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  1. Saw a youtube a few weeks ago about hail stone in Thailand damaging cars and windscreens .
  2. You can't watch live streams in BBC Iplayer without a vpn or smart dns
  3. I tried livng very cheap for 1 month

    I may be confused with another member, but aren't you the same guy who managed to run 200.000 Km on a set of tyres?

    Yes that clause is included in one of the forms, but it doesn't mean that you're able to receive a license if that is the status. I assume the status is there for the purpose that this will automatically disqualify for a license. The person responsible for the license at NBTC spoke fairly well English, and said if the box is in Thailand already it's not possible to receive a license, and customs will destroy the box.
  5. Polishing scratches out of reading glasses

    You can't get scratches out of eyeglass lenses for the simple reason that they are in the coating, mainly the anti scratch coating LOL. Next time get yourself lenses without coatings. I did on my last purchase about 2 years ago. Got Hoya CR-39, cheapest lens they have, without any coatings and as of today not a single scratch. It is at the same time also one of the strongest materials they have, so ideal for frameless eyeglasses.

    As you say, non cerified translation. There is no provision to apply for a license when the package is held at customs. I have a shipment that is confiscated, and have talked personally with NBTC. The answer was, once the items are in Thailand we can NOT issue a license.
  7. DC voltage LED bulbs

    Not of interest to me as they are way too strong, I need 3W only, but for those interested in LED or solar amy want to take a look at the shop of this seller. He offers 2 years warranty on this product and has also led downlights and solar. http://www.lazada.co.th/applegreen-led-12v-16w-3u-e27-day-light-47300294.html?spm=a2o4m.search.0.0.47fcd4adOgsRv0&ff=1

    If you order from Lazada you can select COD, if it doesn't arrive not your problem. The sellers that still deliver have their way of bringing the goods into Thailand without being inspected. If you send by express courier expect to get burned, so I doubt Amazon will still ship to Thailand. As a private person you are allowed to import up to 5 boxes, but you need a license for each box. A license cost 10 Baht, and consists of 6 documents which have to be completed before the box get shipped. When the box is at customs no license can be issued any more. On the documents have to be serial number and mac address, all details from seller and manufacturer, where you gonna use the box and much more silly details. I had an educated Thai person read the documents and after a while she told me they are created to be impossible to complete. Most Chinese sellers don't ship to Thailand any more, and DHL doesn't accept TV boxes any more. In the past if you ordered from the large Chines companies selling tv boxes they would reduce the price on the invoice and give it a different description. Now they refuse.
  9. You got it right there, this was not a designed to increase security during the event, but preventive measures for what is likely to happen afterwards
  10. When was he convicted, or even charged ?
  11. Ford tire offers for current owners

    When I need tires I do the major shops between Pattaya and Sri Racha, and Siri a Nan is always the most expensive of the whole lot. Best price I always get in Sri Racha, about 500 meters past Tuckom at the same side. I have a few friends who drive a lot for business purpose who also swear with that dealer.
  12. Working UK "Live TV" Kodi addon

    Bennu has been offline for 2 days, there are no 2 day weeks where I come from, and came back online on October 19. And it was deliberately taken offline, because some <deleted> posted all their sources on pastebin
  13. You're joking, right? No they aren't hosted in Thailand, because then they would be shut down already, as they are illegal
  14. DC voltage LED bulbs

    The ones I ordered 13 months ago on Ebay was a seller with a 99.5% rating, and he still holds that today. The first one failed after about 10 months, then the failures rate increased quickly from one in 2 -3 weeks to 2 in a single week, with now 12 out of 14 dead.