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  1. i was living in sukhothai during this time and i know for a fact that people around my village bought lesser grades of rice from laos to sell/pledge to the thai govt at the inflated prices
  2. and the article mentions no remorse by the dog owner; not even a gesture to pay the medical bills !
  3. doubtless , you are right; pretty ugly tho; shows the whimsickelness
  4. read it again; didnt say block said cannot rush
  5. why would he have to interfere ? all his cronies are doing the pretended law-drafting
  6. interesting; dont recall, but all the international arrival terminals funnel into immigration, right ? if so,should be pretty obvious that all these travelers left thailand to {somewhere}
  7. i believe i understand your perspective; some others have speculated that thailand just simply is not ready for democracy (winning elections, then rampant nepotism,cronyism,corruption) , they make some strong points; cannot rush evolution
  8. longer than that; and digging into the core differences , will spell out Much longer than that
  9. they sure do like to play that ultra-nationalist card; likely as it is so easy
  10. wow; now there is a phrase that we could TRY to write books about
  11. wow; law schools here must be pretty interesting places; do they use any logic that remotely resembles western same ?
  12. those judges must be getting rich
  13. as regards these naked dimwits,can we petition for a new law against stupidity ?
  14. hahaha; stability as they define it