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  1. Hi, I am married with a Thai lady for more than 15 years, we live in Spain my Wife have a permanent resident in Spain. We would like to bring with us to Spain a 7 years old child, the child The daughter of my wife's nephew. The mother of the Child is out of Thailand, she disappear when the child has 8 months old, and come back when she has 5 years old, now the mother dissapear again. untill now the father take care of the child with our help, and now we are thinking about the posibility of take the child with us to Spain and living with us permanently, the father agreed with this. The child hold the father surname but we are not sure who hold the custody of the child. We thinking the fast way to do this is my wife get the custody of the child, but we are not sure if this can be done and if is necesary the signature of the mother. I would apreciate if some one can give us some information about the procedure to follow to done this. Thanks and sorry for my english Best