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  1. What is the point of your posts? I struggle a bit to understand them as it seems you think I'm better of divorcing my wife. If I'm way off plese elaborate. When I met my wife 6.5 years ago I read alot of horror stories about thai girls ripping off their foreign partner. Also alot of people advised me against marrying her and it tormented me in the beginning of the relationship. It actually made me look for any little sign that I couldn't trust her which is unhealthy in any relationship. At some point I decided she's proven her self and I became a much happier man. I'm not naive and have secured my assets but the lady has yet to ask for one single penny after six years.
  2. Agreed. What would 25 rai land cost for example in an area like Chiang Mai or Korat? Is it possible to see land for sale online just to get a sense of it all?
  3. Well you gotta start somewhere if you have a dream I believe. The details will be much easier to figure out once you've got a direction and an idea of what you need to think about. Real estate issues is dependent on your wife and I think mine's a real keeper. Time will show if I'm right but of course I'll get legal advice before jumping into any major financial decisions.
  4. Thanks so much for writing such a detailed response. I really appreciate your thoughts and I'll reflect your points for a while and maybe get back to you. Very valuable advice.
  5. Very good advice similar to another poster. Think it would a very good idea to see how I cope with living in a foreign country for a longer period of time before making any financial decisions.
  6. Thanks for the support. Agree that six years is a long time and we are still together 24/7 aside from work. We're closer than ever. Not looking to plan in detail but rather in the big picture. Agree on building sufficient funds and then hope it will work out so I can retire early. Are you retired and if so what are your living expenses?
  7. Very good advice. Not a seasoned Thailand visitor so I'll take your advice into account. And yes'm Scandinavian, Danish to be more exact :-)
  8. Good point. Will keep that in mind.
  9. Well you gotta trust your wife or the marriage is pointless right? I've spend a few years miserable and mistrusting her because of all the horror stories people share online. Oddly enough I haven't found many stories with happy couples but I believe they are out there. At some point I decided to trust her and let go of my suspicions. I would say I'm a happier man because of that. My wife has given me a million reasons to trust her and it's not just talk. She's done an awful lot to earn that trust day in and out.
  10. Really good to know so thanks for sharing. I guess spending habits are very different from person to person but it ranges from 50.000-100.000 on a monthly basis.
  11. Agreed. Is the $3000/mo just living expenses our do you have a mortgage on a house/car?
  12. I've been married to my Thai wife for almost 6 years now and am beginning to look into early retirement and moving to Thailand when I turn 50/55 years old. Which is some 10-15 years away but I like to prepare and plan so I can work my way towards reaching my goal. The rough idea is to buy a new home for around 3-5 million bath and the have a monthly budget around 30.000-50.000 bath. We are not looking at a home in Bangkok or Pattaya but maybe somewhere near her birthtown of Chaiyaphum or in a area like Chiang Mai or Korat. I'm curious about how you guys planned your retirement and how it went after you moved? Did your budget hold up and was it easy to keep? Any advice from you guys would help a lot so thanks in advance.