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  1. I've been dating a Thai girl close to a year, so far all is good. She is from a small village and had a house but not completed. I went to her village for one week to meet the family and to see the house. After a long look at the house and taking photos I made the decision to modernize it and add a western style master bath. So far I've invested over 15000 USD in the project with another 15K to complete. Am I sorry? By no means, I've made it clear to my girl that as long as she takes care of me in my old age she will be taken care of. So my experience to those looking for a girl to care for you in your older years, stay away from those that are in there 20's and early 30's as those are the ones I classify as "still getting there grove on". My girl when I met her was 36, I was there on her 37th birthday and now coming up on 38. The only issue we have run into is language, she speaks English to where I understand her but she is still learning. She has to repeat herself a few times for me to grasp what she is trying to say. No issue with me. All a Thai girl needs is someone that is will to care for her and her family. The key word here is family, I enjoy helping them out as I have no one else that really cares if I live or die.