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  1. So easy to comment,but it happens so quickly,my opinion only the car was parked in his lane and the truck driver as per usual was far too close to the bike lane and too close to the bike,the rider was faced with an instant decision and unfortunately it came unstuck.The parked car instigated the bikers decision and the truck driver did not react the way a european or american driver would react.Usual story the government do not have a training facility for these morons who call themselves HGV drivers.The poor man has lost his wife and baby I think the man has had enough,as we all know in other countries this truck driver would be doing a miniumof 5 years jail and perhaps a 10 year ban,and the parked car owner would have to face justice also.RIP the woman and baby.
  2. Best automatic scooter ?

    I have a click from new now 4 years old with all services,It is superb,I got around the front basket,I put a hook inside the front,thats useful but I also fitted a basket inside the front it carries many things by hook for small and larger fits inside the basket.The basket runs from one outside of the click to the other side and holds a lot.Easy to fit just use the existing screws that hold the fairing and no problems whatsoever.Also if I want to carry big stuff the basket comes off very quickly and you can load whatever fits in the well.The click is very reliable and as someone said easy to manage in traffic,has good speed and power.If anyone wants to know where to buy the basket just message me and I will reply.
  3. Two Tragic Deaths on Mountain Road

    Looking at the position of the traffic thats parked there,the bike and the body to me seems to be in the correct lane,also it seems to me the fortuner has hit the OP coming down on the same lane.The fortuner seems to be tangled up with he OPs bike,indicating he hit the cyclist coming down that hill and draged the bike with him until he stopped.For want of better footage that to me seems to have been the case.RIP the OP.
  4. Hot rader 77,I fail to see how you can make judgment just by reading and and assuming.It is so easy to do this,why not wait until the completion of his case,then you have all the facts.Im not saying you are correct or wrong but without all the facts its not possible to make a fair judgment.Just take a look at the 2 Mymar boys ko samui.
  5. Just leave a bundle of fake Baht notes or any fake currency,maybe abour 5 grand hanging around after you have made love with her pretend you have to meet someone over some business and you will be back later,Stand across the road in hiding and see how long it takes before she exits with the loot and perhaps more>You wont have to wait long,maybe only as long as it takes her to call the hubby or BF to collect her.SURE.99 percent.
  6. Prayut defends Prawit over expensive watches

    Prayut need to shut up not cover up.The nation is entitled to an explanation of how he aquired a fortune inwatches,The first excuse about belonging to a friend that lent it to him,That in my opinion is pure hogwash,not only that it is an insult to expect the nation to believe such trash.We already know the country is steeped in corruption,but to read this-HIT is beyond belief.I have checked outside and cannot see another visable planet,but it is obviously somewhere,maybe buried underground where the other fellow was hiding his 2 billion BAHT.and 2 billion worth of statuettes.Should make a good series,and no need to edit.
  7. Prawit ‘close to resigning’ amid scandal

    Although as far as im concerned the whole world is still laughting at the old excuse THEY WERE LENT TO ME.The ardosity of it all,lets face it they should be made to enter in a lie tournament and the winner gets a chocolate watch with a mickey mouse face,well lets face it we could actually look at that type of face a lot better than the one thats telling the big PORKIES thats for sure.With a face like that im sure all the houses in his area are haunted,well what do you expect with so many faces?maybe ask X Samuel.
  8. lets face it in another country this bully would not see daylight for at least 18 months to 2 years,and whilst he waited for trial he without doubt would be on remand somewhere.In some cases where the magistrates are a little quicker he would not be remanded he would go down that day,and he would not forget his experience,because every time the cons got a chance he would get what he rightly deserves.Never mind he should be treated,the only treatment a lunatic like that is worthy of is a good kicking every possible time, like every day.Obviously more work in an aspro.
  9. Prawit: I will quit if NACC finds me guilty

    What does he mean? IF they find me guilty,he is as innocent as the driven snow,why else would anyone give him millions of Thai Baht value watches,why would his old pal have 2 billion Baht value statuettes in an underground room and 2 billion Baht in cash in another House.Im sure he didnt have all that to buy himself into Jail or out of Jail.After all he must have legally earned about 50000 Baht per month,but then again he will have a good credit rating,but again he obviously has a very rich aunty.and she does not like expensive watches.Could write a best seller without trying.
  10. Find Yingluck and bring her to justice, PM orders

    In my country this would be called(pure scutter)everyone knows this will not happen,Where is the Boss Red Bull? Where is the millionaire Monk?Theres members of the government going around telling us his expensive watch is on loan (BS)so many more things can be said for sure,but she has to be the Topic.It would be so easy to make a best seller Comedy with all that goes on,AND keep a straight face.
  11. Why you should never leave your car running with the keys inside

    MESSAGE TO JOHNCAT,It is possible to leave your keys in or out and have it stolen,and more than one example can be shown.The up to date NO KEY is the safest way to go,switch off doors open,cannot start without the remote being in the car.
  12. He obviously is a bad person,makes me wonder how many people he put away by grassing,and from all accounts reading between the lines,they may not have committed the crimes he grassed about,better this sentence is carried out,to me he is a judas and deserves nothing less,I do feeel for the son.
  13. Best automatic scooter ?

    Apart from the hook on the inside of the front and under the seat,I put a carrier basket inside the front under the hook,goes from the outside edge to the other outside edge, also you can carry a little on the floor ,all in all I can carry a lot of whatever without infringment to my driving.Good value and as said before very good in traffic.
  14. Thai football rocked as 12 arrested for match-fixing

    aFarangjJa, I would be gobsmacked if it went any further,lets face it we as farangs identify many many scams and corrupt doings here in Thailand,but where do most of them end?Nowhere, look at Red Bull Boss,look at mai hong son underage prostitution involving Police and other officials,nothing in the last 3,or 4months,WHY, it involves the higher end,one wont get prosecuted because he or she knows too much about the other,they all piss in the same pot,and they all bleed the country working class to the bone.Look at the Monk who fled the country first to Paris and then to USA.supposed to have been sent back under escort to Thailand,NOTHING for 3 months or so,A monk with a pregnant girlfriend with his child,multy millions in a bank and in a private Jet and the owner of several houses,Where is he now?supposed to be leading the Country in the Path of BUDDAH,Above all people, a MONK. The police get caught in something serious,they get moved to another district and when all gets quiet they are back.JUST ONE BIG JOKE.
  15. Chinese kid pooping outside Central Festival

    Perhaps they thought that they had brought the dog along with them for his miday meal.