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  1. thais are insecure , emphasized by a remarkably nationalistic history book; try explaining to them they are number 93 in the human development index
  2. shows you who your neighbors are and who you share the road with
  3. more tiresome rhetoric from the idiotic north
  4. guy was drunk at 8am ? sounds like drinking all night thru till the morning; sounds like nothing untoward
  5. had no luck with the online system
  6. do not forget you might need a thai 'sponsor' to be there with you when opening the account; this sponsor has no real influence over the account other than helping you open it; you can change sponsors later if needed; this is for bangkok bank; do not know the others
  7. i couldnt get any good luck at all with the online system
  8. all foolishness; corruption is up; look at the recent submarine fiasco
  9. thai police have a very different idea of their jobs than we do
  10. item of clarification: "departure card"; required copy for a number of visas; it is really half of an arrival card/departure card; the arrrival part is filled out and surrendered at entry immigration; the departure part has a corresponding number that ties it to the arrival portion; i use my old departure 'card' which is blank (the ink is fading which is an issue to deal with) so even if you have no intention of ever leaving, you need this 'departure card' (or copy)
  11. from usa use bangkok bank branch in nyc; it is a domestic transfer within the usa; low service fee, good exchange rate; been using it for years
  12. she is using her thai 'logic'; totally believes in what she is doing
  13. thai women are nicer than the other gender; the banking jobs require a lot of interaction