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  1. Where to live in BKK?

    Sorry to say but you won't find a 1br below 15k around benjakiti or lumpini, your expectations are too high. You should either look for a studio or increase your budget if you want to live in prima area. Otherwise move to on nut perhaps, bang na, lat prao etc. or live in a Thai-style room/building.
  2. Where to live in BKK?

    You didn't specify the size you want the condo to be. In prime area 15k will give you a studio of 24 - 28 square meters, 1 year lease but you'll have to go with the cheaper developments like Aspire, life, rhytm, LPN etc. I'd increase your budget if possible to 25k - 30k for a decent 1-bedroom condo. Look at the cheaper developments in sukhumvit soi 16, 18 and 20 if you like to be close to bejakiti. Enough gyms around there, one opposite to sukhumvit 22, one at the president park hotel, a new one on sukhumvit 26 opposite to k-village, fitness first at the landmark hotel, etc. http://www.ddproperty.com/en/property-for-rent?region_code=TH10&market=residential&property_type_code[]=CONDO&property_type=N&maxprice=15000&beds[]=0&with_photos=1&autocomplete={"objectId"%3A"TH10"%2C"objectType"%3A"REGION"%2C"properties"%3Anull}
  3. 10 days only? Have the Schengen-rules changed? My girlfriend received a 5-year tourist visa for the Schengen-area 2 years ago.
  4. Glad to hear you got a SETV without much hassle. What do you mean by lease? Leasecontract from your condo/house? Well, actually i'm planning to relocate to another country in Europe next year with my gf, but we'll be in Thailand 5 to 6 months a year. We don't see a future in Thailand, not with the current government, so it will be a holiday-only destination from now on and no more investments into the country. Sad, my dream was to build a life here but without the possibility of owning land, not feeling welcomed, not able to own more than 49% of a company, and the possibility of being kicked out of the country anytime they please, i'll pass on living here permanent thanks :)
  5. Thanks for all your input guys. It sounds like it's getting stricter everywhere, I'll probably go to Penang this time and buy an elite visa in October, just to stop feeling so damn harassed. Last year i applied for a SETV in my homecountry, my passport was quite full so the guy taking applications asked me a lot of questions which i was happy to answer. He didn't believe that i'm semi-financially independent due to my age so he wanted to see financial proof like bank statements etc. I was willing to show a bankstatement with only the balance visible but he didn't accept it, he wanted to see how and where i spend my money LOL! The idiot got red like a tomato when i told him it's none of his business, he stripped off the SETV from my passport and that was the end of it. I've never experienced such a power-hungry authoritive <deleted> like at the Thaiconsulate, he's not even a real consular employee!
  6. Thanks Ubonjoe. Do you know if they require financial proof? I'm not willing to share my full bank account statement, just the balance is ok though.
  7. I need to get a SETV in May. My passport has two SETV's, one from Ho Chi Minh and one from Vientiane + multiple exempt entries. I usually stay 10 to 11 weeks in Thailand, then 10 weeks in my home country. I enter Thailand on an exempt entry for 30 days, then get a SETV, return to Thailand for another 6 to 7 weeks. Is this going to give me any problems getting a SETV in Penang or Pnom Penh? How many days does it take at each location to get a SETV? Thanks
  8. I'd like to know what rights are granted to the app. Reading your contactlist? Access to the camera and microphone? Access to location services? Access to photo's? Would anyone like to check in the android app store? Sorry, i don't trust it, i think it will be abused to collect data.
  9. Thailand already is in many travel top 3's Top 3 for white man "suicide" Top 3 for double pricing Top 3 for tourist scams and traps Top 3 for fatal road accidents on rental bikes and buses Top 3 for polluted beaches Top 3 for police harassment
  10. Gulfsailor, that's what i believed, but the Thai law isn't so clear about that. An accountant told me that in Thailand there are always multiple answers to a question. Nobody wants to lose face and take responsibility for getting it wrong. No matter if dealing with an accountant, revenue department officer or lawyer. So, if an accountant gives wrong advice, who will have to take responsibilty in the end for mistakes made? Is it the business owner who has to pay the fines etc.? I guess it's better to visit the RD, but then again, it's open to the interpretation of the officer. Is this where tea money is to be paid? For a favorable outcome? So frustrating , i'm glad my own business is done in a Western country. And it just strengthens my own rule of never to invest more into Thailand than i'm willing to lose, because everything can be bent and corrupted.
  11. What are you talking about shitstick, are you referring to the other guy who also got into problems with Thai accountants? You obviously do not own a business.
  12. Noisy Bird!!

    Be glad it's not an asian koel, i had one under my window.... it's the most annoying bird in the world. I truly hate it. Just google for most annoying bird in the world and it hits the first page!
  13. I hear you, i'm trying to help out a Thai friend with an e-commerce business for which some professional tax advice is needed from an accountant. I too have emailed and called 8 different firms / CPAs, none of the advice they gave matched! They all say something different so how the hell can i trust any of them? It's ridiculous how incompetent they are, just like any other Thai "professional" in whatever sector. It really is just some simple tax and VAT advice i need for a business that only has sales abroad.
  14. I've been in contact with 8 different firms/CPA's and they all say something different. Even the 10k THB / hour CPA's don't agree with eachother. Pay VAT, don't pay VAT, yes pay VAT if.... Where did they get their degrees? In oompa loompa land? It's really ridiculous, i can't take Thai "professionals" serious because every time i end up doing things myself, most Thais are so bloody incompetent.
  15. I'm helping out a friend who has a sole proprietorship business in the e-commerce field. There are some questions regarding VAT because no business is conducted within Thailand. 7% or 0%? to register for VAT or not? (1.8m THB threshold has exceeded). etc. I've asked a few accounting firms which i found on google for advice, and they all ask like 10k THB per hour.... Maybe because i'm farang, maybe it's the normal rate for these "prestigious" firms, i dunno but i find it excessive. So, where can i find a "normal" accountant with good knowledge of VAT, tax and international sales? Where have you business owners found your accountant, or do you have it outsourced? Thanks in advance.