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  1. Yah someone will be along shortly to tell us that "real men" don't use machines or air conditioning and that all your really need to do to stay in shape is to do press ups with a bag of boulders on your back.
  2. Yah True fitness has gone downhill over the years but the location is unbeatable for me here at Sukhumvit 23. Heard rumours it's going to shut down soon even though it is profitable. If that happens, it'll have to be Virgin Active at the EM Quartier mall Phrom Phong. Similarly priced at 1700-2000 a month, I believe. Word is the equipment is top notch as is the eye candy.
  3. Elite visa is pants unless you're absolutely sure you want to stay in Thailand for 5 years. Sadly., the authorities make it terribly difficult for younger guys to stay here. They figure you've got to be old to have money, I guess.
  4. True DOCSIS been solid for 6 years down here in leafy Sukhumvit 23. 50 Mbps gives me 6.1 MBps on torrents and crisp, buffer-free streaming on the same time Part of a package Truevisions/Truemove-H/Fixed line and Trueonline for 2999. I'm probably getting a duff deal considering just how crap Truevisions is but can't be bothered to go through all the aggro of changing to someone like AIS and I don't want to lose the DOCSIS.
  5. Really poor English in use on the website. 'Regulations' should be 'regulators'. 100% boiler room scam. They're quoting realistic interest rates because if they were too high, everyone would suspect it was a scam. The worlds largest insurance provider would be overseen by more than a handful of dodgy regulators. Steer clear. They can't even get decent content done and their website developers are based in boiler room central, Marbella. Steer clear or your money will end up funding a gaggle of freelancers, a huge bottle of Belvedere and a kilo nosebag of coke at Sugar Club on sukhumvit.
  6. OK thanks, Ubonjoe. Just out of interest, if I eventually decide to go via the airport to somewhere like Phnom Penh instead, will I have to buy a re-entry permit?
  7. Hi there Is it possible to leave Thailand through the border crossing at Mukdahan and come straight back in without getting a Laos visa? I ask because I only have one blank page left in my passport and the Laos visa takes the whole thing up. Oops sorry. Forgot to say I have a multiple entry non O visa and I need to activate a new 90 entry.