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  1. Because it was a Russian not Thai!!! Deflect current news and blame pesky foreigners!!
  2. You can get one from your local Amphoe office. I did last year to renew my driving licenses.
  3. In reality he is calling all us expats in Thailand, Cambodia or elsewhere pedophiles!! Perhaps we should club together and bring a worldwide class action against him! That should empty his coffers!!!
  4. As usual it's the Thai man who loses face over the infidelity. Do not forget it is their prerogative to have more than one woman!!
  5. As one envelope closes another one opens
  6. Don't worry!! Uncle Too will knock this back same as driving fines going up. Stage 2 the people love me!!
  7. But come on. He just poo pooed the big hike in Driving fines! He just got 60% of the country lauding him after his mate had announced the fines. Stage 1 the people love me. Done!!
  8. If that is true, then why 5 banks?? 5 human errors??!!! Yeah right!!!
  9. As I have said before, what about the 10's of 1000's of kids going to school on motorbikes and not even old enough!! Nothing serious will change ever here!
  10. Yeah. And what about all the kids driving motorbikes not even old enough??!! Driving home the other day a kid that could not be even 10 years old with 2 others wobbling down the road. I had to stop the car in shock and watch him in the rear view mirror until they fell off at a junction! 10's of 1000's of underage non licensed kids drive to school every day! They do not think these things through.
  11. Hi. My girlfriend was born in Thailand to a Thai mother and Mong father and has lived here in Thailand all her life. Her parents never registered her birth and both died, her mother last when she was 15 years old. She is now 34. She has worked continuously since then, although a close female friend stole all her savings 2 years ago and disappeared to the Philippines. She has a ten year Thai ID card valid for 3 more years, but after just having car and motorbike driving lessons and passing the tests she has been refused a license saying her ID card is under caution. Having then been told to visit the local Amphor to obtain a new ID card she has been refused and now may end up stateless. Has anybody please had any knowledge of similar problems and any suggestions for help would be appreciated. Thanks.
  12. What they are also seeming to suggest is that you have to go and get a Thai license first before driving!! That is never going to happen for tourists... Kerching...