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  1. Anybody can be a Reporter, a Journalist on the other hand is more skilled.
  2. kingkenny

    Another warrant issued for Thaksin’s arrest

    Probably when he is Prime Minister in Thailand again.
  3. eh? If you click the article they are not surrounding the house, they have already entered and the gunman has committed suicide. I guess they have updated their page after the OP so the OP does not relate directly to the link anymore and the situation has moved on.
  4. kingkenny

    Another warrant issued for Thaksin’s arrest

    I bet he is sh!tting himself, oh my god, how is he going to manage to put food on the table and pay his rent???
  5. Yes, I imagine they quite often give doses.
  6. kingkenny

    Messing around with Marvel

    Spend my day? Look at my post count compared to the time I have been a member then comment. Not sure why you want to get personal about this, awww diddums did the bad man say say something about not wanting to see your superheroes? Haha get a life.
  7. So happy to boys are safe and with a glint of pride these British guys were first to see them, but with the knowledge they are only a small part of a massive team from all over the globe who made this happen. I take my hat off to all of these divers involved in this, personally I am amazed they can fit through any passage as their testicles must be absolutely massive.
  8. Reports are they have been told Fellaini has signed a two year contract with Man Utd so they have asked to be left in there.
  9. Everyone who went into that cave on a rescue mission into dark wet areas not knowing what they would find deserves a medal. Kudos to you all.
  10. Just got the BBC news flash now. Brilliant. I am so happy
  11. kingkenny

    What am I missing?

    Read it again, he only actually does his wife.
  12. kingkenny

    What am I missing?

    Find a sexy Uni girl and move her in to the spare room, tell your wife you are helping with her studies. The results will be no more step son and his mates, and you will gain eye candy in the condo and a wife that wants to drain your balls daily to stop you straying. Free advice mate, people should pay me for such advice.
  13. This is what I am thinking. Why risk the kids in scuba gear for a journey that has been perilous for experienced divers.
  14. kingkenny

    Messing around with Marvel

    Well let's put it another way, dual pricing is dual pricing and if Thais only get 100 Baht discount what is the point ofvfual pricing other than the owners think they should be doing it. Added to this the reviews I have seen have said it is not worth paying either price as it is garbage. So yes, it's not worth taking my kids there, it's not as though we sit at home with nothing else to do.