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  1. china is not looking to militarily fight the usa; they are looking at economic dominance; seems they have a fair shot at it; number of novels have been written illustrating ways china can shut down that strategic oil corridor thru the south china sea, and they seem on the brink of that
  2. Tak hunter charged over macaque meat

    any objections to saying the thais are only recently jungle-emergers; have to give the completely urbanized ones a couple generations
  3. he spent all his credibility
  4. has thailand evolved sufficiently as to be ready for moving vehicles ?
  5. Premchai defers his meeting with police to March 5

    bet it isn't easy to prove this; likely boil down to he-said,she-said, no evidence; even so, just interview both parties and anyone they may have mentioned it to and you are done; 1 day
  6. ugly on the front side of this as well as the backside
  7. people that aren't intelligent aren't concerned about much
  8. Government defends its corruption-fighting record

    i see, so he is , in effect, saying: 'i have an impossible job'; thus , smiles all around, no problem; {hand waving away all corruption;; this guy is precious}
  9. the height of idiocy; how does one prove they, or their paid stooge doctor, prove they are not alcoholic or druggy; it is like proving i am not an astronaut; proving the negative; place is run by 10-year-olds
  10. i don't feel repressed ; there are still a few things things i can do; significant amount of them involve the bathroom and the kitchen
  11. NLA rejects all Election Commission finalists

    the latest vote-deferment excuse surfaces
  12. Government defends its corruption-fighting record

    for a seemingly intelligent fellow, he sure says some idiotic things
  13. Thailand performs better on graft-busting efforts

    score one for people dragging the bottom