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  1. sticky

    Apple Mac repairs?

    Computer shop across from the post office in Maenam is pretty good with Apple stuff.
  2. Is the apple shop near Tesco still open? Is Banana IT still an Apple reseller?
  3. sticky

    French bread and Tescos finest.

    Angela's Bakery/Diner in Maenam baking bread on Samui for over 20 years.
  4. sticky

    Durian fruiting on Samui?

    Durian harvest on Samui late August to November.
  5. sticky

    Cheap smart tv

    Looking at buying a cheap off brand smart tv from Lazada. Would I be able to get youtube and Netfix on it?
  6. sticky

    Mesalazine, Salofalk, Pentasa in Bangkok

    Do you have any problems importing into Thailand?
  7. Sorry misspelt Dr's name it is Somsak.
  8. See Dr. Somak in the clinic opposit the post office in Chewang, he is the most experienced vet on Samui and well respected. Insist on seeing hiim and not his young assistants.
  9. In the frozen seafood at Makro.
  10. sticky

    Asacol / Salofalk

    I need to be on this expensive medication long term. Has anyone found a reasonable priced outlet for this stuff? Cheers Sticky
  11. sticky

    isuzu webpage

    Can anybody tell me how to access the Isuzu website in English? I had it the other day but now cannot!
  12. sticky


    I am brand new to this stuff, got approved by the above and decided to jump in. They provide you with a wallet but I want to use my TREZOR wallet. How can I buy from this site and get them to put my coins in my own wallet? Thanks Sticky
  13. Does anyone know of a travel agent or agent who can organise this visa for me in K.L.? Thanks Sticky
  14. sticky

    Bottle caps

    Thanks all