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  1. persimmon

    Pattaya neglecting newly rebuilt beach

    There used to be a concrete walkway around the headland of the Dust -T hotel.Very usefull and avoided a long detour but last time I looked it had collapsed and not been repaired.Then theres the raised stone-faced platform at the base of the stairway a bit farther along.Same story ,it looked great for a few years but is now collapsing. Just more reasons why I would never buy a condo in Thailand.
  2. Its the old tactic that has worked so well up till now,especially with immigration.Anyone who expresses concern about large scale immigration is branded as some kind of far right Nazi extremist.Very effective in shutting down debate.
  3. persimmon

    Just recieved 2018 tax bill, UK

    I think UK banks and B/socs now pay interest on cash deposits and bonds gross ( ie no tax deducted ).
  4. persimmon

    New TM.6 arrival card

    I always carry a magnifying glass which comes in usefull for filling in forms such as this where some of the print is very small
  5. persimmon

    £ = 41.55 Superrich!

    Maybe the demise of the £ is not just about Brexit.The present political chaos makes a general election more likely and then the distinct possibility of a loony left Corbyn govt.
  6. persimmon

    Chiang Mai Must be the Right Place to Live

    I could think of many better places to live - somewhere the air is clean and it isn`t unpleasantly hot for much of the year would be a start.