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  1. Is not about saving a bath or two, is about understanding how things work. For me just skipping the hassle of having to queue for purchasing the ticket is enough value for getting the card.
  2. Thanks, that makes much more sense now.
  3. Thanks for the explanation. Buying a TRIP plan is exactly what I tried to do (and I though I did) because made sense in my route Asok - Bang Na , but maybe the counter gave me a value card instead. Definitely will insist on a trip card next time.
  4. I have to double check that, basically caught me by surprise as I was expecting at least double the trips I got. There was just a red error message about just 100 THB credit (the minimum and you cannot use the card if reaches that point) and then I went to the counter, topped up the card with + 500 THB and the lady told me "8 trips".
  5. 8 one-way trips. I'll edit the main post.
  6. So, this is how I use it: - Got the adult Rabbit card (orange one) - Paid initially 100 THB (deposit) + 15 trips for 465 THB - Normally I travel Bang Na BTS to Asoke BTS and back - After something like 8 one-way trips, the credit is gone. - I refill 500 THB and the person in the counter tell me is valid for 8 more trips So my understanding is that the average cost of the trip is 31 THB, and stopping on the extension line (Bang Na), it also deducts around 10-15 THB per trip. So even if costs me 31 + 15 = 46 THB per trip, still does not add up and should allow more than 8 trips. What I'm not seeing here? Looks like is costing me more to use the card than just pay per ticket individually. Thanks, Edit: grammar.
  7. To those jumping too fast to defend the aussie, here's the previous video: