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  1. How safe to swim in sea?

    many areas are not protected with protection, such as inner thighs, upper stomach and face. just ask my buddy paul.
  2. Gotta love Pattaya

    on the worse side id like to mention sloppy seconds. patts brings that menu to a whole new level.
  3. room to rent in silom area

    there is a great room on soi 42 check it out and let me know what u think
  4. looks like scum in the pic. wonder if he got permission to take and post peoples pics online.
  5. call centers could be legal in china? just bad business? did they research that before drawing conclusions. doubt it.
  6. the bently is still sitting there in the lot. front emblems were intact. interior was totaled. top part of car chassis appeared melted away. lot guard was watching could not get too close.
  7. Buying Pattaya Condo Under 1 Million Baht

    i would just airbnb it monthly when u want to go down. thats what i did. great places for 15-20k a month and just enjoy the view, pool etc. dont even have to worry about cleaning it when u leave. if u get tired of it just book a new unit. if you really need to by and just have the place sit vacant its on u. bad idea.
  8. its not just the drinks, edward.
  9. Best value hotel in Sukhumwit area

    im going to say the atlanta at the end of sukhumvit 2. great location, pool and 700-800 baht rooms with balconies, quiet, great sleep every time. no tv though. also you cant bring girls back if your tempted being just a block or two from nana plaza. cant party, etc. but who needs the hassle / theft risk anyhow, plenty of short time places if thats what you need.
  10. How safe to swim in sea?

    haha, those bulbs are super bright, halogen i think. love the way they form a complete circle out towards the water and inland also. no light shading just a bright bulb very high up glaring down on a super high metal pole apparatus. my guess is that the thais expect only bad guys down there at night so dont consider ambiance. all the chair vendors pack up late afternoon like they are in a rush to leave. there is a condo complex right on the tip in pratumnak. nothing but a small space of rocks between the condo balconies and sea. on a curve so nothing viewable to either side. could not figure out how they could screw that up. need to look into the prices there some day.
  11. How safe to swim in sea?

    have swam sea in many places including cambodia, vietnam etc. which seemed ok waterwise pattaya was just not an option after i first saw the water. did not even bother to do a test run or check the water up close. but my condo has a great rooftop pool so that made things easier. beach scene in general in pattaya seems sketchy. did do some climbing on the rocks, but not about to venture out there in trunks for sunbathing or play in the sand. also not keen on paying to sit in a row of chairs. not my scene. try samui or tarutau
  12. i find their assertiveness refreshing, in contrast to the demure thai ladies that just stand there like wallflowers and avoid eye contact.
  13. love the baht bus system. all they need is an automated pay machine in the passenger seat with a big partition between it and the driver. the drivers side window can be smoked so you cant see in. routes are easily found online.
  14. Skin rash

    your lucky it's on your elbow. never shave your pubes, thighs or upper stomache area with a blade any days before sex. herpes and other nasty stuff is easily transmitted into areas where the blade may have shaved off upper skin areas going over small bumps while shaving of hair.
  15. Psychological torture of condo living Jomtien

    you need to start using a property agent if deposits are not being returned. just negotiate down from the asking price to help cover the overhead. i have noticed a reluctance to hand over cash at the end, but landlord always seems willing to apply the deposit to last months rent and utilities somehow. something about forking over cash at the end i think it's a face thing, not sure.