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  1. similar to my experience; in mine, i did not have to ask for the pink id card, they included that process in the overall process; automatic; 60 baht for the photo they took;total price for book and card
  2. Factory workers claim sexual abuse by doctor

    is this becoming the latest fashion ? people spouting this crap who have Zero credibility assessing others' view of thailand's image
  3. Army Won’t Allow Civilian Inquiry Into Cadet Death

    article title might have been 'army won't allow'
  4. agreed; remember tho that these are military generals, they are used to being able to say anything they please, regardless of how stupid and irrational it is
  5. Warrant sought for Jomsap’s arrest

    this is turning out to be quite the soap opera
  6. Cadet's death - army defends training methods

    astonishingly pure example of army illogic; this is otherspeak for 'every minute of life carries risk' which boils down to Nothing
  7. that is pretty far afield from what their job is; a country's image and industries should be left to other people in which their job purview they are
  8. totally agree; the only real potential opposing force, the people,generally, are not yet organized (by intent of the military) to mobilize
  9. PM Prayut’s questions get over 100,000 responses

    even deeper than that; the general feeling of 'this bunch has overstayed their welcome' is growing and becoming more vocal; their legacy will be leaving behind some remarkably shallow laws
  10. at 3AM , quite likely; amongst all the other numbers we hear, driving at night here is not advisable
  11. quite the story; good for him; will make quite a good movie ('based on true/real events...')
  12. describes a police state
  13. willing to be punished ? good thought process for a PM; fatal flaw of having military in control
  14. more fallout of the ultra-conservatism we are in now; this military bunch may cede ostensible power yet remain in shadowy control, however all the while, we are stuck with these goofy new laws