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  1. Nationwide protest against EU fishing regulations

    to thais, everyone non-thai is a problem
  2. this is how i do it; my primary IO prefers dealing with a thai
  3. so where was the intended final destination ? thailand,china ?
  4. seems they only get interested when they ass an opportunity to seize money for themselves
  5. Police seek info on alleged US paedophile working as teacher

    frankly i find the thai have a very hard time distinguishing us from tourists; a shade of racism; speaking their language well enough helps a Lot
  6. US pedophile fugitive and English teacher arrested in Koh Samui

    extradition imminent ?
  7. Police seek info on alleged US paedophile working as teacher

    whether found and caught and extradited or not, these stories do reflect badly on the image of expats here by the thai publiuc
  8. Yingluck cleared over 2011 flooding

    classic; didnt know, but could have and should have; bangkok had Months and Months to prepare; they did their 'thai best'; worked out well, as usual
  9. hmm; anyone here can count the number of offenses here for that ?
  10. Yingluck cleared over 2011 flooding

    people in charge cannot manage basic water management in a place that continually suffers from it ?!
  11. But he doesn't swim in the water; Talk s*** but won't swim in it
  12. Talking ,breathing and sleeping are still allowed but only barely; Thinking is on the edge
  13. Nongprue removes illegal signs

    This is so so Thai ;it takes complaints, in other words after the fact, to get something highlighted ;there is little to absolutely no thought put in before the sign was erected