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  1. Well, IQ 100 means, that you are in the middle of your society. 99 means, that you are under average. 101 means that you are over average. So when you compare your IQ (eg 90) with IQ of your africo american friend (eg 110) you can be more clever than him. He is is just over average in his society and you are under average in your society. But you sociefy have higher standars to be and average (100). And now you can see, why your comments is stupid. If they were accepting children wigh IQ 82 that would mean, that even thais with underaverage IQ would be accpeted (=90% of thais). As a IQ 100 represent an average thai person.
  2. Did you think about treatment options in Thailand? As I understand money could be an issue in long run. If you travel to the USA and start paying those crazy prices for hotels and hospitals (not first hand experience, just what I heard) you could easily run out of money very quickly. Then what? A lot of people are traveling to Thailaind to get their breast done, teeths, surgeries etc. Because it is much more cheaper. And you are already here. So why not take advantage of situation? It could be a good option in long time run. QUALITY - my GFs mother got cancer. She had no insurance. She visited thai public hospital, she was hospitalized, was receiving chemo for 4 months and went though surgery. All this care was available even in cheapest public thai hospital to broke farmers with 0 Baht. Private hospitals are even ten times better. So look for some good thai hospital, eg Bangkok hospital. As you can see, advanced treatment is available even in lowest thai hospitals. Can you imagine what could you get, if you visited just a little bit fancier hospital? If even cheapest one have chemo and surgeries? It would be at the same level as the USA. And prices would still be very very reasonable. PRICES - she was staying in hospital for about 4 months. All we payed was about 80 Baht/day. (again, she had no insurance, it was lowest hospital possible). I went to private hospital with anxiety and was charged 2500 Baht for consultation, test and treatment. I payed in private hospital 500 Baht for xray of chest. I payed in private hospital 3500 Baht for CT scan of brain. How much would I pay in the USA? I would probably end up in bankruptcy after 2 visits. You need that better thai hospital as me, not like her mother, but it's still much more cheaper than USA. Burmungrang hospital. Its the best hospital in Thailand but its also the most expensive. If you visit it, you will be surrounded by muslim sheiks arriving in their limos. And everything is very expensive. I went there, spoke with doctor and was prescibed nose spray for my allergy. And I ended up with 16000 Baht bill! It would cost me 500 Baht in any other private hospital. If you're not a millionaire it could bite your ass in long run. Not this hospital. Try Bzngkok hospital or something like that. Just to sum it up. (1) Don't burn all your money in the beginig. It can be a long figh. You can end up not beign able to make money during treatment. Worst situation you can end up is spent all your money on tests. And then not being able to afford months of needed treatment. (2) Thai hospitals offers all modern treatments. And are cheap even for farangs. I wish you all the best. Kick it's ass!!!
  3. If you buy new motocycle you are forced to drive 45 days without license plate. So I dont see it as an argument that police man was in wrong.
  4. If you cross two different dog breeds, you will get strongest, most imune to diseases and most intelligent dog. Good example are street dogs, that are able to survive anything. And also pure breeds dog, that in older age suffer from genetic diseases (eg german shepards and their back hips). Wonder if there's something to in Pattaya in the case of gifted children. Because you are simply breeding two or free different races together here. Results should be astonishing. And they probably are.
  5. Are you sure, that one of your problems isn't also anxiety? Because you are overthinking a lot. From simple visa application you were able to make 8 pages long thread... . Just tell them there's no boyfriend anymore, you can't get letter, get visa, go to Thailand. You will see, maybe it will go good, mayb bad. Just finally do it!
  6. Why? I can give you directions to that hotel in Udon Thani... .
  7. You can't take bus from Chiang Mai directly to Vientanie. Because to board this bus you would have to have Laos visa already (they wont sell you ticket without visa). But you will be applying for visa on arrival, right? So no direct bus. You can take bus to Nong Khai, then taxi to border, then bus over the bridge, then taxi to Vientanie.
  8. If you're staying in a Thailand, in a Thai hotel, owned by Thai owner, operated by Thai staff and there's a Thai sign in Thai, that durian is not allowed in the rooms, there has to be something to smell of durian.
  9. *north Thailand Sakon Nakhon. Yep, I drove 700 Km to Bangkok. At Saturday Im going back.
  10. Yeah, but Im living in north Thailand. Where cop's english starts and ends with "Oh, Herro farang".
  11. It would definitely be a good thing to get this law in a thai language.
  12. Banned every vehicle from the roads except mine motobike. Average IQ, speed and safety would triple!
  13. Do you mean on the right?
  14. Passport in Thai language. I went to Ministry of foreign affairs to get it translate to Thai and get it legalized by them. But they told me, that first I have to go with my passport to my embassy. (1) Get copy legalized by my embassy. (2) Translate it to thai. (3) Get it legalized by them. But it failed at first step, when my embassy issued me legalized copy of my passport. But thai ministry didn't like it. And they didn't let me translate it to thai and get it legalized. Now I don't know what to tell to embassy that I want. Since their first attemp failed. What shoild I asked for at my embassy and in which format, so thai ministry can it legalized?
  15. Does anybody know how should document from embassy look like? Should it be just a copy of passport with stamp and signature from embassy? We went to Thai Ministry at Monday and they didn't like our english version. So we don't know how it should look like.