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  1. Putins Russia thought they had a historic claim to the Crimea,so they invaded and occupied it.Israel did the same with the Palestinian areas.The way the international community responded has been different.While sanctions have been imposed on Russia,Israel has recieved massive aid from the US.Talk about double standards.
  2. Maybe ask the owner before checking in.Last time I stayed in a small hotel/GH the owner told me he only filled in a TM30 for guests that stayed more than 10 days.
  3. If some immig. offices are really fining innocent tourists because their hotel didn`t submit this form then thats just a blatant scam.If they did that to me I would complain loudly and make as much fuss as possible ( short of getting arrested ),and probably not come back to Thailand.Alternatively,go to another office that doesn`t do this,or make a border run for the extra 30 days.
  4. If its the law that hotels and guest houses must do the TM 30,how can the guest be fined when it hasn`t been submitted ?
  5. It depends how thoroughly HMRC investigates your affairs.Anything that leaves a paper or digital trail like bank transfers might be picked up and used as evidence for IHT purposes.Good point about cooperation between the UK authorities and Thai banks.Not sure,but I wouldn`t be surprised if there is an agreement to cooperate on things like this.
  6. persimmon

    May ready for tough talks over Brexit

    If,as I suspect ,the hopeless politicos in charge of the UK negotiate a poor deal with the EU then holding a second referendum might give a decent majority for remain,depending on the wording on the ballot paper.For example,if the question was put like this " Do you accept that the UK should leave the EU on the terms that have been negotiated ? ",then all the remainers plus those brexiteers disappointed with the poor deal would give a majority " no " vote.In this case,it would be fair to include another option - " Should the UK stick two fingers up to the EU and walk away with no deal ? ".
  7. It was stated in a previous post that hotels and g/houses must report the arrival of every foreigner within 24 hrs.Is this really happening ? I don`t think so ,particularly as it doesn`t seem possible to do it on-line
  8. Might be difficult to check in to a hotel or guest house without your P/P......they all seem to ask for it now.
  9. persimmon

    May ready for tough talks over Brexit

    Yep,farmers with big acreages are doing very nicely thankyou out of the EU.I live in the Fens,a farmer near me has a collection of classic cars that would make you green with envy - Bentleys Ferraris Jags - on fine days he takes some of them out for a spin.Nice to know my taxes are going to a good cause !
  10. Consider this scenario - I arrive in Thailand on SETV and travel around,staying at various hotels/guest houses.Around the middle of my stay,one hotel does not do the TM30,although the most recent hotel does.When I go to apply for a 30 day extension,how likely is it the the immig. officer will examine the TM30 reports and notice that there is a gap in the dates ( where one hotel failed to report ) and so demand a fine ?
  11. persimmon

    early bus

    Thanks,I`m sure I can make myself understood now.
  12. persimmon

    early bus

    Hi ,I will shortly be making the trip to Mair Sai and want to get the earliest bus possible in the morning from CM.How can I ask the lady at the counter when I book the tickest .I know " reyo tee soot ",but this means fastest which is not appropriate.
  13. At check-in ( Qatar ) I was subjected to quite aggressive questioning as to how I could stay in Thailand for 4 months when my SETV only allowed 60 days - quite frustrating to deal with someone who really has no clue about the visa system.