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  1. Bottle caps

    Thanks all
  2. Anbody know whre I can get a curry leaf plant?
  3. Bottle caps

    I am planning on making some homemade cider and bottling it in used soda bottles. I can find the bottling device on Lazada but cannot find the bottle cap blanks. I can probably find on ebay and import from China but they must be available here. Can anyone help?
  4. Cricket flour

    The insect or the sports type??
  5. Does anybody know where to buy Webber Gold grout for pools? Cheers Sticky
  6. Ants & insurance

    I have an infestation of ants in my Toyota Vigo which has done considerable damage to the electrical system especially the security system which has necessitated the removal of the steering wheel and dashboard to get at the relevant parts. i am presently waiting on parts and I am anticipating a hefty bill. I would appreciate opinions on whether my insurance would consider a claim for this?
  7. Storm & Flooding

    As of 9am this morning measured 12.66 inches of rain this year, 7.60 inches previous 24 hours. This 3.5 km up soi 5 in Maenam.
  8. old restaurants on Samui

    Perhaps he is thinking about Sonja's Bakery. There was a farang that opened in the same place, I recall there was some trouble there with the owner in the street quite naked, it was shut down after that.
  9. old restaurants on Samui

    There is no truth in that. It was never leased out. There has never been a brawl. I would love to see the article. I eat lunch there every day from Dec1999 to the present and I assure you nothing has changed. you are perfectly safe to come for a chocolate cake.
  10. old restaurants on Samui

    Angela's has not changed owner it is still owned and run by Angela, only the name has changed to reflect the cuisine she does now. However most of the bakery things are still available. It is much more than it once was. I have removed the incorrect information that was posted!
  11. Does anybody know if there is a picture frame shop on the north side? There used to be one across from Makro but I don't think it is still there. There are a couple in Nathon but I was hoping for one a bit closer.
  12. Ran into a friend while doing my 90 day he was on his 3rd day trying to re-new his retirement. Did his medical at Govt. hospital, took blood pressure only, was out in minutes with paperwork. 200 Baht.
  13. Stone Fish (Pla Hin)

    i've been here 20 years and you couldn't pay me to swim anywhere around Samui, it used to be ok but these days it's full of turds, beetleskins and box jellyfish.
  14. I need to renew my license. I have been told that Monday, Wednesday & Friday are for the issue of new licenses, Tuesday & Thursday are for renewals. Is this correct?