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  1. An English Breakfast

    It's my one of my favourite types of breakfast ever!
  2. Need advice buying a blender/juicer.

    Blendtech are really good models, I had one of them some time ago and I can say that it's one of the best types among blenders Ninja models are very popular too as I know, however many people complain about some technical problems with them after some time of using Personally I have at the current time Black&Decker one, I'm totally satisfied with it and can recommend to you Also some TigerChef and Cuisinart blenders are nice too, here's on cozzy some of their popular models for example
  3. Yeah, IKEA is really a good decision! They have a nice choice of such products and as I know they have high quality and not all of them are expensive For example, I bought here a couple of duvets and I'm totally satisfied with them. Also some stuff I got on amazon, personally I in case of pillows prefer memory foam ones like in this list on cozzy and I didn't like very much this stuff in my local shops Some of my friends bought their stuff for bedroom in the same way and it wasn't extremely expensive because some shops provide free shipping
  4. Wireless Router Recommendation

    Yeah, they're really good, I had an Asus model and everything was nice with my wi-fi connection Netgear and some TP-Link models are nice too, many of my friends use them I also like combo models like in this list on cozzy, they aren't too expensive and provide a good connection too, especially Linksys models For example, I have such Linksys N900 and I'm totally satisfied with it
  5. Oh, I agree with you, we had one of those models several years ago too and they're really nice, cheap and good for drinking water However they aren't good for long using, ours broke only after several years and I'm not sure that the one which you make with your own hands will be better At the current time we prefer durable ones like in this list on Cozzy, we installed such Kabter one and it seems better in its quality And yeah, it's truth that UV ones aren't very good for really pure water, they leave much unhealthy waste in the process of filtrating...
  6. I agree with you, I prefer the modern models too, they have a good quality and aren't so hevy as some old iron ones I like teflon ones the most of all, brand Tefal is my favourite Another type of skillets which I prefer is electric one, like on these examples from cozzy, some models are cool too But it was a quest for me to adjust for such models after using all life "classic" iron pans I use this Cucina Pro model, it's nice in quality, I ordered in from amazon, and the genral price for me was low because there was a free shipping
  7. Food

    I like Japanese and Italian cuisine the most of all For me their dishes are the most unique and tasty, in case of Japanese one I like almost all dishes and in case of Italian I like the most of all pizza and pasta
  8. That looks really tasty! I need to try it!
  9. Please recommend a good router

    I agree with the previous responses, Asus, Linksys and Netgear models can be the best in your case They're considered as the ones with the highest quality among all other routers Also combo models like in this list on cozzy.org are very good too, for example I have such Luma in my house and it provides really a good connection Also I can say that the worst in my case were TP-Link models, the connection with such router was awful! So i definetly don't recommend to buy one of them
  10. coffee machine in Bkk?

    Can't not to agree with the previous replies, even is this thread isn't new! Such machines were discussed in that thread, however I agree that Aeropress and Porlex are the best items to choose in my opinion Also if you feel so unsure about buying here such stuff for coffee, why not to choose a makers online and order it? Personally I prefer makers with grinders, like in case of these examples from cozzy, such combination is very convinient, of course in this case the whole machine will cost more but it's really cool in such mix I acted in this way because it was more comfortable for me and not so extremely espensive as that can seem... I've got this Magnifica Maker, it cost 900$ but it's really worth that price and shipping was free in that case
  11. Your Top 5 Cusine, if you had to choose.

    1. Italian 2. Ukrainian 3. Japanese 4. Chinese 5. Georgian
  12. What are you drinking?

    The pics in the first post look really cool! I wish I could taste it!
  13. Whats the safest frying pan to use in the LOS?

    I agree with you, why not to buy a teflon one? I have one pan which belongs to this type and it's really good and safe, as I know it's just a myth that teflon skillets are dangerous But of course it depends on a certain brand which produces them, for example I prefer famous Tefal Such pans have only one minus, after using them for several years the food can start to burn out and you should be careful with damaging it with different iron stuff I like also some electric skillets, they have a good quality too I use this Zoiurushi model for example, it had positive reviews about its safety too I recommend you to look through this list on cozzy.org, there are many nice and safe electric models and some of them have not a very high price
  14. Hair professionals reveal latest trends

    Oh, these examples look really cool! I think that I like this new trend for women I know that melting rainbow colours considered very fashionable for this year too And as I saw on some resources about fashion for men the low top fade haircuts like on these photos from machohairstyles.com are trendy for this year too It seems that short haircuts in case of men will be always fashionable Anyway I like this style and maybe I'll make smth like on this pic on my head too
  15. Well this haistyle isn't so bad in every case but it doesn't fit this boy at all! Also the sleekes curls aren't good always too, like in case of Tom Hardy on this pic In this case it reminds the receeding hairline too much... Also in case of the best hairstyles...Well in my opinion it's the example of Sergio Ramos, here's on machohairstyles.com for example a nice gallery with many of his hair cuts which look really cool I can't say that some of them are bad and these ones for example are definetely gorgeous and my favourite among the others