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  1. thai officials so often use the most astonishing 'logic'; NOT
  2. o yes, and more 'probes'; what are they exactly, something medical ?
  3. this is the kind of knee-jerk reaction you get with far right wing govts, such as military dictatorships
  4. what in the world is a temporary foreigner ? separately, what are the benefits of having this id card (other than another form of id) ?
  5. do they use the exact same 'official statement' every year ?
  6. hmmm; a bit disturbing; if you are right then they might use the extension process to also reduce the numbers
  7. could not agree more; and it explains much of their behavior
  8. what is always interesting to me is the SCALE of misdeeds when unearthed; not one or two or even ten; 1300+
  9. it does seem that thais are much more aggressive than they were 20 years ago
  10. yeah it fits with the general reputation of the thai police
  11. ok; any ideas on why those 3-4 play by their own but consistent (amongst each other) rules ?
  12. o let me guess, he also owned the contracting and sub-contracting companies that did the work
  13. i wonder why this office plays by more liberal rules
  14. happens to me on bicycle often; drivers dont look