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  1. Does anyone know the situation if the marriage documents are lost from a legal marriage in Thailand then reported to the Police as lost, does that affect your Non O visa and leaving and coming back into Thailand?
  2. Funnily enough that's exactly what this school does, I asked at the interview and they said you have to sign a release form to 'borrow' your work permit. As I haven't signed the contract yet and have contested their claim that I have to give up my Non O for Non B I would imagine they are now looking for someone else to hire. Which considering the unprofessional way they operate is probably no loss
  3. To settle the matter the school went to the immigration office in Samut Prakan and asked there without contacting the Ministry of Labour in any way. It was immigration who said you can only get a work permit through a Non B not a Non O and as pointed out earlier immigration have nothing to do with the issuing of work permits. So either immigration have the wrong information or the school is lying which is plausible as the HR woman in charge of visas and WP already told me she got a WP for a teacher with a Non O spouse visa.
  4. That's my feeling as well, the school has far more power over you with a Non B because as you say when they cancel your work permit along with your Non B then you have 7 days to leave. With a Non O the school has no power over you staying in Thailand....
  5. What the school just told me was the immigration at Samut prakan have to approve the Non immigrant visa before you can get a work permit from the Ministry of Labour and that they will not approve a Non O only a Non B. Is there any truth in that or would they just go straight to the M of L to get the work permit?
  6. I got a Non O spouse visa back in May from Laos Savaankhet Thai embassy. I have just been offered a job at an international school in Bangkok, first they claimed that Id have to get another Non O from Samut Prakan immigration office , first a one month then a apply for a year one. Now they are claiming that Samut Prakan immigration will not process a work permit from a Non O and I will have to get a Non B visa. I think this is just to avoid them doing more paperwork, is there any truth in what they are saying?
  7. Hi I have just got a 1 year Non O multiple entry spouse visa from the Thai consulate in Savannakhet, Laos. Though the consulate was not completely clear on the conditions of the visa. I know I have to leave every 90 days and re enter Thailand within the duration of the visa, but for example if I leave Thailand for 3-4 weeks to visit Europe and my first stamp is valid until 2nd August would I need a re entry visa to come back into Thailand? If I left Thailand say on the 15th July and returned on the 15th August? Thanks Maca
  8. I will be going to Laos on the 1st May to get the Non O spouse visa. If for whatever reason it is refused (shouldn't be I have all the necessary paperwork and proof of savings) will I have any problems re entrying Thailand as I already have a 30 day extension on a 30 day tourist visa, and if I do what would be the best course of action to take? Thanks Maca
  9. If go through an agency it'll be from the day I get the 30 day extension, if I go to the Thai embassy in Savannakhet, Laos and do it myself it'll be a few days before the 30 day extension runs out. I didn't know you could apply for a 60 day visa to visit a Thai spouse, do you know what paperwork you'd need to apply for that? Thanks for your help
  10. A couple of weeks ago the school I was working at fired me for a one day absence when I had to fly to KL as my Non B visa had expired. I had been sick the week before but had called in everyday and notified them, the day I flew to KL I didn't get the chance to notify them as I flew out early. I received a letter of termination today claiming as I'd been absent without notification from the 8th March to 16th March without notifying the school this was the reason for me being fired, this is untrue as they told me on the 7th March they were terminating my employment. My question is will I need the letter of termination to get a 30 day extension on my current 30 day tourist visa and I intend to apply for a Non O marriage visa after that, will I also need to show it to apply for that? I realize now the school didn't have sufficient grounds to fire me, so just waited for a week until the terms of the contract were broken. Thanks Maca