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  1. Quality suits at a decent price

    I use Bangkok Fashions on Suk 11, great guys, great quality. Just had 5 shirts made, all double cuff for 5000 Baht total, and a suit with two trousers for 8300. Again great quality material and cut. Took my wife in last night for a business suit for her, jacket with a skirt and trousers for her was 7800 Baht.. Edit to say the suit with one pair of trousers is 6000 Baht.
  2. Low cost airport for local and international flights. I flew in from Siem Reap recently after a weekend away and had a two hour wait at Immigration. Not sure what happened to the 20 minute promise.
  3. It wouldn't matter if they had the best guns in the world, it will still be handled by a bell end
  4. What have the victims done that was dishonest?
  5. I get the joke if nobody else in this thread seems to, thanks, it was dry and funny.
  6. I am a 50 year old man, cyclist, have cycled Bangkok to Phuket but now restrict my rides to the airport circuit. Cycling is so popular they are widening this circuit to get more people on safely. There is a fantastic mix of people cycling there from kids to pensioners and a fantastic range of bike . I see nothing wrong with a 60 year old Thai woman on such a bike.
  7. Scaffolding in bkk

    Not sure where to find. Does it need to be scaffold or can the work be done from a cherry picker or scissor lift?
  8. Tranquility and content is through fear and intimidation, I guess we have differing opinions on what tranquility and content actually is.
  9. So one light was amber and the other green? I don't think so Ambulance driver is to blame, I was a class 2 driver in the police and whilst we could break the speed limit, go through red lights, wrong side of the road etc you were always open to prosecution should you have an accident or cause an accident. It is up to you, not other drivers, to ensure the safety.
  10. How can the woman killed by the train chide social media users? I have see the video and she clearly walks towards the tracks, I wouldn't say she jumped but seems to fall forward. The lack of movement then makes me think she was knocked unconscious, or possibly had fainted onto the tracks after walking forward disorientated. We will never know
  11. The electric power on the airport link is overhead, I dont think she would have been electrocuted. One news report said she was crying and overheard to say die wanted to die.
  12. Yes. I was at Lat KRABANG station this morning. Tried to get the normal train underneath but that was a massive queue also. Taxis were few and far between. Gave up in the end and work from home
  13. Alternative to Cheap Charlie's?

    I didn't come up with the name. In all my 11 years here that is what it was known as. Personally I wouldn't eat down there although I did drink down there a handful of times. Horses for courses..
  14. Alternative to Cheap Charlie's?

    Dog sh1t alley