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  1. Hi. My girlfriend was born in Thailand to a Thai mother and Mong father and has lived here in Thailand all her life. Her parents never registered her birth and both died, her mother last when she was 15 years old. She is now 34. She has worked continuously since then, although a close female friend stole all her savings 2 years ago and disappeared to the Philippines. She has a ten year Thai ID card valid for 3 more years, but after just having car and motorbike driving lessons and passing the tests she has been refused a license saying her ID card is under caution. Having then been told to visit the local Amphor to obtain a new ID card she has been refused and now may end up stateless. Has anybody please had any knowledge of similar problems and any suggestions for help would be appreciated. Thanks.
  2. What they are also seeming to suggest is that you have to go and get a Thai license first before driving!! That is never going to happen for tourists... Kerching...

    More Wi-Fi hotspots for Phuket as plan to tag tourists mulled

    April 1st comes round early again in LOS. Actually, most news days seems like April 1st!!! 555
  4. You are lucky. I have had them go the wrong way and just cut the corner on me!!
  5. It was banned in the UK some 40 years ago I believe!!
  6. Klopp the flop on the kop!! 555
  7. Not many Isaan girls have maids do they?? 5555

    Lazada canceled my order why?

    You can also use Rabbit Pay from your LINE mobile app for Lazada. If they cancel they pay the money back into the account.
  9. More being stopped and checked!!! If they stopped all breaking the law they would need at least 10 times more RTP to do it!!
  10. Fuzzy inside!! More like as nervous as hell wondering what rip offs and bullshit fines were that lot going to come up with!!
  11. Get a dash cam. I have. They see it and back off. Actually I have front and back. 555
  12. Did mine last month. No slip this time. A neat little card stapled in.

    Do you folks use tap water to cook pasta?

    As long as it boiled first no problem. Better through a filter system first though.
  14. Rubbish. The E U negotiarors are puffing up their chest trying to look good to all the other sheep members. They know it is impossible to agree a financial package until the deal for the business aspects are settled. They are scared **itless if they look weak many more countries will follow. The ones with the main vested interests like Germany and France are pulling the strings.