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  1. Have a look at this video: https://web.facebook.com/ThaiVisaNews/videos/10156732252913012/ At exactly 3:02 the Brit takes a direct swing at the Thai man's head with the machete. That in itself is attempted murder, as aiming for someones head with a weapon (gun, knife, sword, machete, club etc.) is always considered a threat to kill. They were both idiots and I'm not taking anyone's side. They both escalated a minor incident into something far bigger than it should have been.
  2. I think the biggest attempted murder thing, in the whole saga, is the clear swing of the Machete aimed at the Thai guy's head. There is no denying or sugarcoating that. If someone swings a mini sword square at your head there is only one intent and that is to kill. This whole situation is going to cost the Brit severely. Either in deportation and blacklisting or a big brown envelope (or in this case a small briefcase).
  3. Watched it frame by frame and it shows that if he didn't jump he would have suffered serious leg injuries from the impact. He jumped straight up at the moment of impact and the forward motion of the car caused him to roll over the hood and into the windscreen. It literally was a perfectly timed jump, as he was hit side on as he turned to face the vehicle. 10/10 for athletic ability and reflexes :-)
  4. I think he means this one: https://web.facebook.com/100006583920021/videos/2205727692990007/?_rdc=1&_rdr Clearly shows that the impact was hard enough to smash the Brit's windscreen.
  5. Official Record February 2011 - Indecent Exposure May 2014 - Aggravated Child Abuse November 2014 - First Degree Rape and First Degree Sodomy April 2015 - Indecent Exposure June 2015 - Aggravated Child Abuse November 2015 - Theft of a Motor Vehicle Other Mentions February 2014 - Accused of molesting his son's friend. Complaint filed, but not charged. July 2015 - Resisting arrest (not charged at the time, but charges will be added) More charges will be filed on arrival back in the US. Including Identity Theft and Immigration Violations.
  6. I know it appears in a few articles. Maybe they have other sources of information. I'm just saying that it's not something I knew about before.
  7. I have never heard of a charges against him for raping a six year old boy (other than in this article). I know he has two cases of aggravated child abuse against him for hitting boys (one 6 and the other 8) in separate instances. The main charges he fled was for first degree rape and first degree sodomy against his then girlfriend's 5 year old daughter. He was also accused of molesting a neighbors 6 year old daughter, but I'm not sure if he was charged for it.
  8. Small update on this. Things have been quiet while they have been confirming his identity with US authorities, with him being held in custody pending extradition. It's taken quite long because he has no valid identification, so charging him here is not easy. An update from the US is that he faked his death through suicide by staging it as though he jumped off a bridge. He left behind a suicide note admitting his crimes and that he couldn't live with them, along with personal identification documents. Ofcourse no body was ever found.
  9. Awesome thanks a million mate. I have relocated back to SA and might make a trip back to Thailand soon.
  10. The previous child abuse charge on his record is completely separate from the latest charges that he fled from. The child sex abuse charge he is facing is also not the first time he has been accused of child sex abuse. http://www.usinq.com/records/2443c7e http://www.usinq.com/records/1c88543 http://www.usinq.com/records/1c61c8b He also has multiple indecent exposure charges on his record.
  11. The identity theft took place in Alabama. Both him and the person whose identity he stole are from the same county and the passport was issued in Alabama. I'm not sure what the maximum sentence for identity theft is per state, but just reporting from someone close to this in the US.
  12. There is a massive investigation going on in the US surrounding this case. More people are going to go down for it too. He is facing local State prosecution and Federal prosecution and they are suggesting the maximum sentence for each offence. So defeedme even if the allegations against him prove to be false regarding any of the multiple charges he was facing before he fled (rape, sodomy, child sex abuse, aggravated child abuse, indecent exposure (multiple instances) and older charges that are being brought up again such as theft of a motor vehicle and maybe even resisting arrest). He will still be looking at 20 - 30 years simply for the identity theft.
  13. No news today. I tried asking the old team who was handling the case, but they haven't replied yet. The last I heard was that he might be kept in detention here for some time before being extradited as the Thai authorities want to charge him for breaking immigration laws.
  14. So true! They were amazing and knew exactly who to give information to as it came in.