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  1. You probably never heard about concurrent or consecutive sentencing
  2. Maybe you should inform yourself a bit before trying to sound knowledgeable. In urging the court to reject Meng's bail request, Gibb-Carsley said the Huawei executive had vast resources and a strong incentive to bolt: She's facing fraud charges in the United States that could put her in prison for 30 years.
  3. I don't think they do water boarding for trade violations
  4. The US has all rights to sanction where US origin products get exported to.
  5. Understood, and that was actually the reason why I suggested to do my 90 day report on the day as previously expected, because then they only look at the slip in my passport, while otherwise they will have to look at my entry stamp to count the 90 days and maybe see some easy money.
  6. I actually don't recall that I have ever specifically reported my address. A few years ago there was the 2 or 3 page question form that needed to be filled in at had all your personal info. I have filled that in and presented on my 90 day reports twice, but it was always rejected with te comment "next time ". Previously there were copies from yellow tabien baan to be attached when reporting 90 day, but that has been done away with for some years already also.
  7. Here we go as I just read a post from another married member who got fined for failing to re-register after a visa run. I'm on a retirement extension of stay for the past 10 years, and have a permanent address with yellow tabien baan. Early October I left to my home country for 2 weeks, and had a re-entry permit. I filled my address on the TM card, but didn't went to immigration on my return. Did I need to re-register, and will I be fined for not doing this? According to my previous 90 day report, the next one would have been 8 December, but since my return date was 18 October, that would now be 17 January I assume. Does it harm if I do my 90 report now, or should I wait till 17 January?
  8. janclaes47

    Building with EPS sheets

    Those I looked at had blue colored insulation. Can be the same, as i didn't examine them thoroughly.
  9. Well i'm sure that as with every other weatherman financial markets forecast, there will be another major securities firrm who predicts the opposite. They couldn't be more wrong about that. Did you read the statements from both US and China after their leaders met? They contradict each other on about everything that has been agreed or not agreed on. You have just seen the start of the trade war, but the so called 90 day truce was just an attempt from Trump to stop the declining stock market. Not a chance that anything will be agreed on after those 90 days. There was a statement from the fed, for the same reasons as the trade truce, that they would slow down. After 2 days of market recovery, the fed made another statement that actually made cleear that there is still plenty of space and reasons for rate increases. The USD has tanked against about every other currency in the world, including the THB, and so has the Euro and GBP.
  10. So technically speaking they may not need an atm withdrawal ever, and still pay the 16 Euro per year.
  11. Ok I get your point.....finally , but didn't you say that a customer from a Netherlands bank pays 4 Euro quarterly without making a single withdrawal?
  12. Thai banks don't charge to withdraw from their own atm's, which are plentiful available. They charge for an ATM card, but these days everyone has a smartphone, so they download the free online bank app, and withdraw from atm's without the need for a card. In the past they would charge if you withdraw from a concurrent bank atm machine, but I thought those fees have been removed also since at least half a year. Not sure of the latter, since I never withdraw using a concurrent bank's atm, because each Thai bank has atm's all over the place.
  13. I was not aware that you are on a holiday, so indeed in that case transferwise is not worth the hassle. But going through your posts in this thread, you keep insisting that you pay a quarterly fee to your bank, and therefor expect withdrawals without a fee. You pay a quarterly fee to a Eurozone bank, and last time I checked Thailand is not in the Eurozone, so I'm a bit baffled as why you expect free withdrawals in Thailand
  14. The difference is that who get nominated these days is most likely also the winner.
  15. You can easily check the exchange rate your credit card use and compare. The transferwise rate is guaranteed, and there is no charge from the Thai bank. Thai banks charge a fee if you transfer from your foreign bank account. What the transferwise site shows is what you get. I have bank accounts with 4 Thai banks, and haven't ever been charged a dime for any of them, other then atm card fees, which I don't have. With the Kasikorn mobile app I can withdraw money at any atm without an atm card.