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  1. Have you left Thailand ?

    There's very little chance that a 95 year old is getting laid 10 times a week. Unless it's while he's dreaming
  2. Have you left Thailand ?

    Why on earth would prostitutes try to return your money?
  3. Thai women going from farang back to Thai men?

    There are well-known caveats against old men having children - heavily mutated DNA, increased risks of schizophrenia etc - but hey, don't matter . . . . as long as you get to feel like "real" man, eh? Pure self-obsession on your part MJ
  4. Have you left Thailand ?

    Mate, considering what you wrote earlier............ I don't even need to unzip my fly
  5. Horrific that this happened on my soi. Unforgivable that her screams for help went unheeded. Shameful but all-too-predictable that some posters decided to use the tragedy as an opportunity to bitch up Thailand and its people as if similar incidents don't occur in the perfect little Utopias they couldn't get away from fast enough to pitch a tent here.
  6. Thai women going from farang back to Thai men?

    The guy's like mid 60s I think. He doubts a 35 year old woman's fertility but his battered swimmers definitely won't be much cop now either
  7. Have you left Thailand ?

    How's that an insult? Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  8. Have you left Thailand ?

    Show me the post in which I attacked you. Show me the post in which I personally insulted you.
  9. Have you left Thailand ?

    Look, I get it You really want to tell everyone that you're still useful, virile and relevant but I'm sorry, I'm not even remotely impressed. I've far more respect for the old fella who just gets on with enjoying his retirement, goes about his business with his women or wife or whatever and keeps himself to himself Sitting on an anonymous forum trying to piss higher up the wall than younger guys makes no sense whatsoever to me.
  10. Have you left Thailand ?

    Oooo careful! He won't like that barrage of cold, hard facts. He's got a delusion to maintain
  11. Have you left Thailand ?

    People come here because of old boys??!! Ridiculous They come in spite of them. No actually, that's not entirely true. I've seen many younger expats pointing and laughing at old boys with their rentals. Sorry but chowing down at Tesco food courts don't make your demographic big spenders. The truth is that most of you are counting pennies
  12. Thai women going from farang back to Thai men?

    Only if I could borrow your winning personality Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  13. Thai women going from farang back to Thai men?

    I'm utterly convinced she'd be beside herself with disappointment at missing such a catch. LOL
  14. Have you left Thailand ?

    Living and working in Vietnam = over 100,000 Retiring? - very few as there's no specific retirement visa option - thank God