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  1. Thanks elviajero, udonjoe and dutchisaan for valuable input. i got it now.
  2. many thanks for clarification. so, basically, one could stay in Thailand on visa exempt stamps and 30 days extensions for at least 4 months per year and/or even for an indefinite time as long as immigration allows to extend each entry for another month. is that correct?
  3. thanks for speedy reply. what do you mean by one per entry??? I am on my second stamp now. So extending my second 30days Visa exempt is no problem?
  4. I am an EU citizen and arrived in January through a Land border and got 30 days upon arrival. I then extended my stay at Chaengwattana for another 30days. After that went for a border run and received another 30day, Visa exempt therefore I am now on my 2nd 30days Visa exempt. Question: Would it be possible to extend this 2nd Visa exempt stamp for another 30days also at Chaengwattana Immigration?? I understand that only 2 x 30days in a calendar year are allowed at Land borders since beginning of year, but can both Visa exempts then still get extended at Immigration? Thanks for your reply