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  1. Unpaid bike repair

    My boyfriend crashed a pcx150 and took it straight to a HONDA repair shop. The sides of the bike were completely fine but the front needed replacement on almost all parts (lights and side panels). He took it to a genuine Honda dealer and was quoted 15k for the damage. At the time, we assumed this was the correct price. However, in the days that followed we found someone who had had a worse crash on the same bike model, also took to a genuine Honda dealer and only paid 6k. Upon finding out this info, my boyfriend decided to refuse to pay the remainder of the bike. (he paid a 6k deposit to begin repairs) - now, I work in Phuket and he only came to visit me. The rental place only had a photocopy of his passport and since then, he has left to go back home to the US. The rental owner knows the bike is crashed and was thankful it was taken to a real Honda repair shop. However they then asked us to pay them the remaining balance directly instead of the repair shop (which rang a few alarm bells to NOT do for whatever reason) - they have only ever dealt with my boyfriend both the rental and repair shop and since then he has left the country - they dont know who I am/nor have ever seen me. My conscious tells me to go and pay the rest of his bill, as he may have plans of returning to Phuket in a few months if I am still here (as it could be possible to come back and bite him?) but I also know that the quote was way overpriced and the 6k deposit was more than enough to pay for labour AND parts. Spoke to many Thai people who agree with me on this Any suggestions what I should do and what's the worst that could happen if the bill is left unpaid? Thanks, all help will be appreciated