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  1. I can't believe people fall for these scams. I am about to become rich after a Nigerian General contacted me via his lawyer Mr. Umbongo. I guess I am just lucky
  2. A simple search on the Interpol website shows this to be a fact.
  3. Has autocorrect kicked in there? Should that say excrement machine?
  4. Read back and see how you misinterpreted my post, that is the start of this and you object to being called out on it by me and other posters. On a positive note, I now seem to have my own digital stalker yayyyyyy
  5. What is the 'next' comment for? My question was genuine, not sarcastic or trying to belittle you. jeez, some people are so precious Oh by the way, I looked a little further, apparently its a 500 Baht fine, not 5000, indecent exposure.
  6. What is the crime? The report doesn't seem to know
  7. but you can see bare butts on many sois in Bangkok without censure, their own art (including on one of the ministry websites in the past) shows topless women, I could go on. In relation other countries there was the litter issue, also some writing on a sacred wall recently. I am sure there are many other instances that I can't really be bothered to find but of it bothers you so much them being called hypocrites feel free to look yourself.
  8. PM apologises for outburst at fisherman

    so the comments yesterday that is was noisy so he had to raise his voice is all nonsense, it wasn't noisy and he had a microphone. Yet people still make excuses for him
  9. Still at it I see, rather than admit you are deliberately misinterpreting posts to push your own agenda you still bluster around trying to defend yourself.
  10. Hypocrisy of the highest order. As stupid as these queers are for doing this arresting them is ludicrous, it will be interesting to see the charge. This is more of a knee jerk reaction from the authorities.
  11. I think you are doing just fine and dandy by yourself showing what your agenda is, you don't need my help on that clearly.
  12. Wow, it seems I am not the only one in this thread reading you correctly, are we all incorrect about your posting style? Clearly your reading of posts is not as good as you think it is. Anyway, you just carry on as you are if you choose to, I was correct, it is all about opinions however if you disagree with someone else opinion I suggest you deal with what the opinion actually is, rather than what you wish it to be to fit your agenda. Spock out, now jog on.
  13. was this an episode of Come Dancing? That punch wouldn't have floored my 79 year old mum, blind side or not, unless he had something in his hand.
  14. Your agenda seems to be to flit into a thread and dispute every post, and insinuate things in posts that do not exist. take a deep breath, read the posts properly, then we can all get along happily. Can I get on with what I was doing now without more inane drivel from you?