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  1. The girl has a badly bruised shoulder also but it doesn't say if she was pillion.
  2. From the internet. This is perhaps one of the more popular quotes attributed to Churchill in recent years. But even if he said it, and I’ve found no reliable evidence that he did, many other people said versions of it before him. Before the turn of the 21st century, the quote was more often attributed to Mark Twain. For some reason, sometime in the late 1990s and early 2000s there’s a shift and many quote books start attributing the saying to Churchill. The Mark Twain version of the quote often uses “boots” instead of “pants,” but either way, Twain was far from the first to express this sentiment, if he did at all. The most common date ascribed to Twain using this quote is 1919. Twain died in 1910. There are dozens of instances of this quote popping up in the 19th century, asQuote Investigator helpfully lays out. And the sources are all different, as you can see. In 1840, one publication attributed it to Thomas Jefferson: “falsehood will travel over the country, while truth is pulling on its boots.” While a magazine from 1846 called it a Chinese Proverb: “Error will travel over half the globe, while truth is pulling on her boots.” But the oldest version might come from as early as 1787 in a collection of sermons written by the British clergyman Thomas Francklin: “Falsehood will fly, as it were, on the wings of the wind, and carry its tales to every corner of the earth; whilst truth lags behind; her steps, though sure, are slow and solemn...” Whoever said it first, it wasn’t Churchill.
  3. And you know that they were not going to vote that way without the 500 Baht how? Also bear in mind members of both parties have been found guilty of vote buying.
  4. Prayut ignored report on Yingluck’s UK asylum bid

    Why would it be in someone else's name? What is your facination in the incorrect assumption that Thaksin can not own a house in the UK
  5. Really?? London refused Thaksin permission to buy a house on their land? London refused? Let me just say that again, London refused? If you mean the UK refused to allow Thaksin to buy a house in the UK I would be very much surprised, surprised to the point I will stare blankly for around 10 minutes. Is this documented somewhere, or is this just some nonsense you heard somewhere with no corroboration whatsoever?
  6. Those poor innocent yellow shirts that butter wouldn't melt in their mouths. Oh the humanity etc etc etc blah blah blah
  7. Best hotel near the airport BKK

    The Cottage at Lat Krabang 20/2 is clean, with a pool, walking distance to Paseo and does airport transfers. Not 500 Baht though, it's around 1100 per night
  8. So in summary, neither side of the argument can prove or disprove steroid use.
  9. UK and Thailand to hold Joint Military Exercise

    As I said earlier, in am sure the conversation was along the lines of 'you return to democracy and we will consider an exercise in the future' Thailand being Thailand do the usual rhetoric about how everyone understands why the army are in power blah blah blah.
  10. UK and Thailand to hold Joint Military Exercise

    I wonder whether Fallon has the same version. All I can see is the British telling them to get a path to democracy. Maybe the sweetner after that is a joint exercise. The below made me chuckle: “Don’t write headlines that every time the government goes somewhere, we go to buy weapons,” Prayuth said Tuesday after meeting his cabinet. “It’s not that easy. We do not have that much money.” Since it came to power, the military government has been criticized for the increased spending by the Defense Ministry. During its three years in power, it has spent more than 70 billion baht on weapons and systems for the army, navy and airforce, according to Thai PBS.
  11. Paying electric bill online?

    There is an MEA app in the App Store, it allows you t pay electric bill monthly by credit card, it also shows the previous 6 months use. I have been using it for a few months now.
  12. Yes and Yes, thank you. awwwwww diddums, did the bad man upset you with his words?
  13. Did they think it was a gay disco then got upset when they realized it wasn't?