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  1. I stayed in MBS with friends for a night just because of the pool... would go again
  2. Agree, couple of Thai friends finished Uni and I know what their salaries are. Also my gf's sister who is a Uni teacher. I spend here on average 3-4 Thai Uni educated people's salaries a month. That money doesn't goes back to the country of origin, even though Thailand is money black hole. I always put on the immi card occupation "investor" as I get income from my investments - 100% foreign based from the US, Australia and EU. I live as a tourist for over three years (not just Thailand) and the jealous mob who hates people who can do it in their 20s/30s can kiss my lower parts. Just recently got back from Malaysia via the border that (by the reports) is unfriendly and not recommended - no issues.
  3. Yes, not even the Embassy in Bangkok can cancel my passport. It has to be sent back to my country. I'm already in Penang, out of Thailand with the old passport, in to Malaysia with the new one. No questions asked
  4. The document I've got from the Embassy actually say (I just checked)
  5. - not UK - I don't know how about you, but I don't consider going to immigration 25km away from Sukhumvit + waiting for several hours "easy" :) for me it is pain in the ass - no both passport are valid, as I said we can have legally up to 3
  6. Why should be P worried? He is the most powerful man on earth after all.
  7. Well while I get this message I'm still sipping a beer in a restaurant, sitting on my sofa at home etc... so no bother to me. Standing on the street sometimes for 30+ minutes does bother me though
  8. Thanks ubonjoe... I will be flying DMK - Penang so you confirm it's how I thought - exit stamp from Thais on DMK in the old passport. Then entry stamp to new passport in Penang airport and continue to use the new one
  9. We can have up to 3 valid passports at any time. I asked to keep the old one in case I would lose one in the future. Lost passport = have to fly back to Europe to get a new one. I don't live there for 8 years so it wouldn't be the most convenient (not in Thailand whole time though)
  10. When I used to live on So 15 there was sometimes 20+ of those poor souls heading the other direction. How sad
  11. Hey guys, because my old passport is almost full I've got a new one. Currently keeping both as the old one has my extension. I will be flying from DMK to Penang get new visa. What is the correct procedure for the stamps out / in? I'll be returning overland Penang - Hat Yai Is it - exit Thai stamp old passport, entry Malaysia stamp new passport and everything next new passport?
  12. When I saw the headline I was so naive to think for a second this would be a real opportunity to live here with all the rights when you for example get married, or pay taxes for xx years... Anyway, I would pay 50k a year, but never 1M for 20 years in the future in such stable, non-corrupt country as Thailand
  13. Now the TV snowflakes opposing Uber / Grab can kiss their balls... if they still have couple.