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  1. I have spent several hours on both Saturday afternoons in Harbor the past 2 weekends, and it maybe busier than during weekdays, it is far from busy. During the same 2 weeks I have been there also frequently during weekdays, and then it's virtually empty. Many empty spaces and shops that are locked up. I don't think there will be any improvement when T21 opens
  2. Then they can always delay the election. You think they would ever consider such a measure?
  3. Trump isn't British so what has he to do with British royal protocol? You Brits still think you rule the world, don't you? That he was 10 minutes late, i doubt that he was driving the car, so maybe he isn't to be blamed for that.
  4. Obviously not to the UK embassy, because then he wouldn't write " contact through UK embassy"
  5. janclaes47

    EU slams 'tasteless' speculation on Juncker's health

    This guy, as many other big wigs in EU and IMF, is a disgrace. https://www.thesun.co.uk/.../eu-chief-jean-claude.../
  6. The car industry in my country is not the subject of this thread, British cars and specifically MG is. Also your claim that in the past 100 years UK had a few decent models, most of those which cost double of an average car on the market, doesn't really impress. As another poster already mentioned, even the most expensive luxury brand had rust buckets. In the late eighties ( early nineties) you could buy RR Corniche's imported from the US for next to nothing, but they would have rust holes you can't imagine. If British cars were so good, then why they don't have any cars industry any more? Or read what UK drivers say. https://www.standard.co.uk/news/british-cars-are-unreliable-say-drivers-6328944.html
  7. British cars have always been a disaster, so why anyone thinks they would improve when selling the brand to a nation which yet to date hasn't produced anything that is worth the money.
  8. I'm sure i must be missing something. -Majority of UK citizens don't want Trump to visit. -Trump tells May that she takes the wrong approach about Brexit. -May loses support of the Brexiteers that voted her in, as well as the members of her government. =Maybe the majority of UK citizens doesn't disagree so much with Trump?
  9. He was talking about 200, so that means 7500 left still, so maybe it's just you.
  10. Stop the presses, George Clooney got a scratch on his knee, and Tom Cruise send him a message. Maybe Tom could start sending 80 messages a day to Thailand bike accident victims who pay with their life.
  11. One can only hope this is not for an ID card, but prior to charge him with treason.
  12. That's why you probably never will be a hero, because you're looking already for the rewards.
  13. Did you notice tlcwaterfall said he used his vpn? If you use a private vpn you should not enable the proxy in iplayer settings, just press defaults.
  14. janclaes47

    Leadership of Tham Luang rescue mission

    I'm sure everyone involved at a higher level in the rescue, including Narong was well informed who Musk is but they had their reasons to reject the offer. I'm also sure that Narong didn't reject it on his own.
  15. janclaes47

    Leadership of Tham Luang rescue mission

    The transfer was approved in April, and was supposed to take effect last Wednesday, but was delayed because of the ongoing rescue.