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  1. The thing I'd be more concerned about is the fact that the dollar is weakening even though the Fed is raising rates and promising to unwind $4 trillion balance sheet. Obviously, the market knows the Fed is bullshitting and they know Trump won't get anything done on tax or on stimulus. I'm just surprised it took them this long to realise. This dollar swoon could have a lot further to run
  2. I share the OP's sentiments. Racism among expats here is at its most vivid whenever a foreigner commits a crime or is caught up in some kind of aggravation in Thailand. White person - The authorities and/or the police investigation are immediately discredited Absolutely MUST have been a Thai involved in the background White people don't commit crime in Thailand-type attitude "Thais are out to get us farangs" Non-white guy No questions asked - Definitely guilty "Why are they even allowed into the country?" "Deport the scum"
  3. Nothing to debate. Some farang up to no good died. So what? Move on.
  4. I'm happy for you to assume whatever you like about my reasons for not answering your stupid long as it gets me out of this tiresome, boring round of bickering.
  5. I know just fine but I don't see why I should do your research for you. I think your rationalization is laughable. You've just conjured up a Thai bogeyman in the shadows for what reason I can't begin to imagine. Al the hallmarks of what a pubescent child addicted to crime novels might come up with
  6. You know what you can do with you "question", don't you?
  7. I've not assumed you're stupid. You're just trying to fill in the "blanks" in the story with elements of your own homegrown conspiracy theory
  8. The details of the outstanding warrants are pretty much laid out allover the media, Columbo
  9. If by the "Thai authorities", you mean the part of the official account which states that the FBI told them what he was up to, asked them to keep an eye on him then eventually served extradition papers then yeah, I guess I was. Sorry if that contradicts what you overheard at the local soapy.
  10. Mate, If the FBI issue an international warrant for your extradition, it's fair to say they've got you bang to rights. Innocent until proven guilty is a Western legal concept. Here, it's guilty until proven innocent.
  11. How would they have found him out? They haven't even upgraded from Windows XP yet
  12. Yeah cos squeaky clean farang authorities would have passed his wealth on to the executor of his estate for onward transmission to a cat's home, wouldn't they? The US government absorbs or appropriates illicit wealth every single day, mate. Farangs are just as dirty
  13. Expert testimony from international criminal psychologist attached to barstool in Isaan or Pattaya. You're just repeating idle (and probably drunken) chat you've overheard at the bar. A business of this nature doesn't require collusion or favours from Thais to operate. All it needs is a heavyweight internet connection. He had no need to ingratiate himself to movers and shakers because his business was invisible. They wouldn't have a clue what he was doing - all they knew was he was a wealthy farang. There are quite a few of them here.
  14. The Thais can't even catch a digital nomad selling crap on eBay - how they gonna catch someone with the technology security smarts required to set up an enterprise of this magnitude? Thankfully, Thaivisa is chock full of ex-counter-terrorism operatives, munitions experts, diplomatic attaches and espionage agents who've amassed a wealth of experience to back up their assertions. Comedy gold on here
  15. Wrong The Thai authorities knew nothing about what he was up to until they were TOLD by the Americans. The guy had been building this marketplace for years so if the Thai authorities had known about it, wouldn't they have done something about it? Just waiting for some barstool conspiracy theorist-cum-cyber forensic expert to suggest "they" were letting him build it so they could steal it from him later.