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  1. YetAnother

    PM Prayut urges people to cope with rain

    he is revealing his true intellect and his leadership abilities
  2. 4 s's; She Stole em, Sold em ,Simple
  3. fully agreed, back then thaksin was a successful businessman, he had a good track record; these days , being an army general cannot really be called 'successful' in a country with such a bloated military, and thus he fails by comparison
  4. YetAnother

    Prayut still top choice for PM, poll finds

  5. maybe there is hope yet, his arch conservative, ultra nationalist approaches mean nothing good for us expats
  6. that explains why the driving is so bad here
  7. sure it's funny but i cringe when considering that people in authority over us blatantly serve us BS
  8. again, the thai way even tho it is patently inferior
  9. YetAnother

    Mocking teacher serves to keep up standards

    then she is not qualified to be a teacher, math or otherwise; let's call this what it is
  10. YetAnother

    Army borrows Thaksin slogan to promote Prayuth

    sad but true with little positive outlook going forward
  11. definitely will put fear in all involved
  12. YetAnother

    Who will vote for hypocrisy?

    the real leaders of today's thailand want to lock the country down
  13. so what if they have a smooth-talking, highly paid government mouthpiece, doubtless practiced in lying publicly
  14. to otherspeak; it is my toy country and i will do with it what i please
  15. 20 coups ? He Represents the 'same old issues'; maybe thailand just isn't ready for anything other than arrogant military generals