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  1. Hahaha thanks, but I'm a soutpeel :-) Which means I'm a 1st language English speaker, but I do understand a lot of it even though my Afrikaans is as rusty as an iron nail on a beach.
  2. My family in SA are rightfully worried. The guy is still on the loose and has threatened me in the past so it's understandable for them to be. I have moved to a safer location for now and reception has pictures of them posted up with strict instructions not to let them into the building. I am careful about being followed during the day, but must admit that I often don't spot the police around and they laugh when they send me pictures that they occasionally take of me. So right now I feel safe enough. There are no games being played and it's very serious. I have occasional contact with her through Facebook and it's mostly me trying to convince her to go to the police to assist them with any information she may have, as she may still be able to get out of things. She has expressed that she has no intention of helping the police and will definitely not go see them.
  3. No it wasn't a few days ago, it was last year before I went to fetch him from his grandmother to come live with me. He clearly recognized Hall in pictures as we were meeting with police earlier this week. The problem is that sharing recent pictures creates a dangerous situation for the witnesses who took them. Remember that Hall is still on the loose and people who are sharing pictures of him were obviously close to the couple. Stats for Matthew Jackson Hall - Height: 172 - 173cm - Weight: 75 - 80Kg Medium Build - Eye Colour: Blueish Grey - Hair: Medium Brown - Facial Hair: Slightly reddish beard if growing it -General: No noticeable markings or tattoos, often wears shorts and a t-shirt with a black Nike baseball cap, an exposed crucifix is also something he often wears around his neck.
  4. Because her room mate was like a sister to her and knew everything until she disappeared with Hall. I mentioned foreign because her room mate had a better understanding of foreigners and was the first person to express her fears regarding Hall to me (when she still knew him as Tyler). If there was ever any fear of me saying that I wanted custody at that stage then her room mate would know. When she first dated a controlling drug addict (friend's words) I simply expressed my concerns to her regarding the children's safety (I said I did not want my son to go near the guy's apartment). Hall has met my son and his little brother, he identified Hall as "the man his mom brought to see him at grandma" when we were speaking to the police a few days ago. Now that is a big concern!
  5. I can't share all the evidence publicly. Please understand that, as it may put key witnesses in danger. Hall is still on the loose and the police have even told me to keep my son with me at all times and to stay in a safe location. I've PMed a few of you to clarify details. Please check your PMs
  6. Now that is a claim you have to back up! We were separated and I never made any attempt for child custody (her foreign room mate can back that up), we always shared our parental duties equally. But now with Hall in the picture, what sane father would want his son in a position to be exposed to a man charged with sodomy of a child?
  7. Bangkok is a big place to hide and a westerner can literally disappear in some of the larger backpacker areas. People will only bat an eyelid if he does something crazy like walking around naked etc. I will not request that the topic be taken down as I stand by my claims of Jackson Matthew Hall's true identity and I can back up everything with proof. This topic can help get more foreign eyes out there looking for him. I can also defend myself against comments, as what I said is fact and I have nothing to hide.
  8. His passport is very real, as he used the identity of an old childhood friend to obtain it. Confirmed with the old friend, before I went to the embassy and the police. I also said I believe they are in Bangkok now. Bangkok is a big place and there are loads of places to hide. People are coming forward now and giving information. I can't present all of it here as it might affect the investigation.
  9. She was a caring mom and despite our relationship issues we both cared for the kids. Then as you can see from her posting she just vanished in May last year and left the kids with her mom. Her latest postings were only in response the story breaking on National TV.
  10. Exactly! Every one of her close friends, who met Hall, suspects the same. She cut all contact with even her closest friends a little while after she met him. Maybe not tied up, but threatened or hooked on something.
  11. He is a half Thai/half Western and he lives with his grandmother in Bangkok. There is far more regarding the Hall case than can be reported. These unreported aspects cause the most concern for my son's safety and the police have expressed their fears too.
  12. Ask her for her side then, but be prepared for a run around (try to verify facts). I made it about custody as of Monday when I presented the reasons why I feel I should be give full custody of my son. You may also want to ask her why she is requesting everyone delete any messages, drop cases, or if they are approached by police to keep quiet. Finally and probably the biggest one, why won't she go to police to help them apprehending Hall?
  13. I'm attaching a new picture of him, as it's one of the few pictures of him without a hat and shows of his facial features from a different angle. Hopefully it will help in spotting him. Remember not to approach him, but rather just call the police.
  14. Both police forces are working on it. The Thai police are mostly involved because he is in Thailand obviously and are the ones I am mostly in contact with. I dealt with a Special Agent from the US Embassy originally in early December and they liaised with the Thai police. I have spoken to her via Facebook regarding our son's paperwork and progress is being made. She has also suddenly started posting all over Facebook after not being online since 26 May 2016. I never made my estranged wife out as being all bad. She made very bad decisions and things escalated from there. I have never stopped her from seeing our son and I have loads of evidence of messages from me inviting her to see him and spend time with him with me offering to pay for a hotel for her and her son to spend time together. I emailed her pictures of him often to which she never responded. Before I knew of Hall's true identity I had friends call me telling me that she was involved with a guy that they believed was psycho and before that she dated a drug addict. Which father would want their kids in an environment like that? When she left to disappear with Hall she left our son with her mom promising she would be back the next day and she never came back. She has still made no attempt to go to the police and has said that she will not help them.
  15. I have no case against her or him to drop, so I can't offer a carrot to either of them. For Hall I simply reported his true identity to the authorities (US and Thai) in early December and they were working on it. For her I filed a missing person report (so that I could get paperwork for my son) last week and that went viral which brought her out of hiding. The police are working very hard to catch Hall and bring him to justice. If it is a case of mistaken identity then he could simply report to any police station to verify his identity. I would personally apologize to him and life would go on for everyone.