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  1. I assume the PM (Oh lord ALMIGHTY) has never drunk a drop of alcohol in his life. I request everyone to post photos of 'the great one' with a glass in his hand. This is outrageous, to be persecuted for partaking of a legal fluid.....OUTRAGE IS NOT A STRONG ENOUGH WORD!!! (I think you need to PROCLAIM alcohol illegal before you can proclaim such rules....oh mighty one).... FAIL...AT THE HIGHEST EXTENT....FAIL...FAIL...FAIL. YOU ARE 'PM'.....NOT GOD.... People are human, and as such, are susceptible to failure (or failure in your 'eye's) which is the undeniable strength of mankind.... Don't try to deny the human race the right to exist in any form it sees fit. (This is what separates us from the apes).....xxxxx
  2. Hi all, I'm new to the forum, but I've been living/working here in Thailand for 6 years. Up till now I am working for an international property company that sorts all my permits and visas for me. I am looking to move up country where my Thai wife will start a business and I plan to supliment with teaching English. question is... What visa can I reside with, and can I get a work permit to work part-time at multiple schools in the area? Preferably without the need to do international visa runs on a regular basis.