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  1. Kodi, ISP, and DNS

    You're right about that, Kodi is better than it ever has been, but you need to update it. Never have had so much good working live tv and sports as in the past 6 months. For Kodi you don't need a VPN, in fact some addons will not work with a VPN. You may want to check your internet speed to the outside world, your 30/10 is within Thailand, and many ISP's in Thailand still think there is no life outside Thailand. I had a technician from 3BB message me a few weeks ago, that he could not serve me because i use the web which most customers don't. Try this link to test your speed. https://testmy.net/mirror?testServer=uk
  2. Central Group plans Thailand's largest outlet mall

    Last time I was at Mega, that was a Sunday early March, there was no congestion at Mega. In fact when I arrived, over Sukhumvit coming from Chonburi around 1pm, there wasn't even a queue to enter the parking lot and plenty of free parking space. Never seen this before on my trips to Mega, which are always on Sundays.
  3. Been waiting for that since ages, Mr self proclaimed financial expert.
  4. You don't need to take me serious, nobody on this forum takes you serious. I told you previously already, because you are obsessed by money ( especially the money that others have), doesn't make you a financial expert. Everyone with a bit of reading comprehension would have figured out from my first post that I was talking about construction companies, the larger ones that have been established since decades, not those that build the single townhouses. Do you also want names, telephone numbers and email addresses? Why they complain, because there is no foreign investment, and that is what they have relied on for their business. If you look at the thousands and thousands of unoccupied shophouses, everyone knows this is parked money, but they stay empty because business is bad. In my area along highway #36, a major highway for industry and business, there are tens of large new build villages that are 80% empty. Near my house Patta has build a new village with 270 houses which is 90% finished now, starting from 5.9 million, but is virtually empty. Why? Because the people don't have the money to pay for it. There are several similar projects, that are also mostly empty, within a 5 km radius. Why they keep building? Because they get easy money from the banks, because the show must go on.
  5. Thanks for taking my comment out of its context, again. Did I say that they ahd anything to do with THB value influences? I also made clear that I wasn't talking about small mom and pop businesses, so anyone would have understood that means bigger longer established ones. And here it is for you again, what I actually said, ' they all complain that business never has been as bad as since May 2014. You will also see that I mentioned that foreign investment has declined rapidly, and that you can check by yourself from the public available figures and statistics, and that definitely has something to do with the value of a currency. Let me add, I don't think they keep the Baht low, they are imo instead preventing it from falling through the bottom.
  6. Whenever I talk with business owners lately, and then I don't have the mom and pop grocery store around the corner in mind, they all complain that business never has been as bad as since May 2014. Foreign investment has declined rapidly, and however you see thousands of shophouses build ( which all stay empty for years), the construction companies are the ones that are in the biggest trouble.
  7. Yesterday this person was portrayed as a nutter on this forum, but now that it becomes clear that he the Thai " hero" students are involved, those voices seem to have gone quiet.