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  1. Well this haistyle isn't so bad in every case but it doesn't fit this boy at all! Also the sleekes curls aren't good always too, like in case of Tom Hardy on this pic In this case it reminds the receeding hairline too much... Also in case of the best hairstyles...Well in my opinion it's the example of Sergio Ramos, here's on for example a nice gallery with many of his hair cuts which look really cool I can't say that some of them are bad and these ones for example are definetely gorgeous and my favourite among the others
  2. I like drawing, cooking and collecting the Cd music albums of my favourite bands
  3. Oh yeah, I adore these ones too! Especially the sandals (no, I wear them without socks! ), they're more comfortable comapring with the flip-flops, after wearing the second ones my fingers ache rather often I also like good leather shoes (but I wear them mostly for work and formal occasions) and sneakers, it's the most universal type for me! I like the peak shoes like on these pics for example, sneakers are very comfortable and I don't feel too hot in them I have these two pairs in my wardrobe
  4. Zeromancer - Flirt With Me