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  1. Thai football rocked as 12 arrested for match-fixing

    aFarangjJa, I would be gobsmacked if it went any further,lets face it we as farangs identify many many scams and corrupt doings here in Thailand,but where do most of them end?Nowhere, look at Red Bull Boss,look at mai hong son underage prostitution involving Police and other officials,nothing in the last 3,or 4months,WHY, it involves the higher end,one wont get prosecuted because he or she knows too much about the other,they all piss in the same pot,and they all bleed the country working class to the bone.Look at the Monk who fled the country first to Paris and then to USA.supposed to have been sent back under escort to Thailand,NOTHING for 3 months or so,A monk with a pregnant girlfriend with his child,multy millions in a bank and in a private Jet and the owner of several houses,Where is he now?supposed to be leading the Country in the Path of BUDDAH,Above all people, a MONK. The police get caught in something serious,they get moved to another district and when all gets quiet they are back.JUST ONE BIG JOKE.
  2. Chinese kid pooping outside Central Festival

    Perhaps they thought that they had brought the dog along with them for his miday meal.
  3. Man shot dead in Samut Prakan road rage incident

    I have to dissagree that every driver has accidentaly cut someone off,most times its by force and just plain ignorance and bullying,this in my opinion is directly the neglect of the parents in the lack of training in general manners and respect for others whilst growing up,and allowing children to do as they wish.Nothing less.
  4. All New Mazda CX-5 Price

    From the word go in the seventies in europe the mazda was just a joke,they never did much,but in recent years they have certainly come on,in recent times i had a new mazda 2,good enough car but no space.My opinion only,they are way over priced by a long chalk especially the 5,One would think at this stage they would make the rear seats of the 5 flatten out for more luggage or whatever,and put a 2litre diesel in, The Honda CRV would be better with the 2 litre diesel,then again its up to the individual customer what he or she prefers,everyone has that option.For me CRV before the 5.
  5. 21 men identified in girl’s forced prostitution case

    What happened to the mai hon son case,several police were inviolved along with a head man,but like the red bull im sure theres money involved.Where else in the world would a case involving minors for prostitution go silent,only Thailand as usual hopeing it will blow away.In most countrys the ploice involved would be immediately suspended at the least and certainly get a minimum of 5 years,and sacked and shamed.problem here is one is afraid to grass the others because they are likely involved with that case and anothers.You scratch my back and ill scratch yours,but not as much as you got more out of it than me.Then you move down there for a few months until things go quiet and come back quietly just keep a low profile for a while.
  6. Police baffled by Bt6 million missing from armoured vehicle

    If i had the chance id get a job in thailand,and retire the same year,only difference would be id join the police force.such a nice job.
  7. Rip the young girl,unfortunately it sounds like this is going nowhere,although from what i have read it should go everywhere.At the back of my mind it is very close to being something like the Boss,in regards to authority not doing their job,MONEY,its common sense this well known person has to be exposed,the woman where the body was found is certainly the number one,and NO bail.This sort of crime goes on too far too much,the reason these so called high people are around is because of the lack of responsible thais,in the manner of not caring for nothing but MONEY.How they can put money before the life of a poor working girl trying to help her family survive,it is beyond me for sure.Yet they still protect these scum bags.The biggest problem stems from the fact that in a lot of these cases,the police already know what is going down and MONEY dangles before their eyes first.Whats the use of anyone reporting crimes knowing there is a possability that it will go nowhere because of this particular problem.Of course there is also another bigger problem here,the punishment does not fit the crime by a long chalk.
  8. The boss said he will surrender first LOL
  9. What was wrong with his back window,between two mirrors and the rear window he had plenty options for safe reversing,typical disregard for people having to use the road for walking,most probably has no licence,and certainly no manners or respect.If he couldnt see he should not be moving the truck.he should at the least use the horn to warn folk.
  10. Another coward that wanted the cake and the halfpenny,I put the majority of the blame on the parents,the way they let them do as they please whilst growing up,and in a case such as this, this coward was afraid to grow up.
  11. What comes around goes around,as far as im concerned its 50/50.when you live by the gun you can die by the gun,this applies to each and every one of us.Sometimes you win and sometimes the unwritten law of the land bites us back.take it on the chin,there is no answer to this scenario,it was adopted in Thailand by Thai people, and so it stays here.Cant cry over spilt milk.Fortunately for her she is in the minority of losers.Talk to the Bangkok woman with the school,how to win and marry a farang with money and just move on with the money,done and dusted.Better luck next time,Im sure of that.
  12. Eggers,I like the way you say 20 years for rail developers,but you failed to say in 20 years someone will be saying,you know its 20 years since Thailand announced this rail project,wonder when it will start,?????
  13. I think if she was a hooker she would starve to death,she might have to bring the cocunuts to Pataya.
  14. Thai man shoots love rival dead with a crossbow

    Thaiwrath,When you know very well what the reaction will be,WHY THEN DO YOU SAY IT?You make a rod for your own back.Im sure you can make a remark that would go down well,then you dont have to read all the usual dribble,I agree that is exactly what we all get here in cases like this,and others.