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  1. janclaes47

    Concrete Blocks (Cinderblocks)

    Chonburi concrete has them in 20 cm as well as some other sizes. These are real concrete load bearing cylinder blocks, not to be confused with the grey fly ash blocks most houses are build with. Not sure if they deliver themselves but I think their nearest dealer is Sriracha concrete, about 50 meters from Tukcom Sriracha. https://translate.google.com/translate?hl=en&sl=th&u=https://www.ccp.co.th/&prev=search https://translate.google.com/translate?hl=en&sl=th&u=https://www.ccp.co.th/&prev=search https://translate.google.com/translate?hl=en&sl=th&u=https://www.ccp.co.th/&prev=search
  2. Tuesday is a public holiday, so many people made it a long weekend
  3. janclaes47

    Recommend a good instant coffee brand at Big C

    I admit I didn't look if it was no sugar, but there was G7 in the location I describe and probably also in the coffee section. Thais are not interested in no sugar products, as you can notice from sugar free coke or green tea etc often going out of stock everywhere for weeks in a row.
  4. janclaes47

    Recommend a good instant coffee brand at Big C

    The G7 coffee in Big C extra is on the shelves near where they have the rice bags stocked.
  5. Airports have duty free shops, they are usually very cheap
  6. janclaes47

    Five killed in Si Sa Ket as cars collide in fog

    It has been illegal in the past, I remember bikers been fined for having their lights on during daytime, but I think the law in that regard changed about a decade ago. Since many years new bikes come with always on headlights and no light switch, same for new cars that have daytime lights built in.
  7. I have such a feeling that your Irish friends are actually politicians
  8. OP feels his time in Thailand is running out, yet seems afraid to return to his home country. Another quality tourist ?
  9. Wow, that's quite a statement there, which imo only can come from a fanboy who's life centres around spending time in malls because aircon at home is too expensive. I live here permanently, longer than any of the malls exist in Pattaya, and I can say in all that time I haven't been to Central more than 15 times, and less to any other of the malls. Reason is because I see no point in visiting a mall if I don't need something that is exclusively available at that location. I'm sure though that I'm not alone in that opinion.
  10. janclaes47

    Heavy rains forecast until Monday

    Calm down. It was very hot here in SE UK today and certainly wasn't 18. Without wanting to get involved in this argument, I put my money on the member wwho was physically in the UK. Were you in the UK Kadilo? I just returned from a 2 week trip to Belgium, and according to the weather reports/forecasts in Belgium we had 3 days of rain during my stay, fortunately I didn't see a drip of rain during those days. The temperature shown on the dashboard of my rental car was also every day of my stay significantly different from what i heard on the radio.
  11. I wonder which party controls congress? You know?
  12. janclaes47

    Fibre comparision (AIS, TRUE, 3BB

  13. janclaes47

    Fibre comparision (AIS, TRUE, 3BB

    The one who is missing the point is you. My point was that you claimed that the 6 Mbps upload to UK you registered was as good as it gets, because you were on CAT and CAT owns the international gateway. The fact that I get double that upload speed on 3BB to the very same server on the same speed test site, proofs that 3BB has it's own gateway.
  14. janclaes47

    Fibre comparision (AIS, TRUE, 3BB

    Every ISP in Thailand owns his own international gateway. Because CAT invest heavily in international connections doesn't mean there are no other international gateways available. http://internet.nectec.or.th/document/pdf/210908080401.pdf
  15. There were reports not so long ago that Big C would move out as their lease was ended by central group.