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  1. persimmon

    Tourist appeal blossoms in chilly Chiang Rai

    Looks wonderfull in the pics,but isn`t Pu Chi Fah quite a long way from Chiangrai and not easy to get to unless you have your own transport.
  2. Yes.she called a supervisor who decided to let me through to the boarding waiting area - maybe she could detect I was starting to get a bit p*ssed off with their hostile attitude.
  3. For someone with billions of $ such as Musk,it would be easy to hire a few Thai kids to stand up in court and claim they were molested .
  4. Last year I booked with Qatar LRH -- BKK when checking in they questioned why my return flight was in 4 months but I only had a SETV good for 60 days.Very frustrating arguing with the woman on the counter who knew nothing about visas or extentions.When entering Thai immig. They have never asked to see a return ticket.
  5. The EU tactic of being tough with the UK and not negotiating in good faith might turn out to be counter-productive,if it backs the UK into a corner and there is no deal,that means no 40 billion euros ,so the remaining countries will be forced to pay more,this will increase dissatisfaction with the EU and make its disintegration more likely rather than less.
  6. On my first trip in 1997 I got over 90 bt / £ .Best I could find today was 41.9 .A drop below 40 would make me think seriously about coming back.Long term I would rate Thailand as a better bet for economic growth and investment,so I don`t see The £ improving much from here.
  7. persimmon

    The death of Walking Street

    Went into one newish gogo in Pattaya last year - the air con was turned up to arctic levels and the " music " if we can even call it that was aggressive hip-hop garbage so loud that even when I shouted directly into the ear of the dek serve they still could not hear me.They also had about 5 young Thai guys hanging around with nothing to do except prowl around and block the view of the stage whilst staring at customers waiting for them to finish their drinks so they could either sell them another or kick them out.Hard to believe how the owners could get it so wrong.
  8. Having observed the Brexit process so far ,here are my brief impressions - 1) The EU is determined not to let the " Tail wag the dog " during the discussions . 2) The major objective of the EU side is to prevent a break-up of the EU . 3) They ( the EU ) believe the UK must be punished as a lesson to any other countries who dare to leave . 4) France and Germany are not worried about a " No deal " because they believe Britain`s pain ( economically ) will be their gain. 5) Parliament is likely to vote against a no deal Brexit. So,put all this together and what have you got...no idea,it will be interesting to see what happens.
  9. persimmon

    Very disappointing visit to Pattaya.

    Was there last year.The Indians seem to be taking over now - There used to be several interesting gogos half way down WS ,now a huge Indian nightclub has displaced them.Once upon a time you could actually talk to the girls/staff in the gogos now they ignore you unless you buy a LD for 160 bt.
  10. Last SIM I got from the local shop,went with the GF,the first thing the girl behind the counter said was " But prachachon " asking to see GF`s ID before SIM issued.
  11. A few years ago my passport was nibbled by some kind of rodent.I stuck it back together with tape,but when I went to do an extention at Jomtien they refused to accept it,so I had to go to the UK Embassy in BKK and order a new one .10 days later they called to say it was ready,when I turned up they said sorry ,we made a mistake ,we don`t have it - what a waste of a day.Got it a few days after that,but by that time I had overstayed my visa a few days ,so a fine was payable,