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  1. Settled in Thailand. But lately I come to realization, that I'm missing hobbies. Just going about daily business, without any passion or interests. I looked into my past in my home country. From that I ruled out cycling, as it could be quiet suicidal on these roads. So I was thinking about fishing. A lot of rivers and lakes around. And it seems unregulated. As anybody can be fishing here as he likes and what he likes. But I couldn't find anything else. Do you any hobbies while living here? That would fit Thailand, not requiring be in Bangkok or other big city? Thanks for experiences.
  2. I just want to be sure, that I'm right. I will go to Savanakhet. Aplly for 3 months non-o visa. I need marriage certificate + 1 photograph. Nothing more. After 2 months (1 month before their expire) I will go to local thai immigration to apply for a 1 year extension. I need marriage certificate + bank statement. Nothing more. Is it right?
  3. I got married in Thailand. And I didn't report it in my home country. I know, that it can be done by translating thai marriage certificate to english and bringing it to my embassy. But my wife will not travel to my home country. And I'm not looking for any benefits in my country from being married. It's 800 Km to Bangkok, it will take several days to travel there and back, it will cost some money... . Is it really necessary to report my marriage in my home country?
  4. howard ashoul

    How to wai - a guide to the Thai greeting

    I'm always confused who should I "wai"? Like should I wait my doctor? My landlord? Lady behind counter at Amphur? Generally people working in goverment? If I come to a random store and owner of business is present? Parents on every occassion? Teachers of my children? You might think, that I'm overthinking this. And I should just "feel it". But I saw so many farangs wai to motorbiketaxi, bargirls, and even to beggars. I don't wanna join their club.
  5. I applied 3 times for METV. I got them everytime. Everytime they required hotel reservation. But point is, that you don't have to show reservations for a whole 6 months. So everytime (3 times) I just booked hotel in Bangkok for 2 - 3 days, where I will be staying after arriving to Thailand. And it was enough for them! Book cheap hotel for 3 days (~1500 baht) and no more hasstle. Easiest solution. TIP:: Everytime I applied for a visa I also wrote them a letter. And submited it with all the paper work. Letter explaining why I'm going to Thailand. What are my plans. My itinerary etc. (This letter is not required). And they totally loved it (atleast Thai embassy in my country). Thanks to this letter I got away with things you wouldn't believe. For example for METV ticket out of country is required (which is basically the law). I explained, that I'm meeting friends in Thailand. And only after that we will chosse day and flight out of the country. Based on that I got METV without ticket out of a country. Letter will help more than anything else. Write them letter, explain situation in details, explain your plans. Show them booking of hotel for 3 days and in letter explain, that after that you are staying with family. They will be happy, that you have some hotel reservation. So their backs are covered. And they will also understand what's going on.
  6. You can enter and leave at the same hour.
  7. My wife has good general knowlege about the world. In her very own way. "Do you know Pinpin? You know, that big man from Russia?" "In your country you have king, or man same same Baboma?" "South Korea good. North Korea no good. Because they have JingJing." "Why America no like Cuba? Becuase Cacora no good?" Putin.Obama. Kim Jong Un. Fidel Castro.
  8. I know, that thai people are using some kind of chalk. They mark line around doors and ants won't cross it. They also put water in a large bowl and then put plate with food into larger bowl filled with water. So ant would have to swim to get to plate with food. Today I woke up at 7:50. At 8:00 my wife brought me coffee, rice and pork. When I finished my coffee at 8:30, around the plate with food was already crawling about 10 ants. So, was it 100% safe to eat it? Can they do any kind of harm?
  9. I was always wondering. There's a lot of tiny black ants around. You can't do anything about it. Especially if you leave food outsite of fridge for longer period of time. Is it still save to eat that food if you remove majority of the ants? Or are they dangerous? And if you overlook even one, could he bite you inside a neck and could you suffocate?
  10. howard ashoul

    What kind of hobbies can you have in Thailand?

    I can't remember first one. Second one was 'you cannot lay your hands on mongeese'. Third one was 'horning in on her territory'.
  11. howard ashoul

    What kind of hobbies can you have in Thailand?

    What is "horning"? Don't know what's going on today, but you are third guy on ThaiVisa today, who used some word, that I can't make sense of even using dictionary or Google.
  12. What is "mongeese"?
  13. Yes, about 2 years ago it was made illegal in our province to kill and eat dogs. I believe it was enforced for like 3 days. Maybe 4.
  14. To sum it up (sorry if not accurately, very long thread). - You broke you vertebrae. And you got pain from it. (which is medically justifiable) - Then you got series of of health issues (bowel movement, shortness of breath, pounding heart...). Which all of them have mysterious cause. Nobody can diagnose it. Nobody knows cause. Can't it be just an anxiety, stress and pressure, that you are putting on your body? You are visiting 3 hospitals a week, 3 specialists a day, writing page long reports, planning trips to foreign countries, buying insurances, dedicated your life to your health... . Literally going crazy about your health. You know? Only broken vertebrae is medically justifiable. Rest of it are all randoms symptoms, that nobody can diagnose. I think that broken vertebrae and then putting too much pressure on yourself is more probable. Than broken vertebrae and 5 different unidentifiable disseases, all starting at once. Mind under pressure can play games. And even affect physical processes in body.
  15. howard ashoul

    Baht buses OK’d to return to Soi Buakhao

    I never ever had a single problem or a bad experience with a baht bus. Everybody is using them, everybody is happy with their system. And yet there isn't a week, when there wouldn't be a crack down on them. Or somebody tried to change the system how they works. As a young person I can't walk on a Beach road without guys behind trees whispering at me "marihuana, cocain, yaba". I can't walk on a beach road after 2am, without ladyboy trying to pickpocket me. And yet, let's do a crack down on baht buses! On a system, which everybody uses and everybody is happy how it is.
  16. If you trying to get a driving ID, buy motocycle in your name...whatever. You always need certificate of residence (500baht), copy of owners house book, copy of owners ID. I guess with your own yellow book you could skip all the hastle?
  17. howard ashoul

    What is the point of 'security' in Thailand?

    Will criminal really care and will be showing respect to a guy, who can barely stand up from chair without dislocating his hip?
  18. Oh yeah, thats right. For pick up passport you just wait in line. Just remmebered about Laos people skipping the line there.
  19. Imposible combination. You will arrive at the embassy late = you will get high number = you will be given passport back next day as one of the last persons. No time to catch 4pm. You would have to be at embassy as one of the firsts. Which means around 7:15 - 7:30.
  20. howard ashoul

    What is the point of 'security' in Thailand?

    But you can't complain, that there isn't enough security guards in this country. Every car park, every everything has a guy in uniform (usuallly over 60 years old) whos's in charge. Never saw so many security guys in any other country. In our village we have ATM which is guarded 24/7 by a guy in a uniform! Sitting there day/night guarding ATM.... .
  21. I bought motocycle in my name while on tourist visa. I even crossed border to Laos with this motocycle while on tourist visa. When I got married I listed this motocycle as my personal property acquired before marriage, so in case of divorce it will remain 100% mine. Alhough they required I have thai driving motocycle licence before registering bike in my name.
  22. In the last week I started atleast 3 threads about going on motorcycle to Laos. But nobody responded or give any useful info. I crossed to Laos at Nong Khai today (June 2017). So there it is. What is needed: bike above 300ccm (including 300ccm) original green book (not copy) translation of registration from local transport office thai driving ID if owner of motocycle is not crossing with motorbike - letter allowing exporting his motocycle How much does it cost: leaving Thailand 30 Baht per person entering Laos 175 Baht per person insurance is 110 Baht per 7 days visa on arrival are now 1300 Baht (3 months ago it was 1500 Baht) How long does it take: customs are closing at 16:00, not at 18:00 as many times mentioned at the internet it takes about 10 minutes, not 2 hours as many times mentioned on the internet (even if you entering for the first time with new bike)
  23. Vientanie embassy, June 2017. Required documents: - filled form - copy of passport (photo page, Laos visa, last Thai visa), every page must be signed by you - copy of marriage certificate - two coppiest of Kor Ror 2, from Amphur where you got married - copy of wifes ID (both sides), signed by wife - copies of wifes tabian baan (page with adress, page with her name), signed by wife - no financial proof (some people were lately mentioning, that it's required) Also no matter what kind of visa, your Thai adress.
  24. They definitelly didn't have helmets. 3 people on 1 motocycle is probably also over limit. Not sure about driving ID, wouldn't be suprised if she didn't have one. I am not defending that guy in any way!
  25. howard ashoul

    Bank suggestions?

    What do you mean? Sending money from Kasikorn abroad? Never tried it. But no problem with sending mone from abroad to Kasikorn.