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  1. If I recall correctly he was asking somewhere around $60-$80 thousands but was unwilling to say the site's income... so well, not many people want a rabbit in a hat
  2. Maybe they refuse entry to people who spent a very long time in Thailand and haven't been active on TV. Again, refused entry for the first time poster
  3. Long term, the share market in the US average 9% ... no work involved, liquid... obviously now it is in a peak, so I would just /very/slowly average down Or get a commercial property in Europe - long leases (5+ years), maintenance done by the lessee = not much hassle. And you can easily find 5+ % But an average Thai doesn't have much options due to capital outflow restrictions by the dear leaders.
  4. They buy overpriced condos that then sit empty, because people are unwilling to pay 40.000 thb to rent a 35sq m shoebox.
  5. what condos with large terraces do you know? I've found Baan Prompong Condo - very far from MRT/BTS though https://www.prakard.com/viewtopic.php?t=906342 This one - can't identify http://www.bahtsold.com/view/awesome-terrace-large-2br-asoke-condo-with-all-am-96627
  6. Do you get bored with your condo?

    You can also keep money overseas... hardly could it be touched in case of divorce
  7. Correct. Same like a girl can have eggs without having sex... but not that tasty breakfast out of those
  8. What bizarre things have happened to you in Thailand?

    She doesn't seem young, or pretty... I think they fit each other
  9. After you snitch you will be punished for working without a work permit. Pay fine, and not receiving the reward Then you can sue the other party for defamation.
  10. My gf told me - don't worry, my parents will never ask for money... each has own business, money, and ton of insurance
  11. It is a classic case of not drinking enough Redbull. Redbull makes you invisible... murder vs crashing coins? Crashing coins is obviously unacceptable crime!
  12. I'm thinking about getting a new visa from Cambodia as they don't seem to be overly friendly and I have a new passport w just one TH visa. I only been to Siem Reap before... is it recommended to use an agent in PP? I will fly there, and get back by land just to be sure there are no issues with entry. I understand to don't use Poipet but use Ban Laem or Ban Packard. To get there I should get first to Battambang - correct? Is it easy to get transport from PP there? Bit off topic: how would you compare PP with Siem Reap? I quite liked SR, friendly people, good vibe during evenings. Thanks
  13. I don't like him... but this case is ridiculous - the police and rail 'experts' even were able to count how many scratches the coins made.... on what probably is 10+ years old track!!! lol
  14. Most people who are less than 50 years old. Our younger have multiple debit/credit cards and can get emergency help from our banks.