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  1. My gf told me - don't worry, my parents will never ask for money... each has own business, money, and ton of insurance
  2. It is a classic case of not drinking enough Redbull. Redbull makes you invisible... murder vs crashing coins? Crashing coins is obviously unacceptable crime!
  3. I'm thinking about getting a new visa from Cambodia as they don't seem to be overly friendly and I have a new passport w just one TH visa. I only been to Siem Reap before... is it recommended to use an agent in PP? I will fly there, and get back by land just to be sure there are no issues with entry. I understand to don't use Poipet but use Ban Laem or Ban Packard. To get there I should get first to Battambang - correct? Is it easy to get transport from PP there? Bit off topic: how would you compare PP with Siem Reap? I quite liked SR, friendly people, good vibe during evenings. Thanks
  4. I don't like him... but this case is ridiculous - the police and rail 'experts' even were able to count how many scratches the coins made.... on what probably is 10+ years old track!!! lol
  5. Most people who are less than 50 years old. Our younger have multiple debit/credit cards and can get emergency help from our banks.
  6. Depends on the niche and geo... maybe business in the US... but this in TH - hardly $1500 if not much less
  7. Ridiculous price... I went to many 5* hotel buffet in BKK and max I ever paid was 1500 per person - included everything above. Even all you can eat lobster
  8. Sometimes... but has to be outside tourist frequent areas to avoid mafia employees or pros
  9. lol this is very broken logic... if the first page is over a year old it could mean people simply don't want to sell because they are happy there every Lumpini / Rhythm / Whatever will be refreshed every 15 minutes not because of being "prime developments" but because having unlimited supply of low quality shoe boxes nobody wants
  10. Well I said Not my problem of you making assumptions that everyone is from the UK or Pluto... just read what is written
  11. You probably haven't made it even to the kinder garden If an elementary school is 8 or 9 years (9 in my country) it means that the 'average' person who spent 7.9 years in school would not "graduate" even the elementary level. The kinder garden bit was joke. Clear enough?
  12. Yea and I said "7.9 years of schooling", not being 7.9 years old
  13. lol in my country 7.9 years of schooling would mean that I graduated only a kinder-garden.. as elementary school is 9 years
  14. Is there actually something in Bangkok that isn't built for "yesterday" without looking what will be required "tomorrow"?
  15. Did you see the pictures of them online without makeup? Hideous