with just a photo copy of the passport and a receipt from the embassy showing it is with them. I forget but what is on the receipt that we use to pick up the passport the next day at kuala lumpur? thanks in advance
  8. Trouble with Google Sites now?

    I'm on 3bb as well
  9. Trouble with Google Sites now?

    me too here in chiang mai