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  1. YetAnother

    Politics by numbers

    as with many things here, we expats are asking too much of thai to have any real 'true democracy'; they simply are not capable of that as they have so much difficulty governing themselves
  2. the crux of the matter; mexico screwed up on their southern border immigration, no sympathy for them being stuck with these 'bums'
  3. the shin son wont be here for long; if i had his money i wouldnt want to live in thailand anyway
  4. YetAnother

    542 foreigners arrested in latest weekly crackdown

    are we at the point yet where being a foreigner is a criminal offense ?
  5. military in law enforcement is a bad idea; not their training; gambling in thailand would be legal if they could tax it; government lottery is the number 1 cash cow for them; hypocritical
  6. thailand's slide continues; no good choices
  7. course they do not want to go back; to get properly killed ?
  8. public mouthing; they will take care of their own
  9. serving ? serving who ?
  10. thais cannot govern nor regulate nor discipline themselves; this will be a disaster
  11. the fact that he said it and it is in his thinking means there are truthful elements to it
  12. YetAnother

    Refusing condoms boosts STDs among teens

    sure they trust each other to have sex, nevermind all the possible consequences
  13. YetAnother

    More Pheu Thai members shifting to sister party

    will be new old policies, lesser of two evils when considering more military rule