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  1. Ok, what's his TV username?
  2. Koditips has been down for a while already. I thought I read somewhere that they fixed it earlier this week, but that must have been a short term fix then. By the way I think that Made in Canada also soon may stop working as he announced his departure almost 2 months ago. Simplycaz has also thrown in the towel almost 2 weeks ago.
  3. From watching porn you can't die, or at least not if you're a healthy person.
  4. Yes we are dfinitely talking about a different product. The one I have in mind is refrigerated,.
  5. No it's not, it is pure fresh orange juice, and has a best before date which is only a month or so. Concentrate has a best before date of a year .
  6. When I was 12 years old my school was 8km from home, and I travelled there every day by bicycle, summer or winter, sun or rainy day.
  7. A decent helmet is 1000 Baht in Thailand, but you can have one for 200 Baht already, which is about 0.5% of the price of the motorbike they purchased. These days you get 2 helmets for free with the purchase of a scooter
  8. How do Trumps lies affects someone who lives in Thailand is a mystery to me. But never mind, it is clear that you are a Hilary boy
  9. He's in the UK temporarily but in fact he, as well as many other actors, is what you accuse Trump of all the the time..................a liar who is backtracking on his promises made during the time of the presidential elections
  10. Most banks I know don't give you a copy of the deposit slip, they give you a copy of a withdrawal slip, because the book get updated. Many people don't check the book, because they assume it is correct, but later you don't have any proof.
  11. I think it's pretty good but you have to consider that the playlist work only for about 24 hours, so it doesn't makes sense to save them in favourites, but every day new playlists are added anyway. There are filter settings in the addon where you can filter which channels you're searching for.
  12. Get on Ebay a Aquachek 7 in 1 or silver kit of test strips.
  13. Could be, but the addon is definitely working, and get new sources added daily.
  14. I would start with a decent testkit, because the standard testkits with the 2 tubes only test for total chlorine, and it is the free chlorine you have to test because that is the effective one. You can have 5ppm total chlorine and but if it is all combined chlorine it is useless.