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  1. TCP protocol

    I should add that I'm confident that the Android device itself is not the problem, because if i take it to a friends pace near here who is on 3BB ADSL 18Mb, the VPN works perfect. I have also tried 3 other Android devices, and they all perform the same. Before they switched me to VDSL the VPN also performed perfectly on the same Android device.
  2. Global search for Red Bull heir draws a blank

    My point is that you came here to claim that they never have been talking about the reckless driving resulting in death charge. Now you change your claims as that you know the future and they don't want to arrest him, and will never do. That sounds as defamation to me.
  3. TCP protocol

    Thanks for trying to help. I will post some more screen shots from speedtests and logs below, please have a look at them. I have installed Openvpn client on PC and Android, and use the VPN now through the Openvpn client. It shows that UDP 1194 is used on both PC and Android, but on the Android UDP get throttled and on the PC they don't seem to succeed 1 . Openvpn connection log PC 2. Speedtest to UK with Singapore VPN enabled on PC 3. Openvpn connection log Android 4. Speedtest to UK with same Singapore VPN server enabled on Android 5. Speedtest to Singapore without VPN on Android
  4. Global search for Red Bull heir draws a blank

    Absolutely no denying that he remains accused of of reckless driving resulting in death but has he been charged with reckless driving resulting in death. He was never charged with count #1 (speeding) and it doesn't look like he's going to be charged with count #2 (hit and run) either. Thanks again for thoughtfully including the link to the other thread that simply says that back in early June he was merely "being sought to hear the indictment by public prosecutors." No mention of him actually going to be charged back then either despite an 'arrest warrant' reportedly being issued back in April. You always seem to know everything, and now you don't know that in Thailand you can not be charged if you don't appear at the court to hear the charges? And that is why he wasn't charged on the first count, and probably will not be charged on the second count. But they have 15 years to charge him on the last count, so what is your point?
  5. Global search for Red Bull heir draws a blank

    So you mean this is only visible for my eyes? But he remains accused of reckless driving resulting in death, which has a 15-year statute of limitations,
  6. I guess you weren't in some European airport 40 DAYS ago then
  7. So finally he is gonna declare his assets. Not?
  8. Global search for Red Bull heir draws a blank

    Not gonna name names, but a smart arse in this thread who claim that the last charge expires in 3 weeks is wrong, as always. Amnat said the statute of the limitations for Vorayuth’s alleged failure to stop his car and help the victim would expire on September 3. “If the process is delayed, that charge may expire,” he said. The charge of reckless driving causing the death of another has 15-year statute of limitations.
  9. Dentist overcharging

    So you weren't overcharged then.
  10. Foxtel App from Australia

    I thought the purpose of this forum was to share information, so why this information which can be useful to many other members, can't be posted on the open forum?
  11. I thought he wanted to transfer money into the account, but to answer that question, which applies to all banks in Thailand. He can withdraw foreign currency in cash from the FCD, and will pay 1 - 1.5% commission on that depending on which bank. He can not transfer foreign currency abroad directly from the account,but first has to exchange it to Thai Baht and deposit in a current or deposit account, and then transfer it abroad in Thai Baht.
  12. Arrest over alleged Bt4-billion pyramid scheme

    Why I never get informed about these opportunities while it is still accepting new customers. Bet they don't like foreigners, yeah?
  13. Hey Prayuth, here is your solution for the rubber farmers. Make it from Thai rubber, and with those 30 Million Chinese visiting the rubber stock will be gone in a whim.
  14. I thought there is an exemption for goods bought from airport duty free and in a sealed transparent bag.