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  1. they Have clear evidence ! that being the current state of thai 'education' ; any number of studies and measures based on numbers; the longer one lives it here, the harder it is to Not believe that the goal is to keep thai people stupid and unquestioning and submissive
  2. YetAnother

    Pro-election activists are released on bail

    what is 'put society at risk ' ? who defines it ? generalized BS that means Nothing
  3. this will all turn into the usual non-sensical do-you-agree we see with new software , written in unending legalese that would bore a tree; written intentionally that way so No One would read it
  4. YetAnother

    'Suthep’s new party' to seek registration today

    i see, he is for anarchy then; quite the political platform; love the photo with the pretty girl seeking our money, doubtless including merit along the way
  5. must be the way to tell a 'good' temple from a 'bad' one, if they have armed guards they are not 'good'
  6. what ?! because we tried , we are a success ?! something called Results is the name of the game
  7. what a cesspool the roads here are; if i could detect what thai drivers are thinking, or more likely, the lack thereof, i would never drive here again
  8. "assure"; he says it won't and the people actually affected say it will; seems quite the quality leadership; actually the whole idea of 'off-the-budget' is Novel
  9. YetAnother

    EDITORIAL: Manipulation and resistance

    no such thing as common responsibility here, it is but an intellectual myth; people here will vote or otherwise express themselves based on what they believe, at that time, to be in their best individual, practical interests
  10. his version of "all is well, trust us"; trouble is the people have no role nor voice in governance; does that perhaps sound like a military barracks ?
  11. YetAnother

    Outpouring of support for pro-poll detainees

    what generalized crap, they hide behind this mantra which can be used to justify anything
  12. sure poisons are effective; so is the atomic bomb; doesn't mean you Have to use them; in this case, thailand again demonstrates its backwardness; other , actually civilized countries, many, have banned these chemicals, particularly paraquat
  13. clearly the borrowers do not understand what that means; the farcical first photo prototypes what we must sadly endure associated with the thai police
  14. YetAnother

    Saving Maya Bay

    quite the photo; humans have to 'makeover' nature as they cannot seem to co-exist with it in it's native state
  15. YetAnother

    Activists warn of lawsuits over farm chemicals

    reflecting the degree of concern thai drivers have for others on the road, thai governments behave similarly in terms of safety