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  1. I was recently diagnosed with Breast Cancer and had a mastectomy at Samitivej Sukhumvit hospital - I thought the procedures was quite expensive - around USD12,000. Does anyone have a benchmark on doing a similar operation. I was very pleased with my doctor. I need to do Chemo as well - 8 sessions, every 3 weeks a sessions so six months - the total cost is around USD25,000 which my gut says was quite high. has anyone else done Chemo and have any advice on costs? I'd like to understand general costs that others have paid. I feel in general, the hospitals prescribe so much medicines that you don't use - and they prescribe high end drugs that are not always necessary, even harmful when it comes to antibiotics. Here is a list of drugs I'm being prescribed from Chemo - my only challenge is that the oncologist gets really annoyed with me when I ask questions to understand what is going to happen and how. I'm very pleased with my surgeon, but am quite unhappy with the oncologist who is not forthcoming with information... I live in Cambodia and doing my treatment in Thailand - I don't want to switch hospitals for Chemo, as I need to see my surgeon quite regularly. Any advice or comments would be appreciated. Thanks! Standard Regimen (A)Adriamycin 60 mg/m2 (C)Cyclophosphamide 600 mg/m2 Taxotere 75 mg/m2 Adjusted Dose (A)Adriamycin 120 mg/cycle (C)Cyclophosphamide 1,200 mg/cycle Taxotere 150 mg/cycle (Has anyone taken Taxotere and can share their experience?)