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  1. I was only in Amsterdam but the locals and the tourists alike had no problem smoking on the street.
  2. Simple - you compare the price of that same strain and age being sold by the same company to different customers. If all the customers but one are paying 300 EUR / oz and one customer is paying 700 EUR / oz for the same product it's pretty obvious there was some kind of alternate pricing going on. Whether or not that's fraud is another story.
  3. Judge Judy isn't anything to laugh at - she's the highest paid celebrity in the world! She's also pretty accurate in terms of judgement... however everyone who goes on her show gets paid when they appear and the judgements are paid by the show not by the person who is awarded against. That may skew her decisions.
  4. Royal Enfield to takeover Ducati?

    I can't imagine they have the capital to purchase Ducati.
  5. Yeah, there's no contract implied or otherwise. A wedding ring / engagement ring is a gift. She's being classless by not returning it, but he has no legal recourse or remedy. What I would do if I were him, and in a fun fiction story, would be to get her blackout drunk, steal the ring and replace it with a fake gold ring.