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  1. YetAnother

    Happy resolution for soldier who cried fowl

    garbage, these are the very people that champion this system
  2. quite the pure thai thinking, especially from a district chief who has to deal with a lot of non-thais; there are other channels for citizenship, some available, but in practice not quite usable, to us expats
  3. Thanks UBJ,appreciate this and all the other mountain of charitable work you do here !
  4. hello all: up here in the most northern province some of the smaller imm offices, (that we seem locked into) are causing trouble on the 90; been here a long time...; the latest foray , they required copies of every page in PP that had stamps, the info page, the TM 47, copy of owner tabian baan, copy of her ID; total 9 pages, when one of the clerks said she had never seen me before and 'did i live here ?' everything went downhill; they were actively searching for TM 28 and possibly TM 30 fine monies ; they Demanded to see my change of address receipt, of course they couldn't, wouldn't check their own records, this is the very same office that processed my change of address and has processed multiple 90s and extensions; they then, obviously disappointed, took it upon themselves to staple the change of address receipt into my passport; i guess i should staple every receipt for everything in my passport and bring a copy of the immigration act with me every time... ok, sorry for the mini-rant; so as a result of all of this i am seeking other channels; it is my belief that i can use the mother immigration district office that is an hour-drive away rather than my walking distance local one; one possible option; re-entry permit option another one i am considering; but the possible option of online has lots of attraction; some time back i was advised that those of us long-timers couldn't use the online system which is relatively new; we just simply 'were not in the system'; recently however, a friend, long-timer, went to myanmar via re-entry and he said he can now use the online system, some sort of reset/entry into the system ? any thoughts welcome...
  5. is this guy talking about thailand ? the current thai govt addressing human rights ? gotta be joking
  6. cannot be done; absent meritocracy, far too many people in the wrong jobs; nepotism, cronyism, buying jobs virtually guarantees incompetence
  7. sure, agreed; do not forget thailand is a poor , misguided , misled third world country; do stupid people know they are stupid ?? nothing here will change in the next 20 i have here
  8. thailand is primitive, how can torture standards even be discussed ?
  9. YetAnother

    The haunting of dubious politicians

    he enjoys the benefits of economic asylum as a multi-billionaire, so what if he can't currently live in thailand, number 32 in best countries to live, he can fly his family,cronies,fiends to visit him in luxury; he has already bilked thailand and they cannot tough him
  10. bodes ill for thailand when this bad man is anywhere near politics
  11. surprised the junta dim wit didnt say: 'thailand has a democracy now'
  12. the justice system here is politicized, even the current dim-wit number 1 knows that; it serves whomever is in power at the time; more bs from him; the wrong guy for the job
  13. YetAnother

    Ex-Pheu Thai MP Arisman indicted on corruption charge

    i bet most if not all of these influential figures are involved in corruption; all the persecuters have to do is look
  14. YetAnother

    Army cannot be in charge of southern education

    well said, thais cannot govern themselves, never mind they be soldiers or not