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  1. Govt To Buy 10 Chinese Tanks For 2 Billion Baht

    Will they be "assembled" in Malaysia (last minute fitting of the hub caps like the blue buses) to get the FTA special price benefit.
  2. Prime Minister Gen Prayut Chan-o-cha is never one to miss a good media show. It is always difficult to know whether he his going to crack a grumpy or not. This probably makes up for him being not being the centre of media attention for being first customer on the long vanished (made in Malaysia) Bangkok blue buses.
  3. The Songkran road death toll will tell all. Libya won't stay on top for much longer. Thailand is after the big prize.
  4. NACC will get power to launch graft probes independently

    Outwardly this would appear to be a good move. On the other hand the cynic in me says that the priority selection criteria for the "independent" corruption probes could be judged on the ability of those being probed to have sufficient financial resources to adequately corrupt the anti-corruption commission.
  5. As opposed to stinking chilli hot Thai food which does not allow you to taste the ingredients of the food. Stay where you are in Thailand where the food is wholesome and healthy and greasy as provided by street vendors. Thais are too lazy to cook for themselves. Just buy their food outside - much more convenient. Then throw away the plastic/foam food containers for someone else to get rid of.
  6. I am surprised you have any friends. So don't go there. Problem solved. Vietnam would be better off without the likes of you.
  7. I have shared my life between Vietnam 65%and Thailand 35% over the past 10 years. I have finally made my choice and have settled permanently in Vietnam with occasional visits to Thailand. A no brainer decision really considering the hassles of visas in Thailand. In Vietnam it much easier, less inconvenient and less costly to get a work visa or a 12 month visa and in my case a marriage visa exemption (5 years at a cost of US$10 and a visit to the local Immigration office every 12 months for a passport stamp). In all cases there is nothing about proof of money/earnings or personal photos or all the nonsense they go on with in Thailand. With a work visa your employer deducts the tax and pays it to the government. Cost of living is less than half that of Thailand. Booze is incredibly cheap (no taxes or duties apply except on wine only). Food costs next to nothing. Rents might be slightly dearer in Vietnam. Girly beer bars are virtually non existent in Vietnam. To meet up with girl/lady and form a relationship is much harder than in Thailand especially if you are in the older age group. Introductions are the usual way or internet dating sites. Younger men who live there as teachers and in other jobs don't seem to have much trouble finding a g.f. The Vietnamese people are exceptionally friendly and the men don't seem to have the hangups and losing face sensitivity that Thai men do. It is a very safe place as compared to Thailand and we all know what is unsafe in Thailand. I am not knocking Thailand and I have mostly enjoyed my time there. I am merely passing on my opinions about living in both of these particular countries.
  8. teaching in thailand

    First comment. Vietnam visa 12 months multiple entry, no strings about US$300. Work visa no problems. Far easier than agony and hardship of Thai visas. Second comment not correct. Salary depends on level of qualification. I have lived in Vietnam 10 years and have known many teachers and teaching recruiters over that time period.
  9. teaching in thailand

    Go to Vietnam. Pay is much better and you avoid all the Thai visa nonsense.
  10. Thailand is the land of manana. Can't rush these things particularly if there is no gold at the end of the rainbow. In this case it seems he was not a very smart "business man" as he could well have been encroaching on someone else's territory, hence the need for action to remove him by reporting him.
  11. I wonder if it also replaces the hotline number introduced last year......."Building about to collapse".
  12. Your deep perception, imagination and conclusions from the rat having a good old tuck in on the PM's food is fascinating. Perhaps the rat was fitted with a chip so he could hack into the big boys smart phones; or maybe he carried a bomb on a collar around his neck or he was on a suicide mission and had a mobile phone to trigger his own bomb. By the way ...where is this place you call the White House?
  13. Heaven forbid that politicians in parliament house should be expected to eat the same rat contaminated food which infests at least one well known supermarket and other eating establishments. At least the klong rat is not fussy about whose food it eats. Snacking from the PM's buffet lunch bowl shouldn't be a problem.
  14. Manic Taxi Panic: Screaming Driver Terrorizes Family

    Occasionally there has to be a first for some things in Thailand. A good thing. I expect in this instance it is easier to revoke a two year expired license than a current one and in her case there is little chance of an envelope changing hands.