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  1. Will Easter do it for you?
  2. Shall we continue in my native language, and see how you do then?
  3. Why would the id's be changed? If nobody checks upon entry in Thailand, it would be a waste of time.
  4. If it gonna snow or if Eastern gonna fall on Christmas day was not my question. The question was, where all those cars that currently are parked on beach and second road, gonna park when you take away the parking spaces as you suggested.
  5. And where they gonna park, if they ban road parking, since now already there is no parking space if you have to be somewhere on second or beach road
  6. What has respecting traffic laws of the country you're in to do with western ideals?
  7. Yes like waiting if the circle is occupied, even by someone of the me first brigade,. May be that's your issue.
  8. This one will be streaming on my Kodi tonight, please don't interrupt me.
  9. Yes they should tear those houses down as an example, but why use a soldier and not someone who thinks is above the law and encroached 60 Rai of forest land.
  10. We will see in a month from now, but that is not what Harbor depends on. If the Bangkok people can reach the mall, then I bet those from the dark side can as well. I hear very well from my son, he and his friends went to Harbor once when it was fresh open, and since go rather to Central however they have to pass Harbor to get there. He went to Harbor with his mom about a month ago, and he said there was nobody on the ice rink, and that was at 7pm when some on her claim that Harbor runs well in the after hours.
  11. Weren't there supposed to be no threads about illegal iptv services?
  12. That would be very strange, since they get their content from the same source, so I would doubt that if a serie is not in HD on Kodi you will find that same serie in HD on torrents. May be you want to give an example.
  13. I think they are the same organisation as Thai Expat, and for obvious reasons don't give a trial to customers in Thailand. By the way, I thought you were so happy with club-iptv, so why looking to spend more money for the same content?
  14. For adding more channels it doesn't need to be taken offline, and I watched T2 in HD and with subtitles in the language of my choice on Kodi 2 weeks ago, without paying a monthly subscription..